Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A few days ago the wedding seemed to be a leisurely distance away.
We had our plans and most of them... with the exception of
creating, printing and mailing invitations...
were the sort of plans that required waiting until just before the wedding.
We were having it in a park, so there was no concern for
preparing the location.

Yeah. That has changed.

We looked at parks and checked prices.
Here this time of year there is no guarantee with weather conditions.
Could we stuff everyone under one of the park enclosures?
But what if it turned cold?
The first 2 years I lived in Oregon it snowed on Easter Sunday.
In fact, it snowed after Easter Sunday the first year.

The upshot is that we changed the park plan.
I know... a bit late in the planning.
Having done this, the nice leisurely amount of time we had vanished.
Our new plan is to have the wedding here.
Ironically, this was our first choice way back last summer.

Back then we looked at the yard and thought
it seemed like an awful lot of work.
That is correct!

You're probably thinking so what?
The what is that our yard is not a typical city lot.
This lot is big big.
And there is a lot of yard work to do.
Not to mention folk needing to go in and out of the house to use the restroom, etc.
And that means spring cleaning!

But those heroes up there... two of my sons and Boo's girlfriend, S...
came down a week ago and spent two days here.
At that time we were not going to have the wedding here.
Luckily, they came to work.
Last fall Boo had suggested that he come down to help us
get rid of the berries.
For some reason, he chose to come at this time.

As it turns out, we did not work on berries.
We worked on other things... clearing out winter yard debris,
storing things in the two story shed, etc.
But it went a long way toward helping us to get things
in order around here.
A few hours of work on two days did as much as Randy and I
could do in a week.

It wasn't all work... nope.
We barbecued burgers and played 10,000...
a dice game.
We had a great time.
I was expecting Boo and S, but not Max.
All in all, it was a wonderful visit and we got a good deal of work done.
Cool beans!

Good thing since we decided to change locations.
Because there is a lot to do here to get ready still,
I've rallied my troops.
Boo has promised to return to help, as have Bear and Squeaky.
It's a long way to drive with today's gas prices.
Especially since they will be back in a month for the wedding too.

I think I have great kids!

Mom and Ron have promised to come help trim trees and help.
Randy is going to try and get his kids involved.
They live here... its a short drive.

So my blogging will be spotty as I work on the impending
But I will work happily... and in good company.
In the end, I'll share the photos and good times.

Outside there are clouds and sprinkles.
I don't care.
The sun is shining where it matters.
I don't even care if I get wet today.
Life is sweet.

Happy hump day everyone!