Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Okay... three days and counting them down to 
spring break!

I still don't know what I am going to do with my spring break.  I thought I knew a week ago... but then my situation took that sharp left turn with DH and now I am left up in the air.  I asked him to consider what chunks of my time he wanted.  While he does that... I sit in limbo.  Not that I mind.  Nope.  I'm liking how things have turned out.  Ha.  But I do not want to make plans until I know what I want to plan around.  hummmmm...
I suppose there is always packing.  I will also spend some time on line applying for school jobs down in his area.  Got to line that part up too.  And I know I want to spend some more time getting to know Jack better.  

As for the curiosity about DH... what can I tell you?  He is younger than me.  But not by too much.  Four years.  DH is a cabinet maker.  He also makes toys and has a great shop.  He does side work too.  Very talented and artistic. I love watching him work.  When I get bored, I wander off and do whatever I want.  It works well for us.

Personality wise, he has a great sense of humor.  Is a terrible tease and I love to be teased.  He can tell a story and really get me going.  I buy it up hook line and sinker and then he hits the punch line and slays me.  There is a real art to telling good stories.  The man has the knack.

History wise, we have both come from some hard lessons with ex partners.  He has been extremely cautious and I do understand that.  It is hard to trust when you have had your trust shattered by people you believed in.  He has a great family that I truly like.  Nice after my ex's family that I was glad to divorce right along with him. (Except for P and J... who are still family to me and sometimes lurk here.)

Do I expect to hear wedding bells in the near future?  NO.
This is a slow and careful process.  Maybe never.  He is very independent and has lived alone in his home for a number of years.  Yes, as someone sort of asked... he owns his own home.  I don't need one.  I will still live with Jack.  I respect DH's space.  We are not horny 19 year olds.  There is no rush.  If we ever do live together or more, it would have to be right and I'll leave that completely up to him.  I have in the past shown a real lack of ability to choose well on that issue.  

Like I said... I like his family a lot.  His mom is also my friend and very happy about our getting together.  His little grand daughter still calls me grandma... which tickles me pink.  No one is trying to correct her... but I do wonder what his ex will think of that one.  Ha.  I have met everyone so far but his ex and I guess that is coming up.

My family is happy too.  dabear has met him... and he my little arch angels, Mikey and Gabriel (grandson and great nephew who live with dabear.) as well as cousin J, Gabriel's dad.  Boo introduced himself to DH on the night that we met in the bar here in town... the night before we went to the coast and started all this.
Max and Squeaky have yet to meet him, but it will not matter.  My kids want me to be happy.  In fact, Squeaky used to say to me... mom, if you like DH so much... why are you dating other guys?  Well, hey... I did not know this would happen then or I would never have bothered.
It seemed prudent at the time.

But in that vein... I have pulted all that I can.  Deleted files and contacts.  Canceled my eharmony.  A funny note on that... DH and I were both talking about how it did not seem like eharmony was working for us.  Now isn't that funny?  I have four that I have to send personal emails to... out of fairness.  These have spent time and money on me.  All are invested on some emotional level.
So there is a danger to having a pond of frogs.  You have to do something with them at some point that is not happy.  Wish me luck on that.  I figure that honesty is the best policy... so tonight I send those out and then I am free and clear of all obligation to any frog.

Is DH a prince?  You betcha!  Kind, honest, sweet, funny, bright, generous, patient, gentle... hard to beat that combo.  A good, normal and decent man.  But most of all, he makes me very happy.  Isn't that what matters most?  I can't even recall being this happy in my life.  If he has faults, I have not seen them yet.  Of course we all do.  Goodness knows that I am full of them.  But the ticket is if you can overlook and accept those faults.  Meanwhile... we can take it nice and slow.

So enough on my fella.  I'll bore you to death.  Tell me... got any suggestions for my spring break?  I am open to any and all... no matter how absurd or wonderful.  What would you do?  Man am I ready for this one!

Happy hump day!


  1. In my view, you never promised anything to the frogs and no doubt they were all cultivating other relationships as well. Anyone who uses a dating site understands that aspect of it. Yes, sending them personal emails is the right thing to do, and you never know if someone of them won't remain friends. But you were looking for a relationship and you found it - that's precisely who it is meant to work. I am very happy for you that it did.

  2. Sounds like you found a winner! Anybody who makes toys can't be all bad...

  3. Yes, yes... faults and imperfections. By way of "I told you so", may I reprise my comment from January 24?

    We are all imperfect. That is the way of it. I would bet, though, that you are a fantastic, glorious, pie in the sky catch for some man who, in all his imperfection, will be the same for you.

    I told you so.

    Beannachtai na Feile Padraig.

  4. I was of the same mind as Squeaky, but I felt you had to reach that conclusion for yourselves. Congrats to you both :-)

  5. secret agent woman-- Thank you. I did it. What a difficult thing to word. So far I have only gotten one response back. I'm glad its done.

  6. Suldog-- They're really cool toys too. I'll photograph them and do a post one of these days soon when I come back down from being totally twitterpated.

  7. Cricket-- Ni mor a admhail!

    Never have I been so thrilled to eat an "I told you so"! NOr been fed an "I to you so" that was so lovely.

    Beannachtai na Feile Padraig!

    Can you believe that I did a St. Patrick's Day post and did not have an ort of green, no wonderful tale or even a blessing?

    Hahahaha... further proof that my brain is currently stuck in one gear. Sheesh!

  8. Cube-- Thanks! You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I guess we had to get thirsty.

  9. I am very very happy for you. The faults will come, but as long as there's communication and ultimately fun, then all will be well. YAY

  10. And honesty is a pain in the ass and difficult, but always the best policy.

  11. No Regrets-- Thanks! I know, I know. I'm still way up here in the ozone layer. Yay! Yay! Yay!

  12. NoRegrets-- Oh yes... I do certainly agree. In fact, ask DH about my stand on honesty... he'll tell you it saved his ass intially.

    So I was very honest with the frogs. Two have responded now very graciously. I think I'm going to survive.

  13. congratulations again!

    happy st patricks day, i'm sure all your girlfriends are green with envy.

  14. Good for you two. I love a handy guy.

    Spring Break? I've been fantasizing about having a week off forever. Whatever you do, I bet it's wonderful.

  15. billy pilgrim-- All my girlfriends have fellows. In fact, none of them live within hundreds of miles of me. I think that might be on the other side of the envy line. But thanks.

    Don't worry... I'll stop talking about this... I swear it! Really.

    Happy St. P's to you too!

  16. Churlita-- Thanks.

    I don't know. I'm starting to worry that I'll spend it at my house... shudder.

    We'll see.

  17. Ananda, I am so happy. DH sounds like a wonderful guy...well, I know he is because you are one smitten kitten! Relationships aren't always easy, but sounds like this one is going to be well worth the work :-) Yay Ananda!

  18. laura b.-- Heavy sigh... yes I am. Horribly, terribly and very happily smitten to the point of making everyone else want to puke. Ha

  19. I'm glad to hear that you found a great guy. As far as the rest, they will have to settle for a consolation prize (make it car wax or a can of Spam). Have fun and Happy St. Green-guy Day.

  20. AlienCG-- Thank you! This was a thing that was very hard for me. These were very nice gentlemen. But you have to follow your heart.

    I am sorry that I have been absent so much of late. Now that I am committed to DH, I will have much more time again on my hands... and I will be more faithful to you all. And I thank you and all others for your patience with me. You are all great!

  21. I guess that I sort of expected that you would be spending spring break with DH. Anyway, a bit of advice for you, don't slam his car doors.

    I just got back from the beer church and had two beers and two servings of corned beef and cabbage and I'm frigging stuffed. I think I'll go to bed early.

    In three days I'm going camping.

  22. Whoa, that cabbage is already fermenting in my gut, putt putt putt.

  23. Billy B.-- Hahaha... well glad that you are stuffed. I am teaching Max the proper way to make corned beef and cabbage American/Irish style. The Irish actually make it with bacon instead... but Irish Americans converted to the cheap cut of corned beef here in the states.

    I am not sure how much time I will spend there, but some for sure. Big grins. Very, very big grins!

    Have a blast camping... I know how much you enjoy getting away from the monkeys. Have a peaceful time, my friend. Enjoy! I will think of you out there... and smile.

  24. Billy B.-- Hahaha... it does that!

  25. smiling with you. sounds like you and dh have a nice understanding and a good thing going. wherever it leads i wish you both happiness.