Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Síochán leat

Today laura b. gave me a task... to find out what continent I am... and gave me a good deep laugh. Funny mostly because I have never been so perfectly defined by something.

Yes, this is me in a nut shell.

What Continent Are You?

Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding

You Are Africa

You are unpredictable, chaotic, and a bit of an underachiever.

People say you don't live up to your potential.

You have so many resources at your disposal, but you haven't figured out how to use them yet.

You've had a hard (and possibly even violent) life, but you've remained beautiful and even tranquil at times.

You are a mystery to most people, but that doesn't stop them from wondering about you.

You are alluring and magical in many ways.

(Okay, maybe not this last one.)

I hope you have fun playing with this one... you can thank laura b. my blogthing twin. But laura b... I think we found a thing we aren't twins on for a change. ;-)

A strange day here in Dumb Potter's Hell... by the way, if you wonder where that came from... the name of my town... it's in the video at the very bottom. I had to have a bit of Irish tonight and likely most nights for a while to come. I'll probably make you all sick of it before I get my brain back in my head right again. Touch. Oh bother!

We had our first bit of the white stuff... snow flakes! Shame that I left my camera at home and missed getting a shot of it. Next time. It only snowed for maybe 10 whole minutes, but the grass was white for a bit and that means it counts.

Now for this one... I had to include it because of where it was taped... Night of the Proms! Does that not sound like a great horror story?

And here, gentle friends is where my town got its name:


Síochán leat!


  1. Apparently I am Africa, too. It's funny - the whole time I was in Africa, I had that song running through my head!

  2. These Internet quizzes are totally bogus. I got Antarctica:

    You are tough, adventurous, and a survivor. You don't let your fears ever hold you back.
    You like to challenge yourself in all arenas. You want to see the world and make new discoveries.

    People seem you as distant and even cold... and you admit that this can be true at times.
    Your own dreams and thoughts are so interesting that they make most other people seem very dull.

    Yeah, right.


  3. I thought Dumb Potter's Hell was from "It's A Wonderful Life". I live and learn.

    YOU GOT SNOW? Holy cow! And I'm running around in shorts and a tee shirt. Don't hate me because I sometimes boast about living in a subtropical climate ;-)

  4. secret agent woman-- Ha! Okay, I'll buy the alluring and magical for you, but you hardly seem an underacheiver!

  5. Cube-- Gee it makes you sound like a Frost Giant. Ha. I can't think of anyone less cold either.

    Yep, it was just a fluke. But there they were... flakes! I brought my camera today. Not that it will matter. Today it's not near as cold as it was yesterday.

    This is going to be a long cold winter here. I wonder if I'll get the chance to run over my ex with the car again like last year. He didn't like that much. Aren't winter sports fun?

  6. Cube-- Just joking on that one. It was an accident that I ran him over... really. REALLY.

  7. Hmmm, I wonder if Larry will be next? ;-)

  8. Cube-- Naw, Larry is way too sweet to run down. Now that woman....

  9. i hope you can save the elephants from poachers.

  10. holy christ, i'm antarctica.

    my feckin ice is melting and those fucking japs are killing my whales.

  11. billy pilgrim-- Me too! Boy that pisses me off. I love elephants almost as much as turtles.

    We gotta find a way to stop the melting... Holy crap Antarctica! What will become of you? Worese yet, what will become of us once you are too far gone?

    I don't know if anyone can do anything about the Japanese killing the whales. They don't listen. They don't care.

  12. It snowed a little here last Saturday. Grrrrrr.

  13. I would just be afraid it meant, "What continent are you, literally-what continent are you the same size as?"

  14. When I was there you didn't strike me much as being any kind of Irish. I'm part Irish but that should be pretty clear to anyone that knows me. An Irish lady once proposed to me, right out of the blue, she had nice boobs. I liked her a lot but we was just drinking buddies sometimes and had never even kissed.

    What has that got to do with this post? Not a frigging thing of course, but I color my hair green on Saint Patrick's day.

    What country am I? I am spirit, I am the all. Never mind, that's over most heads.

  15. I don't wanna know: what if I don't like the continent? Do I get to MOVE?? :))))

  16. Churlita-- Birrrrr too! I was cold.

  17. Michael-- Ha! Wow, I hope my butt's not that big! Hahahaha

  18. BBC-- That's okay, you didn't strike me as being Irish either. My mom was half and I guess I'm a quarter then. My grandpa was full Irish.

    I love Irish music. That's what brought it up. The Pogues were the band I saw the other night and the song at the bottom is Flogging Molly... both Irish bands.

  19. Braja-- Yes, you have my permission to move if you don't like your continent. Ha!

  20. All-- BTW do you know there are 257 countries in the world? Cool beans.

  21. You don't drink enough to be Irish. Other than maybe a bender at times you are a fucking light weight.

    On the other hand, maybe you drink more than I think you do, after all, I was only there for three days.

  22. BBC-- I can drink you under the table, sir. But I rarely do such things anymore. But there was a time... yikes!

  23. I, too. miss the rains down in Africa.

  24. I found out that I am Europe. It is quite unnecessary to take pictures of snow for my benefit. I am from Cleveland and will, no doubt, see enough of it myself soon enough.

  25. dmarks-- I've never been to Africa. But I wish it would rain there more. And I want the poachers to stop hurting the gorillas, elephants and rhinos.

  26. AlienCG-- I can see a sort of European flair! laura b. is too.

    I bet you get snow!

  27. You are SO Africa :-) Especially the last part!

    I cannot believe there is snow already...feels like it could snow in here, but that is just a tempature regulating error or something. *sigh*

  28. laura b.-- I wish my magic worked on wishing things "into the corn field". I'd be a happy woman. hahahaha