Saturday, July 2, 2011


(Blogger is frightened by the skull...
and doing weirdness with space again...
so be patient and scroll all the way down past the gaps please.)


It's time for Saturday Scavenger Shots again!
Today's word is "UTENSIL".
The above photo is not mine...
I plucked it from this site:
What could be
better than...
A zygomatic bone glommed together from old sauce pots; a mandible constructed from rusty whisks; a maxilla ossified from dinner plates and moustachioed with unwashed spoons. This gloriously sepulchral skull constructed entirely from old cookware and crockery was on display in London's Regent Park a couple weeks ago as part of the Frieze Art Fair."
to fully illustrate "utensil"?

Of course, I can't think of the word "utensil" without thinking of
barbecue... and with the 4th of July coming up...
barbecue is our plan for the h

So how about some
barbecue "utensil" art?
I did not come up with that "utensil" piece.
But it certainly says...
time to barbecue!

Okay... a perfectly terrible shot of the man
There are some "utensils" there on the right...
if you can see them!

All this talk about "utensils" has made me hung
I'm thinking

Chinese food!

So grab your "ute

aka: chopsticks...
and dig in!

Happy Saturday Scavenger Shots everybody!
(I hope the man will let us get take out.)

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