Monday, March 1, 2010


Home again, home again.... and back to the grind.   On the plus side, I found these... pictured below at the bottom because I can't seem to make them show up at the top... on my counter when I came into work this morning.  Wasn't that nice?

Well the weekend in sanctuary was as good as usual.  I went to meet the man that I will probably be living with by the end of June.  He's a nice guy... had a stroke and can't keep house or cook for himself.  So in exchange for doing those things, plus laundry, I would get my food, utilities and paid rent.  That would allow me to sock money away for a car and general savings.  I can also get a local job... hopefully in the school district there.  But you know with all the budget cuts, that could get iffy.  Much rides on that second job.
I also got to visit with DH's mom... who has become my friend and her husband before and after meeting J.  DH and his friend T had some work they were doing on a piece of furniture they were building.  

I amused myself.  This time, that meant that I got out his mower and mowed his lawn.  Go ahead and laugh.  I like to mow lawns.  I must say, that is one big MF of a lawn!  It doesn't just lay there like most lawns... it sort of roams up and down in places.  In the big O, we get so much rain... though they do get much less than Dumb Potter's Hell.  Still, this time of year the grass tends to get away from you.  I had a good battle on my hands and needed a few breaks between skirmishes.  But in the end, I won.

Later, we continued our Dr. Who marathon.  Sunday was fairly lazy... sleeping in and just hanging out.  Then it was time for me to hit the road again.  Sigh.

But this time, it felt sort of different.  Not like well... "wonder if this is the last time I'll make it down"  has changed into "next time I'm down."  Moving there has begun to seem real.  I took the first step by meeting J and deciding that I could live with the man.  I figure its a lot like being a mom... only I won't need a sitter and I don't have to make choices for him.

It is scary.  Kind of the way I felt when I moved out of my parents home way back when I was seventeen.  Free falling.
Back to the world of what if it does not work out?  But too tempting to not try.  Strange indeed.  Yet there is no real risk here.  I'm not in danger of living under a bridge.  I will have a roof and food.  I have a few friends handy.  Sanctuary is only going to be about 10 minutes away.

Now is the time that thinking about my family and missing them comes into play.  They have their own lives now and that is how it should be.  Still that good-bye will not be light.

On the flip side of that... DH has made his home open to anyone in my family whenever they want to stay there to visit me.  That helps.  No sooner had I voiced my concern about what if my kids want to come down... he solved that issue.  When any of them do visit, I will stay there while they are there.  Less awkward for everyone that way I think.

But that's a few months off still.  I can't believe that I will have another vacation so soon... March 19... Spring break begins.  What the heck will I do with it?

Have a wonderful day.  I hope someone gives you a nice surprise like the one I got below.



  1. I enjoy yard work too. Not like office work where you just move one pile of paper from in to out. At the end, you can stand back and look at what you've done: yard was shaggy and unkempt; now it looks good. There's a lot to be said for that.

    Sounds like things are shaping up for what's next. Best wishes for that.

  2. I'd like to see a Dr Who marathon. You know, thousands of daleks plodding along.

  3. I'm sure it is unnerving, but it really sounds like a great opportunity. Wil you go right at teh end of the shcool year?

    I laughed when I read the title to this post. Just Sunday when we finished the last of our errands, I said to my kids, "Okay, home again, home again, jiggity jig."

  4. Cricket-- That is exactly what I did too. When I took my breaks and when I finished the lawn, I picked a spot on the deck to place my chair where I could see the entire yard... and sat there and enjoyed looking at it while I sipped my drink. Thats the best part.

    Thanks. Hey did you know its Dr. Seuss' birthday today?

  5. Mo-- LOL! Hey in the episode where Rose is talking about how she dies (newest set of Whos)... and the daleks come out of the mysterious sphere... it's just like a dalek marathon!

  6. secret agent woman-- That's funny!

    Yes, I will go as soon as I can after school ends, though I may spend a week being lazy in sanctuary first.

  7. I watched The Vampire Diaries. Looooza.
    Hey, your plans sound great! I'm really happy for you!

  8. Peggy-- I have not seen the Vampire Diaries. But I also haven't read or seen any of the Twilight series. I get enough teeny bopper material at work.

    My plans make me nervous and shaky... but generally that's when I screw my face up and jump in. Ha. Thanks for being happy for me. We'll see how it goes.

  9. it sounds like everything is falling into place. That's a great sign.

    I love to mow the lawn. It's instant gratification - my favorite.

  10. That is a lovely surprise to receive. So pretty.

    I still have all of my kids very nearby and I'm not sure how I'd deal with us living a few hours or further from each other, but I remind myself that it is always a possibility. Luckily, your kids will still be at a very reasonable driving distance...and how cool of DH to offer up his home when they come!

  11. Churlita-- You know how I got my job at the school... by total accident and that was how I knew that it was right. It was for a long time. But the feeling of "right" left with the budget cuts.

    Then this thing... via a friend showed up out of the blue after I expressed a desire to live there. I did not have to look for it. Now I know better than to think that a school job will show up like that. But as a good guy pointed out to me today, I can always sub until something more solid comes in. I had not thought about that... yes, I can. Its a good way to show what I am worth to anyone watching for employees... and in district, they are always watching.

    Yay! Lawns, gardening... it all gives me a wonderful feeling of gratification and satisfaction. But I have to be careful. I could spend hundreds on it a year and actually have before... yikes! I like making beautiful things. Hey... you have inspired another post. Cool beans, Churlita... thanks!

  12. Laura b.-- My X had a thing about flowers... a fierce determination to never, ever give me any! I'd ask for birthdays, holidays... whatever and always got the same answer... he was never, ever going to spend money on dumb flowers that were just going to die anyway.

    I attempted to tell him that they were not dumb flowers, but beautiful and fragile things to be enjoyed momentarily... part of what made them so beautiful in fact. And that he would not be buying them to see them die... he would be buying them to give me pleasure. That was the gift, not the flowers. He never saw my point.

    So whenever I get flowers... and usually its from some sweet child who brings me dandelions or a rose with a stem too short to put in water. I feel very happy. It really does not take much to make me pleased.

    The irony here is that they came from the dragon lady that I do my most ferocious battle with at my job. Recently too. However, it is a show of respect and a mature ability to accept that we can agree to disagree and function. Possibly the most rocky and curious friendship that I have. It was sweet and very much appreciated.

    Of course now I have to find a way to give back.
    Crap! I thought maybe a bottle of scale shine... what do you think?

  13. NoRegrets-- Yikes! Okay. Thanks.

  14. I went to meet the man that I will probably be living with by the end of June.

    That's interesting, it will be interesting to see how that goes. You could write a book the way you go about doing things, "MY SISTER WAS AN ONLY CHILD", Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    I don't mind mowing the lawn, while riding around on my riding mower, maybe with a beer. I'd rather vacuum the house though.

  15. Billy B.-- Riding lawn mowers? Nope. I don't do that. Never had one. But I bet they are fun.

    Hey, I do fine, thank you. Life is an adventure. To expect otherwise is folly. Jump in or sit back and allow things to happen to you.

  16. Turning new corners is very exciting. And saving money sounds like a smart plan. You're all set.

  17. Cube-- Thank you for your support!