Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Oh yeah... it's been a bad day. (MONDAY) Please allow me to bitch.

The Book Fair opened this morning. What a freaking hassle! My schedule is in and out... the kids wanted to come and look... but I had to be in ten places at once. Grrr...

Pulled breakfast duty in the cafeteria. Grrr...

The guy from Alaska with the sled dogs showed up and put on a great show. He does the Iditarod and his daughter... Rebecca... (as you know Rebeccas are special and wonderful people)... does the junior Iditarod. He brought a sled, a sled dog with the most amazing and beautiful face and a bunch of slides and equipment. Very, very cool beans... and my camera battery was dead. Grrrr....

One of the frogs told me that I could not have male friends. Frog gone. :-) Three frogs to go.

It poured. I had a librarian's meeting up river at the District. Got on the freeway in the pouring rain... Clutch went out. Grrrrr.... Pulled over at the end of on ramp #2 and almost made it off the road, but not enough. Grrr...

Called StbX. He told me to stay in the car and he would walk out... about 4 miles or more to where I was. Grrr... I hate to put anyone through that. Pouring rain.

A strange man stopped to ask if I needed help. I told him thanks, but I do not. I put my ear buds in and tried to forget my troubles... someone knocked on my window and scared me silly!

The Bear. Yay! I was saved. Now they would pick up the soggy grumpy man who was stomping out to save my sorry ass yet again before he worked up a good steam. Phew!

Got home, got into the Prism... and it would not start. StbX had to fix it... the debt of guilt grew. It was decided that Papa Bear would come down in the morning with his pick-up and help StbX to tow the Aspire home to safety. Yay!

I began to mellow out then. I had the Prism to drive StbX back to work... did the diner shopping... Max did the dishes... I took a nap... then had a two frog evening... with steak, garlic potatoes and brussle sprouts for diner.

Whipped this post out and now... ahahahahahhhhh... I get to go to bed before Eleven for a change and get up at 4:30AM refreshed and ready to walk and hang with J for coffee. Back to the comfort of my regular life. No worries again. No more bitching.

How the heck was your Monday?


  1. Some clarification on the frog please.

    The frog said that you could not have male friends. As in, you were having the "When Harry met Sally" discusion on whether or not it is possible to have a friendship with a member of the opposite sex, or whether or not having a friendship is a good idea....

    Or as in as long as we are dating you aren't allowed to have male friends?

    And I guess I don't understand who is the second frog.

    But as long as you are getting rid of frogs, good.

  2. I agree with laughing. I was puzzled about one frog telling you that you cannot talk to other frogs. I deal more with birds and they can be quite a nuisance but it seems that frogs need to stay where they belong--in Budweiser commercials. And they should keep their rubbit's shut.
    Today will be a beautius maximus day.
    Do you ever get out of DPH meaning, of course, in this neck of the woods anymore?

  3. Laughing-- I determined that what I am doing at this point is kissing frogs to find a prince. When I counted I thought I had four frogs lined up... M,D,C,R and then remembered D2... so I still have four frogs. The frogs have come out of three different ponds (social networks). It's a process of elimination. So far, D-1 is looking the best, but R is really close too. You never know... I could get dumped or they could get eliminated.

    But yeah... he said he could not tollerate me having male friends. So I said EXCUSE ME? That was the end of that.

  4. Peggy-- You crack me up! I love that... they should keep their Ribbits shut. hahahahahaha
    I have never been obedient and likely never will be. The fastest way to get me to do anything is to tell me that I can't.

    And frankly, I don't want a frog that can't trust me.

    I would love to come down there for a visit... but I rarely get out of DPH. I haven't taken a bus anywhere in a long, long time. Bus pervs and loonies like me... But then, that can be fodder for stories and might be worth the trip in itself. ;-) We'll see. I'd love to see you.

  5. dmarks-- It's rainy and dreary here too. But things can always be worse for me... I'm grateful that they are not. It was a good thing I bought that Prism or I'd be hoofing it.

    Sounds like a good day for a cup of Chai tea and a lovely book... or maybe a horror flick. I'll think warm and sunny thoughts for you.

  6. Still a bit confused.

    So the two frog evening was...what? Emails and such? Cause I don't see a second frog.

  7. Good song. I'm a big REM fan.

    I can't say that I blame you for letting the first frog go. I would feel the same way if I was told I could not have any female friends.

    I do hope today is a better day for you. Every so often we all have days like this. It's best to forget them and move on.

  8. Cars! Trust me, I feel your pain there.

    But really, your life would be an awesome reality show. I can see these frogs all lined up, vying for your affections. :-)

  9. laughing-- Exactly. I am communicating with four guys on various social networks right now. The idea is that my average is one nice, normal man per four. So if I talk to four "frogs" I'm hoping that one is a prince. So yes, we email or chat... and Sat. I'm meeting one.

    There was one more but he was into being controlling... so I told him yesterday that I was not interested in that and I would drive him absolutely insane with disobedience. :-)

  10. AlienCG-- Right you are and I have! Today is a great day so far and I am feeling much more upbeat. I thank you for your support on the frog issue. And realy... after talking to me for just what... two days he wants me to be cloistered for him? What a toad!

  11. laura b.-- LMAO! Too, too funny. Well at least I am having some fun.

    And the car issue... well, just as well I had a back up car. That kept the pressure off of me or I'd be way more grumpy. The Aspire is not going anywhere. I won't let it rot though, it's going to be fixed. Then I'll be back in my buzz bomb driving like a bat outta hell again. ;-)

  12. You should have your own Frogs reality show. We could vote which frogs get eliminated...No, that's a personal decision. And the no male friends Frog was a huge red flag. I'm glad you eliminated that one.

  13. That controlling frog had a lot of nerve demanding exclusivity at two days. You were right to strap him onto the frogapult and send him flying.

    I'm sorry your Monday was such a bad day. When I have one of those days it helps me to think that, just by the law of averages alone, tomorrow has got to be better. So far, so good.

  14. Ooops, sorry. I meant Tuesday.

  15. i seem to remember reading that frogs were dying like crazy and that dead frogs in a pond were like dead canaries in a coal mine.

    just another scare from the frog lobby?

  16. Well, I have to say my Monday was better than yours!

    Just keep reminding yourself that there's a man out there who wants... well, who wants what you said he did in the e-mail you sent me. Certainly that counts for something! :-)

  17. Churlita-- I thought so too. Big red flag. You'll all hear all about it anyway. You guys are my support system... you and family.

  18. Cube-- You were right, it was a Monday. I write these the evening before and schedule their arrival to the blog. I can confuse you sometimes by forgetting that fact.

    Frogs must be paulted when unreasonable. I'm pretty easy going too. But he was a toad.

    I'm over Monday now... I did my grump and got it out. Now I a happy princess again. ;-)

  19. billy pilgrim-- I'm afraid the frog lobby may be right. Live keeper frogs are much harder to find these days. My local pond is almost empty... the ones that are here certainly look dead.

  20. Suldog-- I'm not likely to forget that one. What it counts for, I'm not really sure. But I know I have that to fall back on... if I don't fall on my sword first.

  21. Ok, you beat me! It'll get better...I hope.

  22. Jill-- It did thanks! Today, Tuesday was an amazing day. My Aspire is home safe. That's what I worried about most... that someone would tow it and I wouldn't be able to buy it out of hock. I am satisfied that all is right in my world.

  23. Sorry to hear you had a bad Monday. I am having a bad Tuesday if it makes you feel any better. Hopefully things are going more your way today. I posted on Twitter that this quote by Mitch Hedberg sums up my day, "A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer."

  24. Mr.Shife-- Oh no! I do hope that your day has come around by now. The only thing good about a terrible day is... as Cube pointed out... that the likelihood of tomorrow being that bad is greatly decreased.

    But you know, that quote gave me a great belly laugh. Thanks for that Shife. Kiss that baby and scratch that Q for me. (Both will make you feel better too.) I loved the video.

  25. Actually, my Monday was great, most of my days are great, but I've always pretty much controlled my days and if I didn't like what was going on I changed it, even when I worked in the Dilbert zone.

    They thought I needed them, they learned that I didn't, that the next job was just a phone call away if I decided to switch.

    Your life sure is a circus, you need to make yourself a cute clown suit, ha ha ha.

  26. Your weird friend will come across someone who will be totally into his unusual proclivities.

    Hey, did she mean me? Did I seem weird to you? Maybe different and paying attention to the important things that needed to be done, and doing them, but weird?

    If I'm weird what does that make everyone else?

  27. BBC-- Yes, it is a bit of a circus. But I don't think I could deal with the floppy shoes.

    No... no didn't mean you as being the weird friend. Why do people call you weird often? I've never called you weird. No... no, she means my most recent pervert. I have a collection. I seem to bring that out in people somehow. Mostly they make me laugh... after they have gone away.

  28. Why do people call you weird often?

    Did you miss a comma?

    Here's some fucking commas, put them wherever you like,,,,,,,,,, Ha ha ha.

  29. Just stay away from the bullfrogs (the ones that only tell you bull) and poison-arrow frogs (toxic personalities).

  30. my monday was a perfect shitstorm of colliding horrors. thanks for asking. glad it's a few days in the past now.

  31. lime-- Ut-oh. Sounds like yours might have been worse than mine. :(

    You have my sincere sympathy. That sucks.

  32. Stbx is a life saver!

    And why didn't you let that strange man help you? He could've been someone interesting, like a serial killer with a penchant for stranded women. Would've made for a great story!

  33. Sebastien-- YOu know I have always believed somewhere in the back of my mind that... that is exactly how I will meet my end... via serial killer or loonie of somesort. I'd rather waitl until I'm in my 80s and all alone and bored out of my mind first... then I'll invite hobos home for diner and let the natural course of my life do its thing. :-)

  34. Sebastien-- Yes, StbX can be a life-saver. Kudos are owed and given. He is generally a kind person. If only he did not have that one unacceptable aspect I'd have kept him forever.