Sunday, March 28, 2010


Back to reality. Crap. Well, I must say it was a wonderful vacation for me. I'm just sorry to see it pass.  The drive home was a nightmare as drives go... pouring rain with water standing in the road everywhere.  I went slowly and safely... but it took me an extra hour to get home.  I am exhausted.

But when I got home, a nice, sweet email awaited me.  A thoughtful man, that one.

Things went very well this week.  I spent a bit of time with Jack... the guy I may work for and live with... depending on what his kids think.  His son is a DA.  I gave him all my information.  I would check out anyone who wanted to move in with my elderly father too. 

DH went with me.  There was one very uncomfortable moment there when Jack said he needed to ask me a personal question... were DH and I going to get married.
Yikes what a pickle!  My brain sort of blew out on the spot.  Goodness.  I croaked out "NO."  I was horrified that he asked that with DH sitting there.  Meanwhile, DH said "Well, its still a bit early to decide that."
Part of the reason that my brain blew out is that I was not sure which answer Jack was looking for with that zinger.
Jack is a very religious man.  Last time we got together, Jack and I, I asked him if I would have nights off on occasion.  I continued on that DH was my boyfriend and I would like to stay with him sometimes. 

Or did Jack want to know if I was going to move down there and only stay a few months before I left to be with DH?  That is a reasonable question.  But geeezzzz...
How embarrassing!

Meanwhile the day before when Jack and I talked and DH was at work, Jack hit me with another zinger when I told him that DH was my boyfriend.  Jack says "Isn't DH a bit young for you?"    I laughed at that and said "NO".
DH got a real kick out of that one.  He is younger than me but not by that much.  Sheesh!  That Jack is one direct old booger.  I'll have to stay alert with him around.

I have photos to share, but its too darned late and I am too tired and crazy at this point to deal with downloading them.  Tomorrow.  I need to get some sleep.  Tomorrow I have to tell my boss that I am not returning next year.  Scary thought.  But it has to be done.

I hope you all had a wonderful night and a great day today.  Big grins.


  1. I would imagine that getting an idea of how long you might be willing work in that capacity is the most likely reason for Jack's questions. I doubt anyone, religious or not, would want to go through the process again in six months.

    Score another one for DH and a good answer ;-)

    Hope you have a great day yourself, filled with fond memories of the past week.

  2. I reckon you should turn off the hot water while Jack is in the shower. Just to you know, send him a message.

  3. Cricket-- I hope you are right. Makes sense to me.

    Yes... I liked DH's answer much better than mine. He was amused by it. I was completely mortified.

    I will have a great day. As for fond memories... last thing in my head when I finally dozed off and it was of course, the first thought that entered my brain this morning. :-)

  4. Mo-- Hahaha... my luck it would bump him off.

  5. jack didn't just fall off the turnip truck.

  6. I love mo's idea.
    Glad you made it back safely.

  7. billy pilgrim-- Ha! No he didn't. He may be 77 but his brain is working just fine.

  8. Pamela-- It does give me a picture in my head that makes me laugh.

    I'm glad that I don't have to help him with showers or anything of a personal nature.

    He seemed the most concerned about if I was willing to make waffles or not. Ha.

  9. Sounds like Jack is on the ball. It may be embarassing at times, but it will make for more interesting conversation.

    I would want to know if a person who was going to move in with me wouldn't want to bug out early. I hope you are protecting yourself legally so that Jack and his son don't put you in a disadvantageous position.

    Just a word to the wise.

  10. Cube-- Now you've got my interest piqued... how do I protect myself legally? What am I forgetting?

    I do want things in writing and told his daughter and son that. I expect my duties clearly set out and any other expectations.

    Good point. Thanks.

  11. That was awkward to say the least..for a really long time before BHM and I were married.. we did live together for 14 yrs..he would introduce me to people as his "friend"... Yeah kinda past that point you would think.. especially when we lived together for quite awhile..After a few yrs I started saying my husband and it felt weird..

  12. Mrs.HarryWoman-- Yes it was awkward to say the least. DH is freshly divorced and so am I. We both had terrible experiences. We both want to take things slowly and people keep saying so when do you get a ring or are you getting married. I am happy with committed to each other. It suits my needs very well and I have never been treated so good.

  13. That guy sure is nosy about things that really aren't any of his business. I'm sure if it bothers you, you can always set boundaries with him.

    also,taking it slow is good. You don't need any self-imposed pressure on a new relationship anyway.

  14. Churlita-- Yep. He's like a lot of older people who blurt stuff out and don't think about it. I'm actually used to it. My grandmother and aunt were horrible that way.

    I agree... time is important here. No more big mistakes.

  15. Aw, DH sounds like he is very poised. That is an appealing quality...although blushing and getting flustered is quite cute too :-)

    I am sure your current school will be extremely sorry to see you go.

  16. laura b.-- Yes DH is good at thinking on his feet and being diplomatic.

    I will miss my school job. I hope I can find a new school, but you never know. I may have to take a spot in a school kitchen until something in my field opens up. But then, hey... I'd have little responsibility and there is something to be said for being able to walk out the door and leave work behind you. We shall see what comes up and what is meant to be.