Friday, February 26, 2010

Bob Dylan Standing In The Doorway 2000 London 2nd Night

I asked a friend for a musical suggestion. He's got great taste. This one has been running through my head ever since. Enjoy.

Today has been a very busy day.  I've been baking, doing laundry and getting packed for my trip to sanctuary.  On top of that I'm going out to diner tonight and treated myself to a hair cut.

Meanwhile my brakes are being bled and fixed.  Just couldn't make it today, so X agreed to do them.  So I am running in and out of the house to pump the pedal  off and on.

Everything is done now except for my shower.  Then its off to diner.  Hopefully I can hit bed early so that I am awake enough to drive tomorrow so early.  I'm taking it slowly.  I'll be doing a basic 55 MPH to give the car a break and stopping  twice on the way to check things out.  I've got blankets in the car.  Water, oil and food... just in case.  My phone is charged and ready.  But I've also got a car charger for it too.

I have only one complaint... my MP3 is missing.  Music is part of driving.  It keeps me from getting bored.  Guess I'll have to sing.
Good thing there are no passengers. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend free of troubles.


  1. My days just roll along pretty smooth and easy like, I make sure of that.

    I asked a friend for a musical suggestion.

    I'll never smoke weed with Willie again.
    I've got friends in low places.
    I like my women just a little on the trashy side.

    Anyway, things are going just great here and I'm loving my new ass kicking wood splitter.

  2. A lady offered a Miller Chill beer lamp on Yahoo Freecycle, I don't collect things like that but Rick does so I snagged it for him. It's actually pretty cool, she brought it by this afternoon and I took it over to Rick's shop and he loves it.

    Yeah, as long as you insist on taking that car very far out of town you need to drive it easy or it may not get you home.

    I always just ease along at 55, even when I went to meet you. But my rigs make it to 500 K while spending very little money on them before I have to replace them.

    There is always a price to pay for being in a hurry. And that reminds me of a song, something like, "Slow down, you're going to fast, ya gotta make the moment last"

    I take time to enjoy the flowers.

  3. beauty!

    you can never go wrong with the bobwan shree rajneesh.

  4. Yep. What the Pilgrim said. Hard to go wrong with Bob. I remember once, driving home from my Nana's on a beautiful summer day, listening to Bootleg Series. I was supposed to take exit 7 but I was enjoying the sunshine, the highway and the music. I noticed around exit 17. Oops.

    I wish the same sort of weekend for you.

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  6. Oh boy, the talk of music and just doesn't happen here :) All driving is an extraordinary austerity and not the cruising I loved so much. I'm going to Australia at the end of next month; there, my dear friend Manju (I think you might know of her, she's here

    well, her and her husband have 2 cars: a brand new Alfa Romeo (which I call the Alpha Male of the house:), and a Jeep Cherokee. They toss the keys to me and say, "Pick one, go for it Braja...." and I'm off on the highways of the Aussie Gold Coast, ooohhhhhhhh the bliss.......:))

    Thanks for the memory, Ananda Girl :)

  7. I am the same about music and driving.

    I finally had a super weekend- part-time with the kids and part with a new frog :) Hope yours was wonderful and relaxing.

  8. If I listen to anything when driving it's my George Carlin disks.

  9. All-- Hello! I don't have time to answer these individually now. But I will tell you this much. I had a hello of a weekend! And I mean that in the positive. DH and family were great, as always. Met a nice man that I may move in with... to help him out in exchange for free rent, utilities, a computer line of my own and food to boot. It's sort of a housekeeper and cook situation. I can still work at the school and have my own social life. That will allow me to put most of what I make into savings and get that car I'd like to buy. Plus allow me to relocate to where I want to go. I figure it's kind of like being a mom and not needing a babysitter. Sanctuary would only be 10 minutes away. The plus is that he's got a great sense of humor and is full of stories.

    Now it's back to the grind of Monday and work and life here in Dumb Potter's Hell. I'll get a new post up after school today.

  10. Glad you had a good weekend and got to sanctuary and back in one piece. I worry about you and long car trips.

    Our weekend was hectic. We got a doberman puppy on Friday (right out of the blue) and I spent a goodly part of the weekend potty training her.

    Sunday was better. My sister had a boatload of beer leftover from the baby shower last month, so she came over with it and some spanish food she cooked, and we polished it off as a favor to her ;-)

    The pup was a big hit with everyone. She is a very loving girl who thinks she is a lap dog. We'll have to work on that.

  11. I forgot to leave my suggestion for driving music... "Me and Bobby McGee" is one of my favorites to belt out, but only when I have no passengers.

  12. Okay, I lost too many brain cells. First of all, congrats on the new living conditions! Where I'm confused is that I thought DH lived in the CA area. Must be my old age thing.
    Would you be moving immediately or wait until June? Is this the job interview you were referring to? Why am I so darned nosy?

  13. Hey, that sounds great. I hope it all works out for you. Knowing you, you'll make your life the way you want it. That's the wonderful thing about you.

  14. The good stuff is coming! Sounds like you had a great weekend, plus lots to look forward to :-)