Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Break is on the rise....

Okay... so I have used this one before... but it fits.  Ha!

Hello.  Not much going on today.  I wish I had something terribly enlightening but the truth is that I do not have much today.

It was as days go... fairly normal and mundane. I do not have much to say.  No great insights.  Nothing much new.  I'd love to tell you a story that was funny or sentimental... but I do not have one for you today.

As for the pond.... well... there you have it.  Only a pond tonight.  Yes, I spoke the the favored frog at great length.  He is supposed to come up at the end of the month to try and reconnect.  But we will see.  Promises promises... though he does seem sincere.  

 I also spoke to the new and thus far fascinating frog.  We speak on an average of 4 hours a night.  How funny is that?  Amuses me anyway.  What an interesting man!  But like many frogs... he lives far away.  Oh well.  I am having fun.  I have been fortunate that my frogs are willing to travel distance so far.  But hey... this is only conversation as far as that goes.

I also spoke for a time with the M frog.  He is one of the frogs that I turned down an offer to stay with  for my spring break... hey...I am not rich and cannot fund travel by air.  Not at this point in time and really... I can handle only so much.  I have some limits.  Money is certainly one of them... and if he wants to see me... well!

I also spent some time on the phone with my old favorite frog.  He swears that this time... at the end of the month that he will visit.  We shall see.  But again... I do have fun speaking with him on the phone very much.

Of course, DH is always with me at some point.  It looks like I am headed down that way again.  Nothing better to do... and I do enjoy his company.  That is my plan for this weekend.  It's been a week or two.  Sanctuary is looking mighty good.  He is going to go with me to talk to the man I may live with soon.... and I am glad for the company there.  I know that we need to spend some time getting to know each other. But it never hurts to add another to the conversation until we are comfortable with each other.  DH said we can BBQ... rain or shine if that is what I want... yes, it is.  That and his lovely company.  He has also promised to let me watch the Ducks baseball game if it is on... I love baseball!  Possibly more than football.  I know... hard to believe.  True none the less.  Though the Ducks are not the Red Sox and no one can replace them in my head.  Ha.  I can hardly wait for the weekend. 

Okay... I am only 9 days from spring break... what shall I do?  Any suggestions?  What would you do if you had 8 days off in a row?  Tell me true... maybe one of you has the answer that I seek to spending my time wisely!


  1. Oooh. 8 days off in a row? Well, I suppose my answer depends on whether that would be 8 days off with my family or 8 days off alone.

    8 days off with my family would be spent waiting on their hearts' every desire and coping with a never-ending "honey-do" list. Yes, yes, it's my own damn fault, but there it is. I call that un-vacation.

    8 days off alone? Luxury. I haven't had more than 3 days off in years. when I have, I lay up a good supply of books, some heavy, some light, and provisions to make all the meals I like and my family does not.

    Early am: coffee in silence, morning Mass and meditation. Totally changes my outlook for the day. I wind up more patient, more forgiving, less crabby, and generally a more pleasant person to be around. As opposed to my normal state. ;-)

    The rest of the day: reading, walks in the park if the weather is pleasant... maybe even if it isn't. Or maybe just a stroll through the city. Maybe listen to music, really listening, not just having it on while I do something else.

    More reading, maybe some writing. Necessary chores or those I enjoy, like yard work. Outdoor chores to be followed by cold beer. Or break out the equipment and brew some beer. Always fun.

    A dinner completely of my choosing. Usually something fiery-hot. Relax after with a book, or music. Whiskey by the fire in the cold, on the porch with rum (optional: a cigar) in the heat. Sometimes substitute Guinness for whiskey, or another cold beer for the rum.

    Dishes, tidy, evening prayer, more reading in bed. Lights out.

    Lather, rinse, repeat. It may sound boring but it's what I do, left to myself. Except for the cigar and alcohol, I would have made a decent monk.

    Your mileage may vary.

  2. Are the favored frog and the old favorite frog different? If so, looks like you may have another one of those near-miss situations at the end of the month.

    If I had 8 days off and I wasn't travelling, I'd probably do a mix of things that needed to be done around the house and yard, some sleeping in and lazing around, and lots of walks.

  3. Mo--Ha! No, I can't get the darned things to obey me!

  4. Cricket-- Actually that sounds really good to me. Ha! Though I like sitting next to the guy who smokes good smelling cigars instead of smoking them myself. Ha.

  5. what kind of frog would speak on the phone for 4 hours????

    your frog screening regimen is mighty tough.

  6. My own tastes for an extended vacation are fairly simple. I'd spend large amounts of time reading, taking unhurried and pleasurable naps, watching decent TV, playing the bass, listening to good tunes, having good meals, and perhaps writing (as the mood hit me.) A nice walk, if the weather was nice. Sex, if it wasn't and I still felt like exercise :-)

  7. secret agent woman-- They are different. Gets confusing some days.

    That sounds good to me too. Unless I can find someone to wait on me hand and foot... and you know that's not going to happen.

  8. billly pilgrim-- Just joking!!!!
    He's a very funny person. We trade things... books, stories, music, comedian video, recipes... and so on.

    I talk very easily. It might be a curse.

  9. Suldog-- In that case, I'd have to pray for rain. LOL

  10. I have 365 days off in a roll so I can't help you.

    I also spoke to the new and thus far fascinating frog. LOL...

    I'm trying to get a very old rototiller running for a lady. Got the spark working this morning. Now I gotta clean up the fuel system some and maybe it'll run again.

  11. Of course, in Iowa it all depends on the weather. If the weather was good. I'd spend the week running, riding my bike, working on my house and my yard and reading on my back porch. Now you've got me excited to use my vacation time.

  12. Billy B.-- Glad you got it cranking.

  13. Churlita-- Yay! I am glad that you have a vacation coming.

    I will have to wait and see what pops up I think.

  14. I'm up to my neck right now with work and I would kill for 8 days of what Cricket said. I procrastinated collating my taxes YET AGAIN! It's all my fault. I should've started earlier this year. When will I learn? Nevah!

  15. Cube-- You know what the Borg say... resistance is futile!

  16. I think I need a frog chart.

    Oh, boy! Vacation! I would sleep in. Nap. Read. Catch up on movies. Maybe picnic if it were nice out. Chill. Hang. Yeah, I'm a go getter.

  17. laura b-- Sounds like the right way to do a vacation to me!!!

  18. I got that old tiller running this afternoon, and tilled a little space here, it runs like a clock. And everyone else thought it was junk and cost too much to fix.

    The only money I spent on it was for a quart of oil for an oil change.

  19. Having even one day of a break here is a HUGE luxury for me.. I can't even imagine what to do for 8 days.. I suppose I would go away..somewhere far far away.. no kiddies, just little old me.. well maybe I would bring my... Laptop.. did you think I would say BHM.. ha ha.. not a

  20. Mrs.HarryWoman-- I remember those days. I had one the would peel my eyelid up and look at it... then say... are you awake mommy?