Monday, October 19, 2009


Somebody turned 8 the other day...
She was born on the 13th day... at 12:10 in the 11th month.
She is loud, funny, silly and all things great about being a kid.
Lorn with his... ah...lighter... stuck to the knife.
Disapproval of the photographer's choice of subject.

My favorite girls on earth... Bear and Re-Run Bear...

The good:

I lost 4 pounds this week. YAY!

Nu-B and I are getting along well... and communication is good.

(Yes Churlita... it does make me feel good to flirt with some other man.)

I am back on track with my walking and exercises.

I got a lot of work done on the house.

I enjoyed my coffee time with my friend J... all days.

I love the breathing exercise and how I feel afterward.

Cool beans.

The bad:

Even Starbucks reminds me of Larry... is mocha not sacred?

I am broke at the moment.

My hike got rained out.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow.

Nothing truly bad has happened and I have no right to complain.

Yes, I'm afraid "she'll be alright".

Here... Flogging Molly can explain it better...

"I'm okay. I'm alright. Though you have gone from my life... you said that it would... now everything should be alright. "


  1. Don't go to work tomorrow, I dare you.

  2. Mo-- Ha! I am such a chicken! Here I sit... obviously working at work. hahahaha

  3. What a fun looking party! I'm staying away from the guy with the knife :)

    And wonderful for you to be doing your walks and exercise. Exercise has always helped me a lot when I feel stressed or down.

    Re-run bear looks like a wild child. I mean, a wild bear child!

  4. Yea! Good for you. I'm glad that's helping. There's nothing wrong with needing validation after a rejection.

    Happy birthday to the Rerun Bear! She looks like a ton of fun.

  5. Sebastien-- Rerun is a copy of Auntie Bear as a child. When she was little and her mom, Bear and Rerun went places... people always thought she was the Bear's child, not her mom's. Funny stuff that! That wild child personality is genetic! That's a photo of terror in twos!

    I wish you had been at the party.

  6. Churlita-- It was good advice... thank you. I am having fun. Wasn't sure I was up to it, but you know its got an instant gratification that I enjoy. ;-)

  7. I'm glad you had a chance to cut loose and enjoy yourself.

    BTW I'm thinking little Rerun could've also been nicknamed Rebar... as in Re-Bear only how some folks pronounce the word 'bear' as 'bar'. Just an observation.

  8. Starbucks only reminds me of Katee Sackhoff and Dirk Benedict.

  9. Even Starbucks reminds me of Larry... is mocha not sacred?

    Mocha is, Starbucks isn't, I make my own.

    And I'm damn if I would bring a kid onto this planet in this day and age and feel good about it's future on an over populated and bat shit crazy planet.

    Your hope and optimism are to be admired though, even though they bring down empires. Interesting days.

  10. There is some corny saying about having the bad so we can appreciate the good...and you have the attitude that tells me good will win out :-)

    That Sookie Toots is the cutest. The whole wide world better watch out for that one!

  11. Hehe, I would've gone crazy. Sugar + knives = insanity!!!

  12. Sebastien-- Well I know what not to feed you when we meet and you're not going get to play with my scalpel if you have any candy!