Sunday, October 18, 2009


I saw this and had to share it with you. Space has always struck me as a terrifyingly beautiful place.

If you like this video, there are 10 parts to the Hubble Views... all are wonders.

I had to go to the town to the left to get Max this evening. This is what I saw as I drove the gorge at sunset.... and captured for your serenity.

(Enlarge them for great detail.)

Amazing what the universe can do to lift your spirits and open your senses. Speaking of which... I tried a breathing exercise today. It took me some time to get the hang of it, then... I got it. Sweet! I felt much better afterward. Relaxed and open again.

I took StbX with me to deliver Max. He knows P'land better than I do and if the car were to malfunction, he would be able to make it go home. It was a very interesting trip with a good open dialog about what we both want to do with our lives at this point.

The interesting part is that we both have the same feelings in our heads...that we both are happy where we are now in our own relationship as friend/family members to each other.

He came back to our house for left-overs... chili Verdi and corn tortillas. On the way there we found poolman and drug him home with us. They work together these days. That freed me up to hide in my room and get on my computer... YAY!

Guess who I found email from there... yep... the Nu-B So that was nice too. Interesting stuffs!!

I feel a bit better about being a social moron... maybe elevated to the stature of macaroon!

Tomorrow who knows... wallflower?

Pink Floyd live 2005 breathe



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  1. It is so amazing, even in sort of blue times, to be able to look around and see the beauty of our world, full of possibilities. Nice too, to be able to count on family of all stripes to be there when we need them.

    You are a social...caterpillar :-) I see "butterfly" in your near future.

  2. laura b.-- Ha ha... I love that idea; I get to morph into something wonderful!

    Yes. Funny that now that we are happy to be apart, we are closer family than we were as an us.

  3. I appreciate your selfless concern for my serenity and the photos are lovely!

  4. those pictures look even better than the genesis project.

    like carol marcus said, can i cook or can i cook?

  5. Mo-- Ha! I assure you there are few things I do that are self-less. hahahaha I did sort of word it that way didn't I? I can hardly wait to look through your eyes tomorrow.

  6. billy pilgrim-- It really is a cool video series. I spent a lot of time watching them yesterday.

    As you can see... I am somewhat obsessed with clouds. Especially when the sun shines through. They make me feel a surge of wonder.

    Khan had no clue what he was up against when Carol did her cooking!

  7. There is a lot in the post that I am a fan of. First, Hubble is truly awesome and will be a shame when it finally takes it last view. Luckily, the Kepler telescope with be there to replace it.

    I love the photos of the drive. All very inspiring and quite beautiful. Thanks for sharing those.

    Finally, we have Pink Floyd from Live 8 from 2005. Reunited with Roger Waters and before Richard Wright died.

  8. AlienCG-- Only you would know that about my Pink Floyd choice. Thank you for sharing it... you add so much here at Ooodles of Funch!

    I'm glad you enjoyed my photos.

    Yay for the Kepler telescope!

  9. Interesting stuff going on out there in the cosmos. A big sexual orgy that humans don't yet understand.

    But mark my words, that's just sex at the cosmic level and everything you see out there is just cosmic sexual debris.

    Solidified cosmic cum and science will figure it all out someday, and it will be pretty much as I've posted about it in the past.

    Anyway, it stopped frigging raining here and today I figured how to make apple sauce without a lot of work, small batches anyway.

    And started a pot of mash to see if I can make some booze. Like I know what I'm doing, rolls eyes. But I started it in the still so if it ferments I save a step over doing it in an other container, then I'll just have to distill it.

    Or blow myself up, ha ha ha.

  10. Hey, that wet dream of an industrial area just east of town where they made streets and such but never got anything going.

    You ever go there and down to the river? I sort of liked it there. Discovered it one day when I was test driving your car after working on it while you was at work.

  11. BBC-- I love good applesauce.

    Don't blow yourself up! My ex has made quite a bit of booze. Beer, wine and shine.

    Yes, that area you are talking about is where I teach my kids to drive.

    Then down the windy road, I love to fish on the tugboat dock there. That's where An got the fish hook stuck in my head. I am very fond of that spot.

    If you get out of your car there and walk east, you come to a giant stand pipe filled in with concrete that rises out of the water. It is another favored fishing spot. Sometimes the otters show up there too. I love otters.

    A big fat beaver lives under the bridge that you pass over on your way there. He's a cranky bastard and will slap his tail at you. Hey... maybe I should name him BBC in your honor? hahaha

  12. I thought I heard my name ;-) Thanks for the plug, A. Girl.

    I thought your pictures were outstanding. Very beautiful country you have there.

    Strangely, nothing cheers me up faster than contemplating the vastness of the cosmos. I always thought that was one of my weird quirks. It's good to know that I'm not the only one.

    Glad your breathing went well. Breathing is fundamental.

    Well, you may have deduced by now, that I survived the Sunday encounter with the in-laws. I gripe & moan, but it usually turns out better than I envisioned. Even got to watch the Bucs lose again.

  13. BBC: Now that sounds like chemistry of the fun kind. Back in my chem lab days, it was more like Grignard Synthesis of Triphenylmethanol. An alcohol, yes, but not one you want to drink.

  14. Cube-- I'm so glad you survived your in-laws. Yay for watching the game! Boo-hiss for the loss.

    Yes, it can be stunning here. I need to appreciate that more. Still a part of me yerns for smog in the morning and the smell of bus exhaust.

    I love to look at all things space related. It is very soothing to me. I'd have become an astronette, but deep down inside I knew I'd be the one in that movie to have my helmet crack and be instantly freeze-dried. Klutzes don't belong in space!

  15. Cube-- What about the plumber? Hope all that worked out to your satisfaction!

  16. lol. I'm laughing at your characterization of the space klutz... the helmet cracking and being instantly freeze-dried. hee hee. I think you're being too hard on yourself, but it was still funny.

    The plumbing went very well. It didn't take long at all and Mr. Cube didn't miss his golf tee time. The sink is now behaving itself and, by association, so is the dishwasher.

  17. BTW I had all the girls watching the Bucs game. It was a bonding experience.

  18. Cube-- There was a time when I could not wash dishes by hand because I had eczema so horribly on my hands. (People hated it when I'd bleed on the plates.) I consider a dishwasher the greatest invention to womankind. I also hold the firm belief that most men are clueless at how to load one.

    I'm glad you gals got to bond over the game. I really do enjoy watching games with other people. Much more fun than by myself... though at my house NO ONE will watch a game with me. They suck.

    anandagirl... fighting the comment box one crack at a time!

  19. Those pictures are amazing! We've been having some amazing sunsets here in Phx the past couple of weeks, but nothing like you.

    What kind of exercise are you doing btw?

  20. i wish I could get to that place with my ex, but the minute I'm nice to him, he thinks he owns me and starts bossing me around again. Drag.

  21. Sebastien-- Thank you. Sometimes it's fabulous here, others... meh.

    I walk really fast and sweat up a storm... but not that weird butt wiggle walk.

    I've begun a pilate's program with resistance stretchies. I got a DVD to follow that was suggested. The woman is very intimidating and way better shaped! Obviously I will so look just like that... right? Well, I'll settle for more firm.

  22. Churlita-- We have our days. I am not always nice. Last night he wasn't getting into the car fast enough, so I drove off with the door open. (Him most of the way in.) I knew it would royally piss him off... but the temptation to do that was too much for me.

    One of us still has work to do on issues... I think it might be me.

    I also think part of the reason that he's happy right now is because I don't have Larry anymore. He lost his 32 year old girlfriend... and there I was still happy. That pissed him off. Now he's happier that I feel some misery.

    Joy in each other's misery makes it work! Ha!

  23. Dishwashers are one of the wonders of the modern world. I have blocked out of my mind the college years when I didn't have one and ended up eating on paper plates just to have the least possible stuff to wash by hand.

    BTW I disagree with you about men not knowing how to fill a dishwasher. They know how. They also know how to pretend like they don't know how in order to avoid having to do it.

    I remember hearing a story about a special forces soldier who could be dumped into a forest and he could use his survival training to find food, make shelter, etc., yet, once in his kitchen, he couldn't find a sauce pan.

    Anyway his wife & daughter read him the riot act and he took a class and is now an accomplished cook.

  24. Cool about the pilates! You don't do the fast penguin walk? that walk is so stylish.

    I've been using resistance bands, they are wonderful, very versatile.

  25. Sebastien-- Yes, I use the resistance bands too with my pilates. They are wonderful! I am a bit sore though.

    No, I had to give up the idea of the penguin walk... it makes me laugh too hard. I just tear around like there's a banshee after me.