Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This is Lionel, a sea lion so named and adopted by some local area school children (but not at my school). 
Lionel was "put down" for the serious crime of eating some salmon... which is his job in our world... that commercial and sport firsherfolk believe belongs to them.  As if  having to outrun Orcas isn't enough of an ordeal for a sea lion.

He committed his crime right here where I live just below the dam.  You see when the sportfisherfolk and the commercial fisherfolk fished out his area of the ocean... Lionel and his relatives got hungry enough to search the Columbia River this far up... which had never happened before a few  years ago...for food and found a bounty of it at the fish ladders to the dam. 

Of course he could not have done that if the dam was not there... and the fish ladders would not have been needed if the dam was not there.  People put the fish ladder and dam there, not Lionel, but he was smart enough to figure out that  this was the mother lode of salmon munchies.

Here is his story and another one as well...

Yes, I know... DH hunts Bambi and he'd blow Thumper off the trail too.


No one is going to eat Lionel.  They just wanted him not to be able to eat what they consider their fish, not his.
Besides... think of all those little school children who adopted him, tried to save him and then learned they couldn't change a thing. 
I'm glad I wasn't there at that school the day they killed Lionel and started passing out the tissues.

Do tell... what do you think about it?

Have a wonderful Hump Day!  Yay! 

Monday, March 29, 2010


Okay here's an experiment for me.  I am trying to figure out this new photo program... so if this all sucks and gets screwed up it's operator error.

I think I am putting a photo of the cabinets that DH and T made while I was down there for spring break.  (May I say, how creepy is it that X and DH are both cabinet makers... so is T.  I guess I collect them huh?)

Hey... it worked!
The fact is that I enjoy watching these guys build things.  I think its interesting to see how things go from plain pieces of wood to something beautiful.

I guess you can tell this is the staining period.  I didn't get photos of the raw wood.  Hard to believe that it all went together in just a couple of days.  But then they both do this for a living too.

 Okay... so the camera operator wasn't that good, but I might have exercised my elbow by this time.  Okay... truth is I did.  Ha. My version of sitting in paradise with my drink with the tiny umbrella.  I was sitting in a folding chair much of the time, watching the eye candy bend over and lift things.  Close enough to paradise for me, and who needs tiny umbrellas?

Today I told my boss that I am applying for other jobs and want to move.  I did it the chicken way.  It's in my nature.  I sent an email.  Then waited until I got a response to stick my head out into the hallway.

He was great about it.  I told him the truth... that I want to move closer to DH.  Of course you knew that even when I was talking about it before we decided to be official.  But in my defense I truly do want out of Dumb Potter's Hell and to have a new start.  It worked out better than I expected and my... that is nice.

So my boss sends me an email back, telling me that he understands and will write me a letter of reference.  Cool beans.  Later, in person, he told me that he and his wife also had a long distance relationship when they first got together... so he knows how that goes.  Even better.
Another hurdle passed by without being kicked down.

Meanwhile... today I discovered a wonderful thing.  I have Friday off.  So I emailed DH and told him.  We had already planned on my coming down this weekend, but this is even better.  I don't have classes in the library Thursday afternoon... so with a bit of luck and sympathy from boss man, I can check out early Thursday and hit the road by 1:00, which puts me there by around 3:30 at the latest.  No driving in the dark.

Today was fun but difficult in its own way too.  Once the word was out, I got teased a lot.  That's okay.  I enjoy it.  Then there were the questions: 
Are you getting married?
If you are moving there to be closer to him, why not move in with him? 
(heavy sigh).

C4C says... So are you going steady?  
Did he pin you?
I laughed.  
(Then I told her that I'd been pinned often, but not that way.)  

I guess we may as well laugh at it.  I've never done anything much in a conventional way... but I am trying to this time.
Things are great right now.  I want to give it time to build.
I believe it is the right thing to do.  A couple of weeks back I was still dating other people. 

As for DH... ha!  I'm just glad that Jack didn't send him running for the hills. 

So here is the deal... we became friends.  We have been friends for all this time and became very good friends.  Yes, we did have a physical relationship that was what it But we have only been a couple... for lack of a better word... for what, 14 days exactly.  So its not time to think about moving in with someone or getting married.
 And no... DH is not making any noise about going to either place.  
He is a cautious man. 
I'm a chicken.  
It works.

I hope that clears that up.  If anything changes, for good or bad, you'll hear about it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Back to reality. Crap. Well, I must say it was a wonderful vacation for me. I'm just sorry to see it pass.  The drive home was a nightmare as drives go... pouring rain with water standing in the road everywhere.  I went slowly and safely... but it took me an extra hour to get home.  I am exhausted.

But when I got home, a nice, sweet email awaited me.  A thoughtful man, that one.

Things went very well this week.  I spent a bit of time with Jack... the guy I may work for and live with... depending on what his kids think.  His son is a DA.  I gave him all my information.  I would check out anyone who wanted to move in with my elderly father too. 

DH went with me.  There was one very uncomfortable moment there when Jack said he needed to ask me a personal question... were DH and I going to get married.
Yikes what a pickle!  My brain sort of blew out on the spot.  Goodness.  I croaked out "NO."  I was horrified that he asked that with DH sitting there.  Meanwhile, DH said "Well, its still a bit early to decide that."
Part of the reason that my brain blew out is that I was not sure which answer Jack was looking for with that zinger.
Jack is a very religious man.  Last time we got together, Jack and I, I asked him if I would have nights off on occasion.  I continued on that DH was my boyfriend and I would like to stay with him sometimes. 

Or did Jack want to know if I was going to move down there and only stay a few months before I left to be with DH?  That is a reasonable question.  But geeezzzz...
How embarrassing!

Meanwhile the day before when Jack and I talked and DH was at work, Jack hit me with another zinger when I told him that DH was my boyfriend.  Jack says "Isn't DH a bit young for you?"    I laughed at that and said "NO".
DH got a real kick out of that one.  He is younger than me but not by that much.  Sheesh!  That Jack is one direct old booger.  I'll have to stay alert with him around.

I have photos to share, but its too darned late and I am too tired and crazy at this point to deal with downloading them.  Tomorrow.  I need to get some sleep.  Tomorrow I have to tell my boss that I am not returning next year.  Scary thought.  But it has to be done.

I hope you all had a wonderful night and a great day today.  Big grins.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hello all.  I've been pretty busy enjoying a variety of things on my vacation here in sanctuary.  Music being one of them.  DH has a nice collection and I've been working my way through it.  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is not one of his favorites.  There isn't any here... yet.  Ha.  

I've taken photos to share but don't know how to use his photo program on this computer.  I keep thinking that I'll ask when he comes home from work... then he walks in and my brain goes elsewhere.  You'll see them eventually.

Let's see... OH!  I now have my own key to sanctuary.  How cool is that?  I come and I go and I drive around trying to learn my new town... or soon to be new town.  I get lost easily, so everyone takes care to see that they give me the simplest directions possible.  I have finally stopped staying on the one single street that I know and have branched out to the other main drags.  I'm learning.  And I find that I love it here.  

Yesterday was a crazy day for me.  I have a ton of stuff I want to do.  DH gave me the yards here... to do with as I please without having to ask permission.  I love to garden.  But, eh hem!  Obviously he does not.  There is a great deal of work to be done before I can begin on my landscape plans.  It's a huge yard.  It may take me all summer and every weekend I'm here in between.  So I did some cleaning out of weeds.

Then DH's mom and step dad came to take me to lunch.  They brought Betty and Wally with them... another couple in their 70s to tour the house here... and then on to the lunch.  These folk belong to a camper group.  They all meet up for lunches once a month and camp together in the spring and summer months.  They are all older than me but a real hoot.  

After that we went to a place called Jerry's.  They gave us all name tags at the lunch... and we all walked all over the store with them on still. Oops!  (Its like a Home Depot sort of thing.)  I wandered around and looked at the plants but wasn't happy with them.  I'll go to WalMart today and get some for a strawberry pot I'm planting for the end of the patio.  I love to plant containers... so DH provided me with a bunch of them.

I have today and tomorrow to myself while he works.  I have plenty to do... visit K and visit Jack.  I have to continue to apply for jobs here.  I have some things I want to do to the house and my patio is finally free for me to do as I want with it.  DH and T made some bathroom cabinets for DH's son... and they have been on the patio.  I was afraid to work around them.  They are so beautiful and I am such a klutz.  But that is my main focus today... get the patio ready for BBQs and enjoying the back yard. We're grilling steelhead out there tonight.

Friday as soon as he gets home from work, he's taking me to get some pearl earings that I saw the other day.  Cool beans!  He's making me a jewelery box out of walnut and birds-eye maple.  He says I need something to put in it.  I like that attitude.  Saturday we are going clothes shopping for both of us and then up to another town where his mom lives.  DH is going to put in a new front door for her... they are going to BBQ.  Should be fun.  We were going to go to the coast on Sat. but that can wait.  There will be lots of coast visits he says, and so far, he has always kept his word.

As for Sunday... I do not want to think about Sunday.  That one will be a killer when I have to drive home to reality again.  Crap.  Nope.  Not looking forward to that.

So my spring break is not over.  But I can feel C4C getting excited as her spring break nears... and mine fades.  I don't blame her.  I'd love to be looking forward to this week again.  Ha.  But summer is coming and so is my new life.  Patience is not one of my virtues.  I'll piss and moan over it, but it will get here... with me bitching up a storm until it is and I drive away from Dumb Potter's Hell for good after tearful good-byes and probably more tears on the way.  That's life.  

And really... giving him time to miss me is not a bad thing. ;-) 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Walk of Life

"He got the action... he's got the motion... oh yeah... the boy can play!"  They look so 80s now... but I am still nuts about this song.

Hello from sanctuary.  What a great weekend.  I took some photos to post, but then realized that I have no clue how to use DH's more sophisticated photo system.  Sorry folk... photos will have to wait until he can show me how. 

In a nut shell, DH and his friend T worked on cabinets for DH's son's bathroom.  I enjoy the shop.  I like to watch things go from lumber to things of beauty.  I sit there in my folding chair and chat as they do their thing.

DH's son and girlfriend came by to decide on the stain they wanted on the cabinets.  We visited for a bit.  I don't know them very well yet, so unbelievably... I was quiet much of the time.  DH's "Cuz" also showed up for Sat.
Now Cuz is a hoot and entertained me with all sorts of stories of how he and DH used to do things that can turn a mother's hair white.  I have likewise heard Cuz stories from DH so it was fun to hear them from Cuz's end.

We stayed up way too late on Sat. and slept in too long Sun.  But isn't that the way vacation is supposed to be? When I did get up, T and DH had been working for awhile.  I got some teasing, but not too much.  The rest of the day was pretty much like the day before with them working on the cabinets.  

I had bragged to T that I make a wicked chili verdi.  So he brought some pork.  I made a great huge pot that earned me compliments and stunned both T and I when DH had seconds.  DH does not have seconds.  I can't get a better compliment than that.  (He also took some for lunch today at work.)  Other than that, we watched "Life" on The Discovery channel last night.  Did anyone catch it?

And so the weekend ended.  I cannot tell you how comfortable or enjoyable it was to hear the alarm go off this morning.  I know that sounds strange.  But it has been a very long time since I experienced an everyday morning with someone.  Do you know what I mean?

I watched the sillouette of DH turn off the alarm, walk around the bed past me to the bathroom and then listened to "morning music"... sounds of brushing teeth, pissing in the toilet, water running, etc.  Watching the reverse strip tease... which if you ask me is much more of a tease than the other... with sleepy eyes.  Then farther away the sounds of him taking his medicine and getting his lunch box together.  I lay there, propped up with the early news on TV, wondering when I'd hear the sound of the truck coming to life.  I was happily surprised by the return of his footsteps and the good bye that followed.  Life felt very good... just plain old normal everyday life. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Woo Hoo!!!! Spring break here I come. 
Let the good times roll !

Okay... it's settled then... nine days in sanctuary.
Like you didn't see that coming.  Ha.
He will be at work some of that time... probably a good deal of it actually.  So I will have time to post from there.
Tomorrow afternoon when school lets out, I make a mad dash home to see dabear briefly and then I hit the road.
Very cool beans.

Hey!  This must be my week... I won an award!


I hope I did this right.  I am not good at this part.  I am supposed to do certain things.  This award came to me from crazy4coens at  Raising Sunny .
 Who got one from Texlahoma over at BlueBeerRiver .
I am also supposed to nominate others... so here we go!
I nominate my friend and excellent writer
Suldog at his blog by the same name
because it tickles me to see him get all cranky over awards and things have been so good of late that I can take the abuse. (If you have never seen Sully get an award and his response... it's a real treat.  And Suldog, spare me no torment.)
Who has been a such a support to me since way back.
who is not only supportive, but insightful.

Last, but certainly not least...
who is an extraordinary writer and wit.

Can you tell I have a thing for writers?
I have so many people who make wonderful  comments here... some do not even have blogs and I don't know how to give awards to them.  I'd actually love to give this award to all of you.  I hate picking and choosing.

So what the heck... here are some others too and I hope you will visit these folk if you have never been there... all are worthwhile.

lime at House of Lime 
laughingattheslut at insidious truth 

dmarks... who brought me to blogging at his


There are so many good blogs out there and so many who stop here and make wonderful comments!
Many thanks to all of you.  And if I have managed to miss you.  Crap!  You have my permission to yell at me.

Okay... so I need to finish packing.  No cookies this time DH... but no worries I will have plenty of time to bake when I get there.  Big grins.

Speaking of baking... how about a bit of Mother Goose?
Baby and I were baked in a pie 
and the gravy was wonderful hot!
We had nothing to pay to the baker that day...
so we crept right out of that pot!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
You are all the best.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Pogues - If I Should Fall from Grace with God

I can only hope that this is the right one... I hope it's a good one. My sound card is out on my computer....

Oh my... St. Patrick's Day and being part Irish... here we go!  You will have to excuse my excited state.  It has been a fine day... a very fine day today.  This is one day in the year that I do go overboard and enjoy myself to the fullest that I can muster!  This includes of course a bit of over drinking.  This time last year found me in the company of K.M. R. I. A.  (Kiss My Royal Irish Ass).  I looked for them this year... but they were no where to be found.  Pity that... I love, love those fine fellows.  If you have never experienced them... allow me to enlighten you... for they are something  wonderful and special.... 

KMRIA on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music ...

  But if this is not what you are into... okay.  But I hope you do not mind The Pogues... because they are the essence of what I love about Irish punk... yes, punk!  And I hope they come through for you.  LIke I said, my sound card is out temporarily until Squeaky gets here to fix it.


Wonderful day!!!  I got to tell the kiddos about...

Fionn mac Cumhaill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 a particular favorite of mine!  And I know that i am fortunate that the teachers indulge me in this once a year.  I love... love these stories... raised on them as a child and enthralled with the nobility and folly of them.  Today I told of the fight between Fin and the marvelous 

(and my personal favorite..) 

Celtic Fairy Tales: A Legend of Knockmany


I know... I am not supposed to have favorites in fair tales, but I do.  I do.  I


t does not matter if you are a Fin fan or a Cucullin fan... the stories are an absolute delight.  I learned them at my grandfather's knee... he being born in Derry... which is part of Northern Ireland inside British rule... sadly so.  These stories are wonderful and full of mirth as well as decent ethics that we can all glean a bit of wisdom from at some expense.


Finn, as I may as well explain, has been a giant in stories... as well as one of the most gallant and respected leaders of battle in the history of Ireland.  The point being that he was brave and fearless... and urged others to be the same.  Yet I love the stories of Cucillin as well.  Heroes both... you decide who you favor.  As for me... Cucullin!  But then... maybe it was the way that my grandfather told the stories.  Maybe it was my romantic heart... who knows?

Either way... enjoy!!!

Oh my... what a night.  I had some emails back from the  frogs that I released.  Would you like a sample?  First, let me tell you that it was bitter sweet.  These are nice gentlemen... treasures if I may be so bold.  

This from frog A:

A Faint Goodbye

My heart was blessed
With joy abounding
A love was found anew
The sweet hope of a new dawn

But rain has come
And darkened the sky
Now storm clouds shroud my heart

The pain of loss
If oft repeated
May harden the heart within

Yet the rain brings blooms
And hearts can heal
I pray that mine will too

Goodbye my love
I wish you well
Your hopes, your dreams come true

And think of me
In times of joy
And wish me a faint “goodbye”

How sweet was that?  Or this perhaps... from frog S, a gentleman who did so much to please me and gave me the perfect date.

I'm glad for you B,
Sorry, I'm just a stupid man that can see only what what is good for him.
I meant everything that I ever said to you.
You are truly a beautiful woman.
If anything, I think I helped you with DH.
I wish you all the best.
How sweet is that?  And true none the less... no doubt, my dates with S influenced DH.  I have kept no secrets from DH.  Every date... every encounter, I have shared with him.
Crazy?  Nope.  I was honest, always with what I have done... with whom I have done it.  Nothing can come back to bite you in the ass if you have been straight... honest... up front.
But these things have been bittersweet.  Because I entered into them with a clear conscience.  I am human.  I fall down like we all do.  I fall...  And my frogs... for good or bad and yes, there have been some very bad frogs...scary frogs... still... I have kept things straight and honest.  Hate me, love me... fuck me... fuck you... I am what I am.  That is all that I can ever be.
Yet I am grateful that at the end... one understands all of this nonsense that is too big for my head some days... and too small other days.
I have a plan for my spring break at lest.  I said to DH... when do you want to see me?  It has been our habit for me to come on Sat. mornings... and for me to leave Sun. afternoon late.
He said "Come Friday and we'll take it from there."
I will happily accept that.  Friday is one day better than Saturday... and "We'll take it from there..."  is better than Sunday.  We shall see how that goes.

I will not post on Friday... I will be busy driving. down there.  I will, however, post on Saturday and let you know how it goes.   Cool beans... I hope you all have a wonderful weekend if I do not post before then.  Wish me luck... as I do you all.
In case you were wondering about the four frogs that I let go... those two up above answered my emails very graciously.   Tonight one of the frogs decided that he still wants to be friends... and chat once in awhile.  I suppose that will wane with time.

The forth frog... LA, once the favored frog, has decided that he still wants to meet me... to be friends and I am okay with that as long as DH is.  We spoke on the phone tonight and he is happy for me that I have found my "one".
I feel blessed that nice men found me.  That some can remain friends.  But it was sad... bittersweet.   Still I have to do what makes me happy.  And I wish only the best for them as well.



Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Okay... three days and counting them down to 
spring break!

I still don't know what I am going to do with my spring break.  I thought I knew a week ago... but then my situation took that sharp left turn with DH and now I am left up in the air.  I asked him to consider what chunks of my time he wanted.  While he does that... I sit in limbo.  Not that I mind.  Nope.  I'm liking how things have turned out.  Ha.  But I do not want to make plans until I know what I want to plan around.  hummmmm...
I suppose there is always packing.  I will also spend some time on line applying for school jobs down in his area.  Got to line that part up too.  And I know I want to spend some more time getting to know Jack better.  

As for the curiosity about DH... what can I tell you?  He is younger than me.  But not by too much.  Four years.  DH is a cabinet maker.  He also makes toys and has a great shop.  He does side work too.  Very talented and artistic. I love watching him work.  When I get bored, I wander off and do whatever I want.  It works well for us.

Personality wise, he has a great sense of humor.  Is a terrible tease and I love to be teased.  He can tell a story and really get me going.  I buy it up hook line and sinker and then he hits the punch line and slays me.  There is a real art to telling good stories.  The man has the knack.

History wise, we have both come from some hard lessons with ex partners.  He has been extremely cautious and I do understand that.  It is hard to trust when you have had your trust shattered by people you believed in.  He has a great family that I truly like.  Nice after my ex's family that I was glad to divorce right along with him. (Except for P and J... who are still family to me and sometimes lurk here.)

Do I expect to hear wedding bells in the near future?  NO.
This is a slow and careful process.  Maybe never.  He is very independent and has lived alone in his home for a number of years.  Yes, as someone sort of asked... he owns his own home.  I don't need one.  I will still live with Jack.  I respect DH's space.  We are not horny 19 year olds.  There is no rush.  If we ever do live together or more, it would have to be right and I'll leave that completely up to him.  I have in the past shown a real lack of ability to choose well on that issue.  

Like I said... I like his family a lot.  His mom is also my friend and very happy about our getting together.  His little grand daughter still calls me grandma... which tickles me pink.  No one is trying to correct her... but I do wonder what his ex will think of that one.  Ha.  I have met everyone so far but his ex and I guess that is coming up.

My family is happy too.  dabear has met him... and he my little arch angels, Mikey and Gabriel (grandson and great nephew who live with dabear.) as well as cousin J, Gabriel's dad.  Boo introduced himself to DH on the night that we met in the bar here in town... the night before we went to the coast and started all this.
Max and Squeaky have yet to meet him, but it will not matter.  My kids want me to be happy.  In fact, Squeaky used to say to me... mom, if you like DH so much... why are you dating other guys?  Well, hey... I did not know this would happen then or I would never have bothered.
It seemed prudent at the time.

But in that vein... I have pulted all that I can.  Deleted files and contacts.  Canceled my eharmony.  A funny note on that... DH and I were both talking about how it did not seem like eharmony was working for us.  Now isn't that funny?  I have four that I have to send personal emails to... out of fairness.  These have spent time and money on me.  All are invested on some emotional level.
So there is a danger to having a pond of frogs.  You have to do something with them at some point that is not happy.  Wish me luck on that.  I figure that honesty is the best policy... so tonight I send those out and then I am free and clear of all obligation to any frog.

Is DH a prince?  You betcha!  Kind, honest, sweet, funny, bright, generous, patient, gentle... hard to beat that combo.  A good, normal and decent man.  But most of all, he makes me very happy.  Isn't that what matters most?  I can't even recall being this happy in my life.  If he has faults, I have not seen them yet.  Of course we all do.  Goodness knows that I am full of them.  But the ticket is if you can overlook and accept those faults.  Meanwhile... we can take it nice and slow.

So enough on my fella.  I'll bore you to death.  Tell me... got any suggestions for my spring break?  I am open to any and all... no matter how absurd or wonderful.  What would you do?  Man am I ready for this one!

Happy hump day!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Yay! Yay! Yay! Do you hear that sound? No, not the music, though that's been playing in my head for days. No not that sound, but the GIANT SUCKING SOUND!



Okay... now you get to guess!  Who has made me this happy?  Which fella decided that he wanted to commit?

Come on... you know this.  There should be no doubt in your heads.  I will give you one big fecking hint.  I talk endlessly about him.  Possibly to the point where you are all tired of it.  Sorry... you'll be hearing a lot more now.  Yay!

We had a great weekend where I was sure that I said too much and really ruined things.  How nice to be wrong!  I got an email today.  We are official.  Very cool beans.  Can you feel me grinning like an idiot from here?

Well... I'm heading back to cloud nine now.
(As if I have left it since... ha!)

Make your guesses... my day is already made... and my week, my month, my year!

Whoo hoo!

Have a wonderful Tuesday.  Mine is going to be golden.  I wish only the same for all of you.

As for the other frogs... let's do this right...





Coming attractions...
Count down to my spring break... this is day 4.  No idea what I am doing yet... but I have one big thought in my head.  Ha!
Tomorrow's post... I'll do it up right and stop ranting about other stuff.  What comes in fours?  We shall see. 

Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm hitting the road again. So this is a quickie for the weekend.

I began thinking about the people that I call friend... new and old last night.  I know that I have gone off on this subject in previous posts too.

I have been most fortunate when it comes to friends.  I make them easily.  But tend to glom onto one in particular at a time... keeping hold of the others lightly as well.  As you all know... I have a few here that I have known at least 40 years.  I've known Peggy longer than C4C... but there is no doubt in my mind that it is C4C who has been the keeper of my sanity since 1971.  Yet there is noting that I cannot tell either of them.

This is what I think a friend is... someone who supports you, but also tells you the truth when you try to avoid it. 
They laugh with you and cry with you... and sometimes, as in the case with C4C... they just sit there bored as spit with you.

I find the blog community to be very supportive.  No doubt I have bored you a time or two as well.  I do consider the people here who visit to be friends.

I am fortunate that I have so many here and all over the place really.  You all cast light into the dark corners of my demented little mind.  Thank you.

I know about some of your friends... I know for instance the Cube lost her dearest friend.  And Cricket's childhood friend.

But please... my question today, since it is on my mind...
Tell us about a friend experience that you would enjoy sharing.  And take a moment to be grateful for the friends that you have and have had over the years.
I'm feeling that way today.
Big grins to all!