Monday, March 29, 2010


Okay here's an experiment for me.  I am trying to figure out this new photo program... so if this all sucks and gets screwed up it's operator error.

I think I am putting a photo of the cabinets that DH and T made while I was down there for spring break.  (May I say, how creepy is it that X and DH are both cabinet makers... so is T.  I guess I collect them huh?)

Hey... it worked!
The fact is that I enjoy watching these guys build things.  I think its interesting to see how things go from plain pieces of wood to something beautiful.

I guess you can tell this is the staining period.  I didn't get photos of the raw wood.  Hard to believe that it all went together in just a couple of days.  But then they both do this for a living too.

 Okay... so the camera operator wasn't that good, but I might have exercised my elbow by this time.  Okay... truth is I did.  Ha. My version of sitting in paradise with my drink with the tiny umbrella.  I was sitting in a folding chair much of the time, watching the eye candy bend over and lift things.  Close enough to paradise for me, and who needs tiny umbrellas?

Today I told my boss that I am applying for other jobs and want to move.  I did it the chicken way.  It's in my nature.  I sent an email.  Then waited until I got a response to stick my head out into the hallway.

He was great about it.  I told him the truth... that I want to move closer to DH.  Of course you knew that even when I was talking about it before we decided to be official.  But in my defense I truly do want out of Dumb Potter's Hell and to have a new start.  It worked out better than I expected and my... that is nice.

So my boss sends me an email back, telling me that he understands and will write me a letter of reference.  Cool beans.  Later, in person, he told me that he and his wife also had a long distance relationship when they first got together... so he knows how that goes.  Even better.
Another hurdle passed by without being kicked down.

Meanwhile... today I discovered a wonderful thing.  I have Friday off.  So I emailed DH and told him.  We had already planned on my coming down this weekend, but this is even better.  I don't have classes in the library Thursday afternoon... so with a bit of luck and sympathy from boss man, I can check out early Thursday and hit the road by 1:00, which puts me there by around 3:30 at the latest.  No driving in the dark.

Today was fun but difficult in its own way too.  Once the word was out, I got teased a lot.  That's okay.  I enjoy it.  Then there were the questions: 
Are you getting married?
If you are moving there to be closer to him, why not move in with him? 
(heavy sigh).

C4C says... So are you going steady?  
Did he pin you?
I laughed.  
(Then I told her that I'd been pinned often, but not that way.)  

I guess we may as well laugh at it.  I've never done anything much in a conventional way... but I am trying to this time.
Things are great right now.  I want to give it time to build.
I believe it is the right thing to do.  A couple of weeks back I was still dating other people. 

As for DH... ha!  I'm just glad that Jack didn't send him running for the hills. 

So here is the deal... we became friends.  We have been friends for all this time and became very good friends.  Yes, we did have a physical relationship that was what it But we have only been a couple... for lack of a better word... for what, 14 days exactly.  So its not time to think about moving in with someone or getting married.
 And no... DH is not making any noise about going to either place.  
He is a cautious man. 
I'm a chicken.  
It works.

I hope that clears that up.  If anything changes, for good or bad, you'll hear about it.


  1. I think the camera operator did a reasonable job. Let he know. I never know when I have days off, I like it that way, it means I suddenly find out I'm on holiday!

  2. Mo-- Thanks. Then you are often happily surprised. That's neat. Some people might see that as a negative. You have a good attitude.

  3. Hey, you like guys who work with wood. Nothing Freudian there, no, sirree.

  4. Suldog-- Hee hee. I actually had a paragraph about how much I like wood (the kind with splinters) but decided that I couldn't do it and keep it straight.

  5. Ha. Sounds slightly familiar, except I've jumped off the deep end. I keep getting asked by my neighbor if I'm really doing the right thing. She's just concerned about getting a noisy neighbor. Good luck with everything - sounds like you are making it happen well.

  6. You gotta do what you gotta do Ananda girl and I think you are doing the right thing. I followed my heart when I first met Mrs. Shife instead of going to film school and it worked out pretty good for me. Good luck with the job hunt and you can get moved as soon as possible. Take care.

  7. Pamela-- Thank you. You too by the way. If I recall correctly, it was hard for you to decide to make that jump. Good for you! Not a thing wrong with knowing what you want and going after it.

  8. Mr.Shife-- Thanks! I will need that luck and accept it gratefully.
    I'm encouraged to hear that about you and the Mrs. I can see how very well it has worked out for you both. I'd like it if we ended up as happy as the two of you.

  9. Carpenters are hot. Lucky you. It looks like he does amazing work.

    I know I always say this, but I'm so excited for your new adventure.

  10. Churlita-- Say that all you'd like... I appreciate it.

    Its hard to tell from the photo but the cabinets are gorgeous.
    Yes, carpenters are hot. Kind of like watching lions hunt and the way their muscles move. Oooh baby!

  11. No way in hell would I tell someone I was quitting in an email, I would tell them in person. But after I quit I might tell them in an email to fuck off, ha ha ha.

    Oh, wait, I've done that face to face also, never mind.

    Those guys build pretty nice cabinets, I like woodworking but I'm better at building homes than pretty cabinets.

    Some of your readers may be interested in my hike into the hot springs today.


  12. Billy-- I didn't quit. I told him that I wanted to move and had begun looking for a job... nothing is 100% sure at this point and I know better than to cut my nose off to spite my face. I just wanted things in the open. When I know for sure that things are lined up right... then I will tell him. ;-) And I have no reason to tell him to fuck off... he's been a wonderful boss.

    Nice photos of your camping trip, I might add.

  13. I am awed by people who can create things like those beautiful cabinets. Amazing.
    You know, I have had similar issues come up with me and DR. Sometimes I even forget myself and wish to move forward more quickly. But then I remember the pleasure of waiting and letting something grow at it's own pace. I have my fingers crossed for both you and I to keep making good choices...good for US choices :-)

  14. Nice cabinets!

    So when are you having kids? :) Seriously, once kids are no longer a goal, why should you do things the conventional way? You've been there, this time you guys get to make the rules that work for you.

  15. laura b.-- I'll cross mine for us too!

  16. secret agent woman-- Hahahaha... kids!

    They truly are gorgeous. My photography skills don't do them justice. The stain is a rich deep mahogany with a silghtly purple tint.

    Thanks for your continued support!

  17. The cabinets turned out very well. DH and T are master carpenters.

    Glad everything worked out with your boss.