Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Lost Boys ~ Cry LIttle Sister by G Tom Mac HQ

Cory Haim died yesterday. Sad. I think Lost Boys was his best movie. 

The Lost Boys - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Corey Haim - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Wednesday I woke up thinking it was Thursday.

Guess I'm in a hurry to get to that weekend.

Wednesday was not so bad.  But it wasn't that great either.  At least not at work were I was a zombie.   Children learning to read, read so slllloooowwwlly.

My eyes kept drooping.  You know its bad when they are telling you when to turn the page.  Ha.



I made coffee twice... and only managed to get half a cup each time.  No one else seemed able to make a fresh pot when they used the last one up.  There is such a thing as being thoughtful.  Sheesh!



I don't know what was up with the kids either... they were all bonkers all day long.

I used to joke that in the library I wanted to superglue the books down so that they never got messed up.

Today I was ready to superglue the children in their seats!

I am going to bake.  Time to make cookies.

I am not entirely sure what I am doing at this point.

DH and I are going to go and hang out with J... the fella I may move in with this weekend.  Give getting to know each other a chance.  Still scares me... but life can be scary.  

I'm hoping to get to see a Ducks baseball game too.  But I have to cross my fingers on that one.  I am ready for baseball season.  Come on...

Speaking of which... I hope that Mr. Shife is on the mend and the ankle heals in time for baseball.

Best of luck with that Shife!  Watch out for toddling terrors underfoot... and their toys.

Other than that, not much is shaking.  Just getting up and doing it all again.  Life goes on.



  1. Funny, the same thing happened to me. My son's choir practice is usually on Tuesday. This week it was moved to Monday. I've been off ever since. Strange how that works.

    My parents usually visit on Sundays. When they come on the odd Saturday, it feels like we gained an extra day of weekend. Weird, but I'll take it.

  2. The sensation of lost time will no doubt worsen this weekend during Daylight Savings Time. Yuk! I prefer slow time unless I'm at the dentist, doctor, or an organic chemistry lecture, which, thankfully, I only dream about now and don't have to attend anymore.

    I hope you and your future roomie hit it off. It could turn out to be a great experience. In this economy, saving money is a good thing.

  3. It is sad about Corey Haim. I loved The Lost Boys when it first came out and feel it is a pretty good movie even now.

  4. Cricket-- Time is a funny thing. The more I want time to pass, the slower it goes. The more I want time to go slow, the more it speeds on.

  5. laughing-- Me too. I can't eat these. I can only bake them and then watch someone else eat them.

  6. Cube-- There is snow mixed in with my rain! I had to tell someone.

    We spring forward this weekend? Like I needed an hour less?

    What a freakin dismal day. :-(

  7. Cube-- Yes, I think its tragic that he died so young that way. He was such a cute kid. Lost Boys is a huge favorite at our home.

  8. It is tough to loose an hour (or misplace a day!) but I love Daylight Savings Time. It is so nice to walk out the door at 6pm and enjoy a bit of sun.

    I hope your meeting with your potential future roommate goes well and that you are able to get that Ducks game in. Sounds like you could use a bit of a pick me up.

  9. Sounds like you're getting ready for another great weekend. I hope it is restful and nice and you get to see your baseball game.

  10. laura b.-- I am tired. In fact, I have decided to take my spring vacation and spend it in bed... just lay around, read and nap whenever I feel like it.

    As for this weekend... I always have fun and relax easily there.

  11. Churlita-- thanks! Me too. The game is sort of iffy... depends on when J wants to see me. No matter. I will have a good time.

  12. It is sad about Corey Haim.. I feel bad for his Mother..

    Kids defintely need to glued down.. I try using motivation for settling them down.. but I only have one.. you have way more than that.. so yes use glue.... better than duct

    Hope your weekend goes well and have fun.. I aknow about the coffee thing.. I make a pot and most goes to waste..

  13. Mrs.HarryWoman-- I think wasted coffee might be a mortal sin. LOL

    Children are a daily challenge.

    I will have fun... I always have fun there.

  14. Mrs.HarryWoman-- But I am going down on Sat. this time and coming back fairly early on Sun. Mostly a business trip. But we are doing a BBQ too... so that will be at least a fun evening.

  15. I just ease along on my terms. Didn't do much today, went out on the spit for a while. Had the gals at the bank in stitches. Stopped at the beer church but started enjoying the company too much so got out of there before I drank too much.

    Took the tiller back to Tina and instructed her kid on how to start and use it. Went to Rick's for some bullshit.

    And did a post on my projects blog.

  16. Billy B.--

    Cool. I will go and have a look at it. Glad you are having fun.

  17. I said I was having fun? Geez, I guess I missed that part. But my journey is very interesting. Well, some of it is fun.

  18. Billy B.-- Beer church sounds like fun. Ha. And I know you like fixing stuff up.

  19. "I am going to bake. Time to make cookies."

    You are a woman of high intelligence.

  20. I'm taking Monday and Tuesday of to take a quick roadtrip with one of my sons and I just know it will throw me off for the rest of the week!

  21. Suldog-- Oh, yes indeed. In fact, I tweeked that a bit... now I am baking them at his house where they will be coming out of the oven, smelling wonderful, all hot, moist and sweet.

    Cookies are wonderful things. ;-)

  22. secret agent woman-- It does! And worse... as Cube pointed out to me... we spring forward on Sun.

    I will be a mess time wise for all of next week.

    But you will also have a ball... and that is great. Enjoy!

  23. Good luck to you. I can't keep all the initials straight! Hey, is the pie place still open near Nimrod? Mom's pies? Oops, just googled, and it is. If you haven't been, and are near there. GO!

  24. Pamela-- LOL. This comment reminds me of the TV show called "Pushing Daisies". The choice of words here... Nimrod... Mom's Pies. Kind of surreal isn't it?

    I have not been to Mom's Pies, but now I simply must see a place called Nimrod... and get a piece at Mom's. Thanks for telling me about it.

    Don't worry... I have trouble keeping them straight too. I keep a key.