Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reasons To Love You - Mulder and Scully

This week AlienCG is having an X-files count down on his blog... this is my hats off to him and my bit for joining in on the fun.

X-Files Countdown, #13 and #12 posted by AlienCG at Swamp Gas & Moonlit Reflections -

It was a weird day. I did a real boner thing;

I was sending an instant message to a guy named "B" and managed to send it to Larry. Now I don't know how familiar you are with how that works or if my program works differently from yours. But let's say once you have put the sentence up there... it's there. You can't go... ooops, erase that! There is no eraser. So this evening while Larry was working he got an IM to some guy named "B" from me.

Once I realized what I had done... I freaked and Xed right out of there. But it's too late. This program leaves a record and invites you to email that person back. Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Okay... he's moved on and who cares right? Well I care. I don't want him to think that I am waving my auntie's panties in his face, so to speak. Nananana... I'm seeing someone else. I'm not. This is the first time I've spoken to this man and I managed to screw it up.

Nor do I want Larry to think that I am fucking with him out of spite. I would not do that. AAAaggghhh.

I must tell you that this social networking thing is not exactly my forte. I am as socially weird and awkward doing this thing as I am in person. I was never good at dating someone for weeks after I began to date them. There had to be a calming down period for me to become normal.

Things happened. Once I gave a guy a bloody nose in bed the first time. Yep, managed to bend my head down and wipe out his face... BAM!.. when I was trying to kiss him. Geezzzz. Within a week I'd also popped his water bed with a nail file. Amazing that he kept me around as long as he did.

It was nice that I heard from B today though. He seems like an interesting man that I would like to get to know better. He has a good sense of humor, which by now I'm sure you've guessed that he would need around me... and maybe protective gear. Anyway, we will see how that pans out... if it does.

I also managed to get up to have coffee with J today and that, more than anything lifted my spirits.

My work day sucked lemons, but that is work for you.

It was picture day! Yay! And the lady posed me so oddly that my neck looks like I'm doing a Linda Blair impersonation. I can't wait to frame that one. Amazing that she proudly showed me the photo! More amazing yet that I didn't scream when I saw it. It really is ghastly. Glad that I don't have to pay for it. I wouldn't.

Well... have a great day today. Cross your fingers that I have one too. I need all the luck you can loan me.


  1. As for the bloody nose nail file in bed guy, I suppose there are a lot of things a guy will put up with in bed.

  2. It sucks that everything doesn't have a do-over button so that I can go back and fix things like I do on my blog.

    As for picture lady, I probably know a few things about that.

    She probably works for Lifetouch. Not sure who is lower on the ladder than Lifetouch, but there's probably somebody. Anyway, I have all these complaints about how messed up the different companies are and how they don't pay enough, well, so far Lifetouch has been the worst. Seems like it was very close to minimum wage, and it isn't even forty hours, and there's no benefits, etc....

    So the good photographers don't stay long, if they have any other options.

    The people who stay at that division of Lifetouch are the moms who can't afford daycare and don't have anyone to watch the kids. They have to leave earlier than the kids so that they can drive wherever it is and set up the equipment, and they might get home a little later than the kids, but if they can just find someone to watch the kids for an hour or so (like maybe the other moms of the kids' friends), then they can have a job with mainly the same hours as the kids, and they will sometimes keep the job for several years, just because of that.

    So those are the people who stay at Lifetouch for a while. Everyone else leaves as soon as possible.

    That they are not especially good photographers doesn't enter into it.

    So photographer lady thinks that she took a good picture. And, compared to her other pictures, maybe it was pretty good.

  3. dmarks-- Well he really was a saint under the circumstances.

  4. laughing-- I'm sure you're right about picture lady. Yes, it was Lifetouch. In all the years that I have been here and they have come for pictures, never once has it been the same person twice. Maybe I'll get brave enough to share the horror photo, but I doubt it.

  5. I did do a post about Gillian Anderson almost two years ago. And yes, I still haven't found a good home for that action figure.

  6. dmarks-- Cool beans! Thanks for adding the link. Where could you put something like that?

  7. Oops. Don't you wish life came with a RESET button?

  8. Cube-- Yes, I certainly do! I'd have worn mine out by now and gotten another one. Sheesh.

  9. Maybe you can use one of those Staples "Easy" buttons instead.

  10. I wouldn't worry about that too much. You're single now, you're allowed to talk to whomever you want. If Larry writes you asking what that was, just let him know it was a mistake that you couldn't take back. It wasn't like you meant to send that to the wrong person. Good for you for getting back in there. I wish I could be better about that.

  11. dmarks-- ha! I suppose I could try anyway.

  12. Churlita-- Thank you... yes, I agree that I have the right to do as I wish and I'm sure Larry would too. But you know how some people get all paranoid over stuff like that. I hate to insult anyone, especiallly someone who treated me so well.

    And... there you have it. If Larry had been a real dick, I would have decided to just forget it. But he wasn't. He gives me hope that someone just as sweet is out there. It's like Ozzie says...So here I go again!

  13. There are a lot of fish in the sea... there are also a lot of men. Just be wary of the fishy men ;-)

  14. Cube-- Hahahaha... good advice, I'm sure. I am hoping that Larry wasn't a fluke and there are more similar to his nature. I've got to tell you the first few I had contact with were certainly fishy men. Yikes.

  15. Boy, oh boy. I am feeling in my bones everything you said here.
    Anyway, I think in some ways Larry was a fluke (the whole ex back on the scene thing), but in other ways not (a kind, funny man who felt right to you). time you will get the good stuff without the kicker :-)

  16. laura b.-- Well my ego thanks you. I hope you are right... I hope there are other nice men out there. I did not mind driving the distance too much, but one closer would be nice too.

    Wouldn't it be great if you could just fill out a requisition form and drive down to pick one up? Ah, fantasy... where would I be without it?

  17. There had to be a calming down period for me to become normal.

    I want to hear about when you was normal, and remember, I have met you. :-)

    Anytime we are doing emails, messaging and such things we are going to screw up at times, don't sweat it, two weeks down the road it's all water under the bridge and there are new things to fuss about and ponder on.

    Would you fuck him for spite? Ha ha ha.

    I need all the luck you can loan me.

    As you know, I don't do loans, just gifts. So if I gift you with some luck will you use it wisely?

  18. BBC-- Yes, I do have some normal moments... but I wasn't calm yet when you were here.

    I would never fuck Bill to spite Larry. I don't want to hurt Larry. And my ethics won't allow it.

    Would I fuck Bill for fun? You bet. Because I'd be curious what that was like? Absolutely. But never to hurt Larry or anyone else for that matter. Life simply goes on and I'm as human as anyone else. But we better wait and see what Bill wants on that issue. He may just run screaming for the hills.

  19. BBC-- If you would gift me with luck... I'd do my best to use it well, but what I think is a good idea may not be what you think is a good idea. I am female and do think a bit differently... as you are well aware.

    By the way... Bill does not know that Oodles of Funch exists yet. Thank goodness!

  20. "waving my auntie's panties"....wahuh?

  21. 3GirlKnight-- It's actually sort of from Monty Python's Holy Grail. Only that line was "I shake my privates at your aunties!" I altered it a bit to fit my purposes.

    My apologies for such an indelicate post. i forget that other people have some sense of decorum.

  22. I would never fuck Bill to spite Larry.

    That really isn't what I was getting at. It was more like, would you fuck Larry to spite Larry, or yourself?

    Oh hell, never mind, I have a pocket pussy and it doesn't give a shit one way or the other. :-)

  23. Hey, wait a minute, first it was B and now it's Bill? I hope that you let your readers know that it's not this Bill after that brain fart.

  24. BBC-- I don't think that Larry would agree to that.

    Bother... his name is Bill... Oaky readers... I hardly know this guy at all, but he is not BBC and he is not billy pilgrim either for that matter. He's some guy who lives in P'land. Chances are good I'll never even hear from him again. It's all hypothetical. Sheesh!

  25. Hypothetical, that quacks me up, quack, quack, quack, ha ha ha.

    Too hell with it, I'm turning in, sweet dreams.

  26. I'm cheering for you Ananda!

    That story about giving a guy a bloody nose... reminds me exactly of that scene in 40 year old Virgin where Steve Carrell gives the girl a bloody nose... love that movie.

    Random mistakes of internet, could've been worse, as in a reply all sort of email. Never happened to me, but obviously that can be a horror story. Private info and problems sent to your boss, coworkers, acquaintances...

    On a random note, I just started a book that I can tell is going to be really good, Middlesex. Have you read it?

  27. Sebastien-- Yep. I saw that movie and laughed. It's a lot funnier when it happens to someone else!

    I am sure that Larry figured it out since it had some other guy's name on it. I just hate getting caught doing stupid things. Hate it.

    No. I have not yet read Middlesex... should I? Will I enjoy it? I love your tastes in books. Hummmmmm....