Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Pogues - If I Should Fall from Grace with God

I can only hope that this is the right one... I hope it's a good one. My sound card is out on my computer....

Oh my... St. Patrick's Day and being part Irish... here we go!  You will have to excuse my excited state.  It has been a fine day... a very fine day today.  This is one day in the year that I do go overboard and enjoy myself to the fullest that I can muster!  This includes of course a bit of over drinking.  This time last year found me in the company of K.M. R. I. A.  (Kiss My Royal Irish Ass).  I looked for them this year... but they were no where to be found.  Pity that... I love, love those fine fellows.  If you have never experienced them... allow me to enlighten you... for they are something  wonderful and special.... 

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  But if this is not what you are into... okay.  But I hope you do not mind The Pogues... because they are the essence of what I love about Irish punk... yes, punk!  And I hope they come through for you.  LIke I said, my sound card is out temporarily until Squeaky gets here to fix it.


Wonderful day!!!  I got to tell the kiddos about...

Fionn mac Cumhaill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 a particular favorite of mine!  And I know that i am fortunate that the teachers indulge me in this once a year.  I love... love these stories... raised on them as a child and enthralled with the nobility and folly of them.  Today I told of the fight between Fin and the marvelous 

(and my personal favorite..) 

Celtic Fairy Tales: A Legend of Knockmany


I know... I am not supposed to have favorites in fair tales, but I do.  I do.  I


t does not matter if you are a Fin fan or a Cucullin fan... the stories are an absolute delight.  I learned them at my grandfather's knee... he being born in Derry... which is part of Northern Ireland inside British rule... sadly so.  These stories are wonderful and full of mirth as well as decent ethics that we can all glean a bit of wisdom from at some expense.


Finn, as I may as well explain, has been a giant in stories... as well as one of the most gallant and respected leaders of battle in the history of Ireland.  The point being that he was brave and fearless... and urged others to be the same.  Yet I love the stories of Cucillin as well.  Heroes both... you decide who you favor.  As for me... Cucullin!  But then... maybe it was the way that my grandfather told the stories.  Maybe it was my romantic heart... who knows?

Either way... enjoy!!!

Oh my... what a night.  I had some emails back from the  frogs that I released.  Would you like a sample?  First, let me tell you that it was bitter sweet.  These are nice gentlemen... treasures if I may be so bold.  

This from frog A:

A Faint Goodbye

My heart was blessed
With joy abounding
A love was found anew
The sweet hope of a new dawn

But rain has come
And darkened the sky
Now storm clouds shroud my heart

The pain of loss
If oft repeated
May harden the heart within

Yet the rain brings blooms
And hearts can heal
I pray that mine will too

Goodbye my love
I wish you well
Your hopes, your dreams come true

And think of me
In times of joy
And wish me a faint “goodbye”

How sweet was that?  Or this perhaps... from frog S, a gentleman who did so much to please me and gave me the perfect date.

I'm glad for you B,
Sorry, I'm just a stupid man that can see only what what is good for him.
I meant everything that I ever said to you.
You are truly a beautiful woman.
If anything, I think I helped you with DH.
I wish you all the best.
How sweet is that?  And true none the less... no doubt, my dates with S influenced DH.  I have kept no secrets from DH.  Every date... every encounter, I have shared with him.
Crazy?  Nope.  I was honest, always with what I have done... with whom I have done it.  Nothing can come back to bite you in the ass if you have been straight... honest... up front.
But these things have been bittersweet.  Because I entered into them with a clear conscience.  I am human.  I fall down like we all do.  I fall...  And my frogs... for good or bad and yes, there have been some very bad frogs...scary frogs... still... I have kept things straight and honest.  Hate me, love me... fuck me... fuck you... I am what I am.  That is all that I can ever be.
Yet I am grateful that at the end... one understands all of this nonsense that is too big for my head some days... and too small other days.
I have a plan for my spring break at lest.  I said to DH... when do you want to see me?  It has been our habit for me to come on Sat. mornings... and for me to leave Sun. afternoon late.
He said "Come Friday and we'll take it from there."
I will happily accept that.  Friday is one day better than Saturday... and "We'll take it from there..."  is better than Sunday.  We shall see how that goes.

I will not post on Friday... I will be busy driving. down there.  I will, however, post on Saturday and let you know how it goes.   Cool beans... I hope you all have a wonderful weekend if I do not post before then.  Wish me luck... as I do you all.
In case you were wondering about the four frogs that I let go... those two up above answered my emails very graciously.   Tonight one of the frogs decided that he still wants to be friends... and chat once in awhile.  I suppose that will wane with time.

The forth frog... LA, once the favored frog, has decided that he still wants to meet me... to be friends and I am okay with that as long as DH is.  We spoke on the phone tonight and he is happy for me that I have found my "one".
I feel blessed that nice men found me.  That some can remain friends.  But it was sad... bittersweet.   Still I have to do what makes me happy.  And I wish only the best for them as well.




  1. Over drank hey? I under drank, I was so stuffed that I just went to bed early. My little gut isn't used to much food.

  2. See, that's exactly what I was talking about in my last comment - you behaved honorably and it served you well. Don't you love it when life works like that?

  3. The ex-frogs (or non-future-princes) acquitted themselves quite well!

  4. Billy B.-- Well I didn't think so, but maybe after reading this post this morning... I most likely did!

    Wow what a rambling post!

  5. secret agent woman-- Yes, I was greatly relieved that no one called me names or flipped out. I had one last one that I ended up telling on the phone last night. Yet that went well too.

    Now I can breathe again.

  6. Suldog-- Yes! Exactly my point in putting these here. They are very nice men... and obviously true gentlemen.

  7. It seems to me like you ramble a lot, ha ha ha

  8. You know something? As much as I enjoy your posts, this time, I hope your Saturday post doesn't get done 'til Monday. ;-) Have a great spring break.

  9. Billy B.-- I can't help myself. There really is oodles of funch in there!

  10. Seems like you had some very worthy frogs. Too bad they must face the frog-a-pult, but a frog in the hand is worth three in the pond ;-)

    Hope your weekend is memorable.

  11. Cube-- Hahahaha... I like that!

    Yes, they are very nice men and were very gracious about the end.

    Now I have to go get my hands on the one I kept. Ha. Yeah... it's going to be a great weekend.

    I hope yours is too.

  12. You still haven't met favorite frog, but you might now?

    This could get interesting.

  13. I'm glad you had a festive St. Patrick's Day. I agree the the Finn MacCoul tales are great fun! Good for you for sharing that with the kids.

    Your frogs of yore sound like wonderful men, but why wouldn't they be? You wouldn't have been wasting time on men who weren't worthy of your friendship.

    Enjoy your weekend, Ananda Girl! (What am I saying? Of course you will!!!)

  14. laughing-- No worries. I have no intention of meeting him alone. Stupid I am not. If we meet DH will be there too.

  15. laura b.-- I always have fun on St. P's. I just reread my post and laughed. Yeah... I think I was crocked. Ha.

    Well, I thought they were nice ways to say good bye... even though I messed up S's a bit with my drunken typing. Ha

    I will have a terrific weekend. You too!

  16. hey you - i nominated you for an award - check out my post. YOU ROCK!!!!

  17. C4C-- Oooohhhh baby! I am on my way. Ha. Thanks!

  18. god would have to be a total idiot to let shane fall from grace.

    i give it a 50-50 chance.