Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hey... it's Dr. Suess's birthday! (Tuesday)

A day we celebrate at my work by spending the day in Cat In The Hat, hats and reading to each other any of the books that the good doctor gave us over the years.  Fun stuffs!
This year I read Green Eggs and Ham.
I do like green eggs and ham, Sam I am!

It was a nice day.  I had a great time at work.  Its always fun when the kids are having a good time.  Everyone gets involved.  That little guy up there with the glasses has to be one of the most mature 6 year olds that I have ever met.  Sort of a worry wort with a good heart.  Reminds me of Ralphy from A Christmas Story.  The other boy is his big brother... yes, real life one.
That is one thing about my school that I truly love, that we have K-8th graders.  

I liked it better when we had high school kids too.  I miss them very much.  We have a unique situation where our older kids look after and care about our younger ones.  Back when dabear was in high school, she was sitting in science class, which looks out over the playground.  One day she looked outside as a bigger kid... hit Max.  That was it.  Dabear hopped out of her seat and left the room to go out and snatch that kid up and give him fair warning... no one abuses my brother! 

Going back farther, dabear was protected by older brother Boo and his friends.   Ours was not the only family to be that way either.  Here everyone is related to someone else in school with only a few exceptions.  Peace reins for the most part.  Almost all feel very secure.  And for those who do not have family, they have friends and their families.  The kids here take care of their own and none have a moments hesitation showing their love of each other.  It is not unusual in our halls to have the little ones running up to hug the big ones, who are willing and gentle toward them.  Nice eh?  If nothing else, I did pick a good place for my kids to grow up safely.

Change of many sorts is on my horizon.  Including in the pond.  I have decided it is full enough.  I enjoy the ones that I talk to.  I am happy.  Now that relocation looms above me, it seems unfair to make new connections.  Not just to them, but to myself.  I don't know where I am going at this point.  I have an idea.  But the plan is short term.  Move, put money into savings... you know my plan if you have been following.  

Besides, I am not ready to just move in with someone else or goodness sakes... to marry!  Nope.  I have to find my own way for a time yet.  Be me.  Later, when I am satisfied that I am centered and know who I am at this point in life, then I can be more serious.  But not until then.

Right now I am good.  I am not lonely.  I am not alone.
I will keep up my conversations with my pond dwellers.  I like them.  They are funny and interesting.  I have had offers for my spring break and passed them up... to visit fun places.  Do fun things. 
But you know... I need to get right with myself.  That is first and foremost.  Get settled.  Regroup.  Once I have done that, maybe I will open the pond back up.  But for now, I am closing the gate to any new comers.  You can only have so many frogs.  Most live a safe distance away.  Only one lives dangerously close.
If they lose interest and peter out... oh well.  There are always other frogs waiting outside the gate.

Not that I am a great find.  I'm not. I want to be sure that the me involved in any deal is one that is ready.  I'm not.
My freedom was hard won.  I value it and want to enjoy it.
Maybe its selfish.  But that is how I feel.

Not that a few of my frogs are not of great interest to me.
These are very nice men.  I pult any who are not immediately. 
In fact, I just pulted one for the THIRD time.  You think he would get the point.  But in a way, he did me a favor... he made me realize that I am not willing to settle for just anyone who decides that want me.  That is a good thing.
For awhile there, I was not sure that I could walk away from being wanted again.
But that got me into trouble before.  Nice to know I learned something valuable after all.
Big grins.

Have a wonderful hump day!

Hello new follower?  No name... feeling shy?  That's okay.
You follow.  Enjoy, babe.  Whoever you are...


  1. The Cat In The Hat day is fabulous. I LOVED those books when I was a kid.

  2. My favorites are The Lorax and The Butter Battle Book, though I've gained a new appreciation for You're Only Old Once

    I had "emergency lessons" for my catechism classes based on Lorax, Sneetches, and Butter Battle, usually when another teacher was out, and especially if more than one was out and I had to find some way to cover two classes simultaneously. It always seemed to work, even with mixed-grade groups. Many interesting discussions were had and even the little ones could keep up with the bigger ones in that context.

  3. time to put on my trunks and head down to salamasond.

  4. I've been there, and done that. Taken whoever wanted me. It's a habit that's hard to break. This time around, it was a good sign that I was kinda upset I was losing my independence. I mean, in the way that I wasn't desperate to just have someone. It's certainly not all rainbows and lollipops and I'm not 100% 'together' but it was worth it to me to jump in. Sometimes I'm scared, other times not. Makes for a crazy life. But I think/hope/desire a good one.

  5. Mo-- I thought the cat was very badly behaved. I knew my mother wouldn't like him!

  6. Cricket-- That was very clever! All ages love Dr. Suess. I read the Lorax every year.

    Here is a part of a favorite one...
    "When beetles battle beetles
    in a puddle paddle battle
    and the beetle battle puddle
    is a puddle in a bottle...

    ...they call this
    a tweetle beetle
    bottle puddle
    paddle battle muddle."

    As I'm sure you know, it gets longer and much, much worse. Ha.
    Good o'l Fox in Sox. But my very favorite will always be Yertle the Turtle.

  7. billy pilgrim-- Yes indeed. Where all turtles are free and Yertle the Turtle is king.

    Big grins.

  8. Pamela-- I agree. It is a hard habit to break. It sounds to me like you have your head on straight now. I have been watching this unfold... and I am happy for you!

  9. Great post Ananda girl. I totally missed Dr. Seuss' birthday. Bummer dude. We are just starting to read Baby Shife some of his books. My favorite is "I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words" just because I love doggies. Glad to hear all is well and take care of yourself.

  10. Shife-- I had one that would lean up against me and be content to listen at that age. The other three would rather have eaten the book. Ha. But all grew up to be avid readers and two are excellent writers. Keep reading.

    You missed it this year, but the celebration happens in schools all over the country every year. When Baby Shife becomes School Boy Shife, you will have years to celebrate the good doctor.

  11. I'm the opposite. I am so picky and I'm always amazed when I meet a guy I actually think I could date. You and I should blend together and we'd both be better off I bet. Hee hee.

  12. Chulita-- LOL! True. But I think I am growing more like you with each new experience. I think of that as a positive, by the way.

  13. Loved Dr. Seuss as a kid. Loved revisiting the books with my girls, except that by then I thought the cat in the hat was a troublemaker.

  14. Cube-- I find it more disturbing that I thought the Cat was a trouble maker as a child! Likewise for Pipi Longstalkings, Bugs Bunny and others.
    It simply was not okay to be badly behaved... until I became a teenager.

  15. Love Dr.Seuss as a kid and have read all my books to our kids and now with LHM.. He loves the simpleness of it all..

  16. Mrs.HarryWoman-- He's the best. I have never met a kid who did not like Dr. Seuss and the tongue twisters are a riot.

  17. No not Bugs!!!! I totally loved Bugs as a child. To me, he was the best. I quote him frequently today. Bugs was the coolest creation ever. I don't know if I love Bugs more than Star Trek and, if you know anything about me, that speaks volumes.

  18. Cube-- Just don't tell me you love the Roadrunner! I could not bear it.

  19. The best thing Dr. Suess had going for him is that he was always soused. It's not like he had a real fucking job.

  20. Billy B.-- Actually he was a very busy man. He illustrated others books as well as his own. He also wrote for the government. Did cartoons and was widely published.

  21. I know that he wrote books and all that, mostly shit books and cartoons. I only said that he didn't have a real fucking job.

  22. Unless his job was helping screw everything up.

  23. Billy B.-- Grumpy tonight?

    If you ever try to write a children's book, you will find out that its not an easy job.

    He didn't just write them either. He researched what words first grade children knew... and wrote only with those words. Some of his stories are satire.

  24. No, I'm not grumpy, just factual. He helped turn a lot of kids into idiots. Support him if you like the brainwashed always do, but I'm not.

    You wouldn't like any children's I wrote, they would be about the cold hard facts of life.

    Some of his stories are satire.

    As if kids understand what satire is.

  25. Billy B.-- Well think as you like. I know for a fact that he has entertained adults while pleasing children. He encouraged reading in kids who would have otherwise not read. His stories are fun, the themes are good ones and he gave pleasure to millions. If you can discount that, go ahead. I do not. I respect it. But that is how I am. We do not have to agree.

  26. I love Dr. Seuss - so clever. I had read that he wrote Cat in the Hat from a list of words he'd been given. And the books like Lorax and Horton Hears a Who and the one about Star-Bellied Sneetches - what a great way to slip in messages about environmentalism and compassion and prejudice. When the boys grew out of their kids books, I held onto the Seuss.

    You know you'll have to open up a new pond when you move? Who knows what the local frogs will be like.

  27. Hated the Roadrunner. I wanted the Wylie to eat him and Tweety both!

  28. I always forget that I share my birthday with the illustrious Dr. Magnificent writer, incomparable stylist.

  29. Your town does sound like a wonderful, safe place to raise a family.

    I hear you on the whole frog pond thing...you are in transition now and it seems like a great time to be just Ananda Girl, making a move and seeing what happens next!

  30. Cube-- Yay! Me too and I'm glad you added in Tweety!

  31. Suldog-- Well, I guess if I ever had to pick someone who's birthday YOU might share, that would be one I'd agree with... Ha!

    Happy Birthday Suldog!

  32. laura b.-- Yes. And like secret agent woman pointed out... once I get there, I will have to start a new pond. I need to focus on getting aps in and hopefully interviews, packing and storing stuff. Lots going on.

  33. Heya! sorry it's been a while! glad to hear things are well with you. Funny about the kid who's a worry wart with glasses and a kind heart, I think that's how I would've been described as a kid. Hehe.

    Dr Seuss is the bomb. Specially gotta love the hats.

  34. Yay Sebastien! Glad to see you. No problem... we have all had our blogging challenges lately. I've been very hit or miss... mostly miss. I just got too involved in coming and going.

    Hey... he is a great kid. I wish they were all like him. The hats are wonderful silliness.

    I have a feeling that Dr. Seuss would love your drawings as much as I do!

  35. I can't believe you even doubted me ;-)

  36. Cube-- Hahahaha... Only because of Bugs. I won't again. ;-)

  37. so i am very late to this post, i'm just catching up. but i love dr. seuss day. and thanks for sharing about the atmosphere of your school. .that's a special and wonderful situation. as for you and the pond dwellers...good on ya for knowing yourself well enough to be able to step back from things and people yo udon't need in your life.