Monday, October 19, 2009


My siblings were never what you would call cool, though the Medusa was cheerleader type popular... she was oh so trendy. My brother, was a satellite being... orbiting out there on the edges somewhere in the cluelessness of space.

Yet it was from these two disconnected-from-reality-beings that I was accidentally gifted with my musical taste. This song above was from one of my first albums, given to me by my brother who bought the album because a friend told him it was good. He listened to it and went "meh" and passed it on to me.

To this day I am dumbfounded that anyone can listen to Crossroads and go "meh". But I am awfully glad that he did because Cream opened up my brain. The Medusa topped it off by giving me a Led Zeppelin album she bought for Immigrant Song then decided the rest on it was junk. I loved both albums and played them relentlessly... much to my siblings' horror... as high as the volume would go.

Wow what a day in Ananda-ville! Mondays are never very happy days for me. Count on it. They involve the meeting deal in the town to the left, which makes my day ultra long.

They are the worst work days. Today was no exception. The teacher who works in the room where I do reading groups was absent and the children went wild with sub-syndrome. Yes, you remember that. The sub comes and everyone switches names and does things that they would never dream of doing to a teacher who knew which kid to blame. I teach in this room three times a day... today a 3 ring circus.

My Book Fair boxes showed up. They are stacked like pancakes in the conference room attached to my library. I kept locking the door to keep kids out and teachers kept opening the door and leaving it unlocked. Same with my library. So I was pissy all day long.

I dropped StbX off at his meeting and had nothing to do. I felt very antsy since I had not walked at all yet. It wasn't looking like I was going to get a chance. Then the mental light bulb flashed and I decided to go ahead and walk there... right there where I was. What an idea... you can walk in other places than the school gym! So I did. I walked a soccer field until it began to annoy my ankles from the unevenness of the sod... and I switched to the sidewalk. It was uphill or downhill depending on the direction I was going. It worked out perfectly... passing my time quickly because my head was lost in my MP3 player.

Max decided to stay up there, so I didn't have to fetch him. I got Squeaky from the Bear's house and we zipped home. I chopped an onion in record time, tossed it in a pot with a bay leaf and some garlic, seasoning bacon, kielbasa, green chilies and canned red kidney beans... and finally got back to my room... leaving it to boil on the stove under StbX's care.

There... you are all fed when it gets done, leave me be! I get almost frantic to escape everyone on Mondays. I'm up at 5:00 AM and I'm not alone again until 8:00PM.

I thought I'd sent an email to Nu-B telling him that I would not be home until 7:30... so I was agitated about being late. But his email began with a question about wasn't I sending any notes today... so no, I had not sent it... it was in the "draft" folder. Very clever! Then I read the bottom line that he was going to bed at 8:00. I'd missed him. Of course I had.

Yeah... I had missed him. Jeepers what a Monday! So I sent the email on with an explanation note tagged on the end figuring that he was not going to read it tonight anyway... a real fuck-a-roo ending to my Monday. Only after sending it did I come back to read the message in the center between wasn't-I-writing and he-was-going-to-bed.

Not everything on Monday is bad after all. I've got a date on Friday. That made me feel better. Of course that gives me what... three days to obsess and fret over it.

So just for the fun of it... because I love this song... and I'm feeling a bit crazy... Def Leppard.



  1. Ha, that's so funny. I never ever listen to the Immigrant Song on that album - to me it just doesn't fit with the rest. I made a copy for a friend once and left out the Immigrant Song, and got so much shit for that. Ah well.

    Good luck on the date!!! I don't lurk. I just sometimes read and get distracted before I can comment.

  2. Yeah, I was odd one out, in some ways, for my musical tatses. As you know, I lean toward the very heavy side of metal (Black Sabbath, etc.) and some folks' poor widdle earsies just can't handle that stuff. So, I know the feeling, my hard rock sister!

  3. Pamela-- That's funny! But you are right, it does not blend well with the others songs on the album.

    Oh I just like to greet them sometimes. I often lurk especially if I am trying to decided if I want to invest in a blog or not.

  4. Suldog-- Hey I almost used Burn last night... I love love that one too, but it's hard to get a good enough recording that is clear enough to hear the words and I couldn't find one that was just off the album. May have to make my own. Sheesh!

  5. Wow! How great. A date. I haven't been on one of those with a guy who didn't "just want to be friends" in forever. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

  6. Churlita-- I'm kind of thrilled about it. I know I've said it before... I never go anywhere except with Max. I thought when I stopped seeing Larry that I was back in the land of never-gets-to-do-anything again.

    Life is an adventure! I will let you know.

  7. I can relate to Def Leppard more than Cream, but I do appreciate Cream and Led Zeppelin. When I was developing my taste for music Def Leppard was one of the first bands that caught my ears. Hope you have a great date Friday. It will be fine so don't fret.

  8. i've never listened to a def leppard song all the way through and have a shit load of led zeppelin cds that don't get much play.

    friday will turn into saturday before you know it so go for the gusto.

  9. Mr. Shife-- Hey Shife! I know you're a Def Leppard fan... I remember stuff like that.

    Thanks for the encouragement Shife... I will try.

  10. billy pilgrim-- Ahahaha... I know you're not the metal type.

    I love almost all music genre... except for musicals generally speaking. There have been exceptions, but not many. Anything that has a strong pulse sets me off pretty good. If something evokes emotion I'm happy too.

    "Gusto" I like that but for some reason associate it with the word "grab". I'm not sure that's allowed on a first date. ;-D

    I know it's not what you meant! Gosh I'm in a good mood.

  11. I am still trying to figure out how there could be somebody who doesn't like Cream. I just listened to Crossroads and I am reminded again how great that band was.

    What a concept, a person can walk where a person wants to walk? Get out of town. I would prefer a smoother surface than a sidewalk, but anywhere is good.

    Don't obsess about the date, it's just a date. You've done this before.

  12. Well, I'm an old country boy that likes C/W music, the shit kicking stuff. But also some rock and roll from the 50's and 60's and even the 70's. And some of the new stuff but I don't listen to a lot of music anyway, it interferes with the interesting things in my brain I'm always pondering on.

    When I was there I noted that your kids wasn't complete idiots, some parts were missing, he he he.

    I'm up at 5:00 AM and I'm not alone again until 8:00PM.

    You have the right to be left alone.

    After sex.

    He he he.

  13. Life is an adventure! I will let you know.

    Life is many paths and experiences and lessons. It's the lessons part that is important. Learn them or get buried under them as they pile up.

    I've learned that's it's sometimes good to stop going down a path I'm on and take another fork or backtrack based on past lessons, if I remember them.

    I just learned I can make a good working apple mash mix, maybe too good, it may become a monster as fast as it's fermenting.

    So if you see something oozing under your door.....

  14. You should be able to scoop it up and distill it into apple brandy, ha ha ha.

  15. Sounds like you could use a glass or two (three) of some wine and an easy chair to sit in while listening to some music.

  16. You are right... as usual AlienCG. I have done this before and even recently. I am calming down somewhat now. But I am still a bit scared. That will go away within an hour of being face to face. I have not made the same identity verification of him as I did poor Larry. It seemed excessive.

    Hey... I was scared when I met BBC and he is the nicest man in person. He's only a curmudgeon in Blog World. I'm afraid that I am just a big chicken.

  17. BBC-- What a man statement! Women don't want to be left alone after sex! I don't anyway. Sheesh.

  18. BBC-- I do love a good brandy and homemade is fine and dandy too.

  19. Jill-- That is a fine idea. I think I will take you up on that tomorrow evening... so I can sleep and not flop around all night. I do the same thing the night before school starts just like all the kids. Good suggestion... thank you!

  20. Dang...thought I commented yesterday! But anyway, I am glad things made their way around to working out :-)

    Date night..alright!

  21. Even when you're a sub, I bet threatening the children with violence if they are bad will keep them in line. Violence solves everything. It's important that these kids learn that early on.

  22. thebear-- You are queen of the lurkers!

  23. laura b.-- Yes, that will teach me to think that all things are dark and no hope exists! Honestly, I really do have to laugh at myself sometimes.

  24. Sebastien-- I bet you are right. I'm in the wrong job. I could be a very good sub!