Saturday, October 31, 2009


I got yer weenies right here....

hee hee

There are a whole series of weenie books out there for kids. They're really cute too.

Okay... this one reminds me of a time... yes, a story... but a short one... about a time when Squeaky was a real weenie.

We were driving in to the town to the left and a guy in an ice cream costume was waving at cars outside of a Dairy Queen. As you know... we at my world do not hold our tongues well and we swear like the dickens. It was not terribly surprising when Squeaky stuck his hand out the window and flipped the ice cream cone the bird. The Bear and I had a secret giggle, then I stopped the car and backed up... pulled into the Dairy Queen and gave Squeaky a lecture about how humiliating it must be to earn your living as an ice cream cone... poor guy just trying to keep his family fed. Then I told Squeaky that he had to go and apologize to the ice cream cone. The Bear was hiding her smile the whole time... bearly. hahaha

Squeaky is a stubborn child and frankly I was certain that he would refuse. Instead, he looked totally abashed and slunk from the car to the ice cream cone, where he ernestly apologized for his behavior. The Bear and I were splitting a gut laughing. Yes... we can on occasion be mean. But we got it under control by the time he got back to the car.

Squeaky said "He told me that it was okay... I was only about the 30th one to flip him off today, but thanked me for apologizing." Then we all had a good laugh over that and I rewarded him with some sort of goodie.

Hey... maybe I was the weenie in that story!

Happy Saturday... this was a fun hunt Pamela! Thanks for the word "weenie".


The ultimate Halloween band... The Misfits. I know, I just did a Misfits song the other day. Oh well... there is another at the bottom for you to enjoy that I think I have shared before.

Well no date tonight. R called me and apologized for having been too busy to call all week. We had a problem connecting where he was leaving a message while I was trying to get my phone to work without glasses. Sheesh. Anyway, the message said we should re-schedule for next weekend.

YIKES... not gonna happen... I'll be at the coast with R-2 and I don't plan on skipping that offer. The ocean is my favorite place on earth and only I see it about once every ten years. Not to mention that R-2 is the clear front runner in the frog pond. (D is still very close.) But I'm not counting my ribbits before they croak.

When we did connect as soon as he stopped leaving his message and I was able to call him back... he decided that tomorrow would be good. The reason he canceled? He forgot it was Halloween and needs to be home to pass out candy. Okay. Hummmm... well, I will give it a try. Like I said, I am not counting my ribbits before they croak. But I have a dubious feeling about this.

Okay a few words on Halloween. We'll be doing a film fest here of horror flicks. The kids in our town no longer trick or treat... they go to the town Halloween carnival where they win candy by playing games, carving pumkins and in the costume contest. They stay warm and dry and have a good time, then go home to bed. Still, it makes me sad. I loved the happy faces that used to show up at the door all painted or masked. I miss that, I do.

Well... here is one last song... It's my favorite Misfits song. I used to happily sing it when I'd fantasize about killing StbX. How's that for horror? Ha... a healthy fantasy to work out frustrations. hee hee

If you don't like the Misfits than you can't like rock


There's 52 ways to murder anyone.
One and two are the same, and they both work as well.
I'm coming clean for Amy.
Julie doesn't scream as well,
and the cops won't listen all night.
So maybe, I'll be over.
Just as soon as I fill them all in
and I can remember when I saw her last.
We were running all around and having a blast.
But the back seat of the drive-in is so lonely without you.
I know when your home,
I was thinking about you.
There was something I forgot to say,
I was crying on saturday night.
I was out cruising without you,
they were playing our song.
Crying on saturday night.
As the moon becomes the night time
You go viciously, quietly, away.
I'm sitting in the bedroom,
where we used to sit and smoke cigarettes
Now I'm watching, watching you die…
I can remember when I saw her last.... more

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hilarious Horror

Getting into the spirit of AlienCG's "Scare Your Pants Off"theme... I decided to do a list of my favorite funny
horror videos to watch.

Shaun of the Dead [Blu-ray] ~ Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kate Ashfield, and Lucy Davis (Blu-ray - 2009)

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Widescreen Edition) ~ Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, and Richard O'Brien (DVD - 2002)

The Toxic Avenger ~ Andree Maranda, Mitch Cohen, Jennifer Prichard, and Cindy Manion (DVD - 1998)

Bubba Ho-Tep (Limited Collector's Edition) ~ Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis, Ella Joyce, and Heidi Marnhout (DVD - 2004)

Army of Darkness (Screwhead Edition) [Blu-ray] ~ Bruce Campbell, Embeth Davidtz, Marcus Gilbert, and Ian Abercrombie

Young Frankenstein : Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Marty Feldman, Madeline Kahn, Cloris Leachman

Little Shop of Horrors (Snap Case)

Astro-Zombies ~ Wendell Corey, John Carradine, Tom Pace, and Joan Patrick (DVD - 2000)

Astro Zombies inspired this song by The Misfits

cute video!

But this one below is my all time favorite silly horror show. We watch it every Halloween... a must.

Idle Hands ~ Jessica Alba, Vivica A. Fox, Kyle Gass, and Seth Green (DVD - 1999)

One of these days I'd like to have that beer bottle in the head look for my Halloween costume.

So what is your favorite silly or funny horror flick?
One of these or can you give us a name or more of any others?

Quick Frog Report for Friday

Let's see... Most of the frogs still have a toe in the pond. D is a regular visitor as is R-2 who just keep stacking up the chips in their favor.

Unfortunately, D is more long distance which would require a sustained effort. I've never dealt with that, so I do know how that goes really. He's got a great sense of humor and is nice enough looking for anyone.

C has gone out to kill Bambi. We will see if he returns or not. We only got to talk for a couple of days before he left.

I'm supposed to have a date tomorrow with R-1 who... when we last spoke said he wanted to talk to me again between then and now. That has not happened. I have not had another call yet. So I wonder I will get a call today and the date will happen as planned or maybe he has gone to another pond. I suppose time will tell.

Meanwhile, R-2 is looking to kill Bambi too... by day. He lives near his hunting ground and can be home in time to watch the Ducks play USC (Sat.) or whatever comes on tonight... and talk to me. Next weekend he has asked me to go to the coast... my favorite place on earth. I have no clue what he looks like, but I know his dimentions... NO NOT THAT ONE... and he really has a wonderful phone voice. He's funny and we have geography in common in several places. Our music taste match at the metal end of the scale.

As for J... I have lost touch with him since they closed my free trial on his site. Oh well... there are other frogs in the pond. But he was a lovely man and I did enjoy talking to him. So good bye J... best of luck. I think he might have been a "Peeper" frog... one who was here long enough for a quick look!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Frog Song
Frog Song from Liam Lynch's podcast

I thought that was cute since we have been using the frog metaphor. As for the frog pond... it has grown by one more. I know I am supposed to be eliminating and making this easier. But this one is really a great frog so far. Maybe one worth gigging as a keeper. (I know... how can you tell in just one day?) The fact is I don't know much of anything other than these people can type. Well... there are some funny typos. But you know what I mean. It is difficult to tell much when you are looking at words. I have to tell you when I heard one of the frog's croaks... it reduced my interest. He has an odd voice and a worse laugh. I've talked to three. I like rich silky voices... like Suldog's if you've ever listened to his recordings. Think captain Pickard or Sean Connery if you haven't.

But here's the new frog's qualifications... he's into Sci Fi reading as well as movies and tv, into his kids and his grand kids, funny, works with his hands for fun ( has a wood shop) so he's creative, he likes to donate his time to helping others, we've read the same books and authors, he is not particular about traditional gender roles (not Mr. Most-Macho-You-Do-What- I- Tell-You) and he picked the right name out of the hat. You don't understand that last one, but I do. Conversation has been fun and I am looking forward to more. He even offered to teach me how to do something I have always wanted to learn to do... and to do it well. Very cool beans!

Some of you have come up with some fun terms for the frog pond. Here is the glossary.

"Frogpault" for ejecting reject toads. (Thanks to Cube)

"Bull Frogs" who are just giving you a line. (Thanks to dmarks)

"Poison Arrow Frogs" who have toxic personalities! (Thanks to dmarks)

"Bud Wisers" Frogs who just hang in the pond and drink beers all day long. (Thanks to Peggy)

who also gave the line "They should shut their ribbits!" hahahaha

"Croakers" Frogs close to being in line for the Frogpault.

"Toads" Frogs getting/ or already Frogpaulted.

So far we have a couple of Croakers.... seen here in red

Our frogs are: M, D, C, R, D-2 and R-2... the greenest frog right now.

On an unrelated note. Dmarks had a post yesterday that was fantastically fun for me in a very personal way yesterday. If you didn't see it... it's about my friend Patrick Sean O'Neil. The friend that I was googling the day I found my way to dmarks's blog and to the blog world... which has, as I've said, greatly expanded and improved my life. Check it out. Sailor Tom in the Sewer posted by dmarks at Throwawayblog .

Very, very cool beans dmarks!

Have a wonderful day. I promise my posts won't all be about frogs. I don't want to bore you all to death. Yikes! But I'll mention them for sure.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Oh yeah... it's been a bad day. (MONDAY) Please allow me to bitch.

The Book Fair opened this morning. What a freaking hassle! My schedule is in and out... the kids wanted to come and look... but I had to be in ten places at once. Grrr...

Pulled breakfast duty in the cafeteria. Grrr...

The guy from Alaska with the sled dogs showed up and put on a great show. He does the Iditarod and his daughter... Rebecca... (as you know Rebeccas are special and wonderful people)... does the junior Iditarod. He brought a sled, a sled dog with the most amazing and beautiful face and a bunch of slides and equipment. Very, very cool beans... and my camera battery was dead. Grrrr....

One of the frogs told me that I could not have male friends. Frog gone. :-) Three frogs to go.

It poured. I had a librarian's meeting up river at the District. Got on the freeway in the pouring rain... Clutch went out. Grrrrr.... Pulled over at the end of on ramp #2 and almost made it off the road, but not enough. Grrr...

Called StbX. He told me to stay in the car and he would walk out... about 4 miles or more to where I was. Grrr... I hate to put anyone through that. Pouring rain.

A strange man stopped to ask if I needed help. I told him thanks, but I do not. I put my ear buds in and tried to forget my troubles... someone knocked on my window and scared me silly!

The Bear. Yay! I was saved. Now they would pick up the soggy grumpy man who was stomping out to save my sorry ass yet again before he worked up a good steam. Phew!

Got home, got into the Prism... and it would not start. StbX had to fix it... the debt of guilt grew. It was decided that Papa Bear would come down in the morning with his pick-up and help StbX to tow the Aspire home to safety. Yay!

I began to mellow out then. I had the Prism to drive StbX back to work... did the diner shopping... Max did the dishes... I took a nap... then had a two frog evening... with steak, garlic potatoes and brussle sprouts for diner.

Whipped this post out and now... ahahahahahhhhh... I get to go to bed before Eleven for a change and get up at 4:30AM refreshed and ready to walk and hang with J for coffee. Back to the comfort of my regular life. No worries again. No more bitching.

How the heck was your Monday?

Monday, October 26, 2009


When last I left you... I was going out on Friday evening with the Nu-B. Well, that did not happen. Let me say that something came to light that indicated that I simply was NOT going there.

Internet dating is a real crap shoot. When that did not pan out I was relieved that I had not gone... however was still left with the disappointment of having no where to go and no one to hang out with. Crap.

But being me... never say die... I let Miss Bliss take over and get ballsy. Back onto the social network places... the two that I have used and when two new ones
popped up... I thought what the heck, why not do the free trial there too. What can it hurt right?

No, I didn't get hurt. What I now have is a date on Saturday next and four other people communicating with me. Four were from the new sites and the date guy I'd had conversations with prior to this. I have literally been on line with one or another... or on the phone all weekend long! YIKES.
So much for the boredom of Saturday morning.


Miss Bliss c. 1971 could. Ananda is twitching!
The whole idea here is to find one nice man. There are an awful lot of frogs!

Let's hope that one of them turns into a prince.

My average is one normal man to five screwballs, scammers, perverts and what-was-thats so far.

Well, the Book Fair is set up and ready to go in the morning. It took me hours... but the above distractions kept popping up...and I am not complaining. I am dreading the week because of the Book Fair. So much extra crud to do and worry about... like light fingers. But it earns us books for the library and with my budget so sad these days, I need it.
I'm afraid I have to be grateful for it this year.

This one I just really liked. I found it over at Left Coast Rebel's blog. Hope you don't mind that I nabbed it LCR! He had a really nice blog post today about unusual animals.

Hope you all had a happy weekend!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today's Saturday Scavenger Hunt word is HONOR.

I looked at all the things in my life that I consider an honor to have and be able to do. I decided to focus on my job.

It is an honor to be entrusted with the ability to influence the literacy of students... one I take very seriously.

Where I work we see awards given to honor the outstanding efforts of our students in sports.

Where I work we provide a standard of expectations for students to honor.

We honor our students for academic effort above and beyond the norm.

On another subject:

I am honored to be in the company of wonderful bloggers who allow me to share their lives and give me a venue for expression and creativity. Thank you all for your support, your opinions and your friendships. You improved and add to my life greatly and are much appreciated, always.

Pamela over at Woman with No Regrets - Tag! You're IT!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Long, long ago, when Itty Bitty Bliss lived in a neighborhood that had no other little girls her age. Her mother would make her older brother drag her around with him and he was good about it for the most part. But there were times when she simply was not welcome in a room full of boys. New people moved to the neighborhood and old people moved away. But most of these did not have children. Itty Bitty Bliss watched moving vans come and go, but no little girls arrived.

However, one day a moving van brought a houseful of children. She dared to hope. The next day when her mother and friends met for coffee, a new mom magically appeared. Itty Bitty Bliss sat on the stairs and peeked through the banister. Wow. The new mom was BIG. That was interesting but more so was the tiny boy who sat at the huge woman’s feet. Itty Bitty Bliss’s mom called her down to the living room. She stood back, pressed against mom’s legs as introductions were made.

“This is Gregory. Why don’t you take him outside and show him your trucks.” Suggested Bliss’s mother. The frail little boy rose to his feet and quietly followed Itty Bitty Bliss outside to the back yard. He stood in awe of the village under the orange tree. Roads carefully lined with black walnut shells swirled in and out of the moldy and rotting orange carcasses.

“Oh wow.” He said enthusiastically and sank to his knees to grasp the tiny yellow dump truck in the road closest to him. He leaned forward and drove it toward the orange tree trunk. Itty Bitty Bliss stood back and watched. When it was clear that Gregory was involved, she sank to her knees next to him to drive the small bulldozer into a lane close by. Gregory nodded his approval. That decided it. They would be best friends. There would be many roads to blade here and tunnels to dig with soup spoons through the roots of the fir trees in Gregory’s yard. Eventually a super highway of interchanges wound their way between the two houses. All day long Gregory and Itty Bitty Bliss played.

Mothers back then did not often work. They did housework, which is a quite a job. Especially in a Catholic neighborhood full of families with at least 6 kids or more. The laundry alone could exhaust you. Five children occupied the Bliss home and six occupied Gregory’s home. He was next to the youngest. She was the family baby.

Daily mothers would gather together in houses that rotated for coffee.

One fine morning, Gregory and Itty Bitty Bliss sat at the women's feet as they chatted and sipped on the patio outside Greg's house. Talk turned around a corner not welcome to children. Neither Itty Bitty Bliss or Gregory noticed the content, but the mothers excused themselves to go inside and glass and wood French doors were shut firmly behind them. Later, when Gregory would desperately try the knob, he found them locked. Meanwhile inside, the mothers gossiped about the husband who had run off with his secretary…subject matter not fit for small pitchers with big ears.

Outside Gregory began to shuffle. The shuffle began to change into a nervous dance step, followed by some high stepping action and a bit of side to side shambling. Finally Gregory stuck his hand between his legs and grabbed on…

“I gotta go!” he whined.

Itty Bitty Bliss knocked on the glass pane. Gregory’s mother stomped to the door. It opened a crack and she hissed “What?”

“I gotta go!” Gregory repeated. The mom looked at him with a grimace.

“Go on the side of the garage.” His mother advised before shutting and locking the door.

Gregory and Itty Bitty Bliss looked at each other. Itty Bitty could see that her friend was nearly in pain. He ran to the side of the garage and looked down the space that ran next to the wall. It was long, narrow and filled with tall weeds. A garden spider had woven a web across the way from the garage to the fence on the opposite side.

“I gotta go.” Gregory said with a whine. The two ran back to the porch and he pounded on the door. When his mother stomped to the door at last, she only repeated her instruction to use the side of the garage. Itty Bitty Bliss shrugged. What was the big deal?

“You better go.” she advised him. Greg looked back mortified. He leaned close and whispered.

“I gotta poop.”

Well, that certainly changed things. One did not squat in the yard like an animal and poop. Everyone knew that! Desperation filled Gregory’s eyes. He looked as if he was about to burst into tears. Then he spied the coffee pot. His mother’s bran new Farber Wear Electric percolator. Itty Bitty Bliss got an uncomfortable feeling… She looked at the cord, now unplugged, that lay like a tiny tail on the step. Earlier the mothers had sat here on the porch drinking coffee and admiring the new coffee pot.

Gregory grimly removed the lid and dropped his shorts. Itty Bitty Bliss could not look and turned her face away. She did not look back until she heard Gregory replace the lid. His shorts were returned to their proper location and all looked right with the world. Itty Bitty Bliss sighed. Gregory’s mother peered out the window and both children jumped. She tapped a bent knuckle on the glass… a warning to stay out of trouble.

“She’s going to kill you.” Itty Bitty Bliss announced. Gregory solemnly nodded. It was true. His impending death was just a matter of time.

“What can I do?” he asked, like the man who knows his wife knows about the secretary. Itty Bitty looked at the coffee pot and then to the sad face of her best ever friend in the whole wide world.

“Bury it to the devil.” Her face was set in a serious line.

Gregory nodded at the wisdom. Together they carried it to the fir tree. Soup spoons waited in the fertile soil. Together they dug and dug and dug… until a hole large enough to accept the coffee pot was excavated. Gregory carefully laid it on its side in the hole, careful not to allow the lid to come ajar.

“Greg…or….reeeeee!” his mother called behind them. The pair jumped and quickly used their forearms to sweep as much dirt over the coffee pot as they could. When they stood up, Greg faced Itty Bitty Bliss and nodded. Itty Bitty Bliss declared “All to the Devil and none to God!” then they both stomped on the dirt to seal the deal. Itty Bitty Bliss was free to run to the safety of her home. As she peeked back over her shoulder, Gregory slowly moved toward his mother.

Years passed and on occasion conversation would turn to the mystery of the missing coffee pot and who might have stolen it but only Itty Bitty Bliss, Gregory , God and the Devil know for sure.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I felt like this today... thought I'd share, but as always... if not to your taste... skip it!

Today was a frustrating day at work. Let's leave it at that. It was an early release day. I accepted the job of being sort of a babysitter on those days for parents who cannot get after school care. Usually there are only one or two kids at the most. Today I had 13. The volleyball team needed a place to wait for 2 hours. UGH.

It would have been okay except that people forgot that at some point I need to eat. I have not been eating much. You know I'm on this I'm going to lose weight thing. I'm fine as long as I follow my rules carefully for my diabetes. But it is not okay for me to eat and wait 8 hours to eat again. Which is what happened because I could not leave the students unsupervised.

The result for low blood sugar is not a happy thing. I get a blinding headache and become the worst evil being on the planet. Anandazilla! I was ready to stomp villages and kick kids into the sea.

Then I came home and looked at my house. Yuck. So I decided to lay down after a bowl of soup and have a nice little nap. Except that the boy decided that he was hungry and there was no food. He was right. There was no food. Heavy sigh. Off I went to the market for raman noodles. Five for a buck!

By then it was too late... I had become antsy again. So dropped off the food bag and headed for the school to walk again. This time a mystified custodian got to watch me walk in circles. Oh they all know that I do this. It gets a lot of comments. I think he was more mystified that I laugh and have fun when I do it. It's the music. Some of it is funny. And I am happy inside my head. I can create all sorts of stories in there while I gin around and around.

The rest of the day/evening has been just as off kilter. Just one of those days that we all have now and then. Hope yours was better than mine. Here's a weird little video that I ran across. It sucked me in... maybe it will suck you in too. If not, turn it off and run away!

The enormously fun & catchy debut single from the Prevelly Massive. Prune Hop is an entertaining view of tree pruning in Western Australia.

Dedicated to those who couldn't be there & backpackers the world over.

Out now for free download exclusively at Lazy Records

Free High Quality download -

Happy Thursday.