Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Okay... let the countdown begin again! Back from a fabulous four day weekend... ah, restful!
Time to look at things that deal with the number 8. I am sure that I have missed tons of things... if you have something you think belongs here, please feel free to share them.

Okay, I'm sure some of you know this one. I do. I like Eminem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is "Lose Yourself" from the 8 Mile film soundtrack.


Oh my goodness... this is my fun! I love these silly, full of vulgar language films of Red Vs Blue. If pirate language disturbs you don't go here. Otherwise, they're a hoot. This of course is episode 8!


Next is Frederico Felini's 8 1/2. When I was in college, I was a film student. My deal was editing. I saw as many art films as humanly possible. This one is one of my favorites... though I love most of them really. I think Satyricon is my favorite of all. It's just so weird and the editing is fantastic.


This movie is a trip. It is not for viewing with kids. It's about a snuff film.

Nicolas Cage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is hired by a wealthy woman to find out if the film she finds that belonged to her late husband is real... if a girl was truly murdered or if it is fake. It is a good movie. My opinion of course.


Spanish dollar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Pieces of Eight" as they are called. You know there had to be a pirate reference in here somewhere right?

Apollo 8 was a major event in my life. I followed everything to do with space and space travel. This was exciting because it was the first manned lunar orbit. A big cheese of a thing... a stunning event that opened the doors of infinite possiblilities. My world expanded greatly with this event. Men were up there... they were doing it and maybe someday, I could too.
Well, I didn't make it to space that way. Not yet.

Apollo 8 Space mission: ( Ananda was 13 years old and watching closely.)
December 21, 1968, 07:51:00 a.m. EST. Kennedy Space Center. Launch Complex 39-A.
In lunar orbit 20 hours, with 10 orbits. First manned lunar orbital mission. Support facilities tested. Photographs taken of Earth and Moon. Live TV broadcasts.

The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun A cute video full of insight and wonderful quotes. A great guide on how to get rid of the crap in your life and lighten up!

What have I missed? Let's see... what about 8 things that I feel thankful for:

1) My four kids and three grand children who keep me hopping and love me no matter what stupid thing I've done this time.

2) My friends who sustain me.

3) Having the curiosity to keep me thinking and searching.

4) My health... knock on wood.

5) The best job ever... with summers off!

6) An outrageous sense of humor not bound by "polite".

7) My value and ethics system that keeps me on course.

8) My silly heart. :-)

Here's a hoot for the end... but you'll have to type in "Eight Is Enough" Funch simply refuses to accept a link for Eight is Enough. I do not know why. All I can get to is the Youtube site. Geez...


As suggested and requested!
Magic 8-Ball - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What are the phrases on a magic 8 ball? - Yahoo! Answers

Custom Magic 8 Balls, Promotional Fortune Telling Toy Maker China ...

Have a wonderful day. My wish for you today is that you laugh good and long.


  1. i sure liked the irresistible principles of fun. good start to my day :)

  2. lime-- Glad I got you off on a good start. ;-)

  3. I was having a nice rest until reading your Eight post tired me ;-) And some of them didn't open!!!

  4. And you forgot my magic eight ball again.

  5. Cube-- You know, I do not know what happened. When I view this on my computer at home, its perfect. Now at work, it's all kinds of weird!

    I see that the Spanish Dollar is not connecting.I will try to fix that.

    Funch refuses to accept Eight Is Enough under any circumstances. I guess Funch is a critic.

  6. Anonymous--Ack! You are correct... I forgot the Magic 8 Ball! Geez...

  7. Cube-- I went to my favorite books store yesterday and they were out of Infinite Jest. The guy at the counter told me that they have not been albe to keep it in since he died. Before that happened, they had several just sitting on the shelf forever! He's going to save me the next one.

  8. Great post! Apparently 8 is a magic movie number or something....
    I love using things like the Magic 8 Ball and Fortune Cookies to run my life. It makes about as much sense as any other method I've tried :-)

  9. laura b-- hahahaha! Me too, sigh. I sometimes think I'd be better off if I did the opposite of what I think I should do.

    Hey, we could break out the Ouija Board.

  10. i keep a magic 8 ball in my desk for those special occasions when i want to diplomatically tell people that their questions or suggestions are a wee bit trivial.

    i wouldn't need the 8 ball if i had the wisdom and charisma of atvar.

  11. billy-- I you were Atvar you could just show them your teeth and keep a jar of ginger on your desk instead. ;-)

    Hey... how's that eye?

  12. That's one big batch of video clips. But glad you had a 4-day break.

  13. Citizen-- Hummmm... I'm starting to think that folk would like less.

    Yes the break was nice, thanks.

  14. I'm down for the Ouija Board. We could all have a sleepover and do light as a feather thick as a board, and Ouija and talk about boys. Who else is in?

  15. Churlita-- Oh Oh I am! We can do Bloody Mary too!
    I'm ready. I could use some girl fun. I miss having the Bear here, she was always up for sleepovers.

  16. I happened to glance at one of my bookshelves and I found "The Gripping Hand" which I had bought second hand but never read. I figured that rather than jumping into it, I should re-read "The Mote In God's Eye" because it's been over 20 years since I first read it. Well I've been look for days now & I can't find it. Don't you hate it when you know you have a thing, but can't find it? Drives me crazy.

    Yesterday I took the girls to the library to check out books for the summer and the library didn't have copy of TMIGE. Sheesh.

    I refuse to buy another copy. I'll just have to comb the shelves carefully.

  17. Cube-- You sound like me! I have so many books in different places and I keep adding more and more. Max has become our home librarian... he has a system that eludes me.ha.
    I have to ask him to find things.

    Glad you take your girls to the library for summer reading, but does not surprise me, being the reader that you are.

  18. You know the quote from Henry Ward Beecher, "Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore", I would add "or in the library".

    I've been an avid reader all of my life and, yes, my house is full of books. Unfortunately, we don't have a system beyond 'trial & error'.

  19. Cube-- Max's system is about equal to that. It's based on parts of the books. Sort of scenes he likes best. So you will find books arranged by the way people die or time travel. I have to ask questions... and yet, he knows exactly where they are. My brother had a knack for knowing what was on television any given moment in time. We are a weird people.