Monday, February 1, 2010


First off, I had a wonderful 3 day weekend.  It was great seeing DH. We have not seen each other since New Years. Funny how quickly you can fall back into the same comfortable pattern.

I got some fun photos.  One of "Pecker Rock"... yes, it is a big rock shaped like a giant penis.  I got some photos of  Autzen Stadium with its big "O".  We checked out his fishing spot.  We took a drive around the area and DH pointed out the highlights of his life in location.  I like stuff like that. This is a beautiful area. Springfield is not big as cities go.  You are in the countryside within  minutes.  Rural drives like that are very relaxing. 

We went to a home improvement center to shop around for drawer pulls for a cabinet he just finished building.  I have photos of that too.
I take photos of everything.  Okay... of most things. 

Then we went to his son's house and met his son and his gal. Turns out that they had visiting relatives, so we met them too.  These people had just stopped in Dumb Potter's Hell to use the restroom.  Small world!  DH's son is a DH Jr.... so they have the same name.  So do his son's girlfriend and I. The relatives got a big kick out of that one. It is funny.  What are the odds of that?

The weekend was supposed to end with the Pro Bowl game. But I had to leave at half time in order to get home early. We said our good-byes... me promising to be back for the Super Bowl... and away I drove.  Within twenty minutes I was pulling to the side of the road and calling DH for rescue.

What's wrong with the blasted car now... I don't know.  I do know that I just paid over $600 in repair bills and it should not have had a problem with overheating.  DH says he thinks it's worse than overheating this time.
Now the car sits at the side of the freeway, waiting for me to arrange a tow.  I'm sitting in DH's office on his computer, wearing his flop-feet and sweats.  Bear will be down to get me this afternoon.

When upsetting things happen I sit down and count those things that have happened that were good.  It makes me feel better. So here we go... I am thankful that I got to spend 4 very enjoyable days and nights with DH, that I met some nice new people, that I arrived safely and when stranded... was rescued and that this time when I was upset, there was someone there to listen to me mutter until I fell asleep, even if he did wake me up to tell me I was snoring and needed to roll over. (Can anyone tell me why I can sleep through my snoring but no one else can? You'd think it would wake me.)

Well wish me luck with the car and getting it and myself home.  I know I'll make it home okay with Bear... but the car, I'm not so sure about.  I may have to donate it to the great state of Oregon.  Time to get the Aspire back on its clutch.


  1. Oh, cripes... not your car again. Believe me, I know that one. Bet you had a full tank, too. My car never breaks down on E. Whyizzit? My deepest sympathy.

    Glad you had a great week-end, though. At least the rest of it, car excluded. Sanctuary... ah, such a rich, wonderful word. I was only half-kidding about being a monk.

  2. I'm glad you liked "pecker rock". That took me hours to chisel out.

  3. I very much enjoy the fact that things can go wrong but you always find that silver lining.
    Glad you had a good time.
    Pecker rock is my new name for my husband's head.

  4. Cricket-- Cripes is right! Yes... again. Thank you for the sympathy.

    I do enjoy sanctuary. That's okay about not making it to "monk"... I never made it to saint either. Ha. But then that should be obvious by now.

  5. Mo-- Oh how you have delighted so many with your grand creation' scale and chiseling skills! Thanks Mo! Tell me... who was your model?

  6. Peggy-- I'm not going to stop laughing at this for a time. Gosh, don't you know better than to dangle that in front of me? Which head would that be my dear?

  7. I was going to link to some interesting formations for you, but paste/ctrl V seems to be disabled here.

  8. That sucks about your car. Especially after you just put so much money into it. I hope you get a reliable car soon, so you can have more fun weekends like that...That end better.:)

  9. "I never made it to saint either."

    You mean, you haven't made it yet, right? I believe there's still time. ;-) Barring some major life catastrophes, I'll never be a monk but, strangely enough, there's a chance for saint. Not a very good one, I admit, but still.... You never know.

    Every saint had a past; Every sinner has a future.

    - Anonymous

  10. dmarks-- Rats! I wonder how I fix that?

  11. Churlita-- I had a teacher who used to say "Man that car sucks serious gas!" Mine just sucks seriously. Ha.

    To quote Stephen King "If Ka wills it, there will be water." What is meant to be will be. But, ya... I'm hoping so too. This was a wonderful weekend. :-) Well, until I tried to go home. Maybe I'm not meant to go home?

  12. Cricket-- Let's hope we both make it. That would be so cool! Great quote!

  13. All-- I am being rescued... yes again... by DH's mother. She and hubby are towing my car back to DH's and she has a mechanic who is good. Now all I need to do is claw the money to fix it together... if it can be done.

    Poor DH... he gets my junker in his driveway. I feel badly about that. Nothing like imposing to make my day.

    But these are good things that give me some peace too. Now I won't lose it to the state.

  14. maybe the car needs an exorcism.

    remember what basil fawlty did to his car when it wouldn't start on the gourmet night episode?

  15. I am sorry about the serious car suckage. But the remainder of the weekend sounds overwhelmingly good, and I'm really glad to hear that.

  16. I'm sorry about your car, but wow...DH is coming to the rescue in spades! That is so cool. Now even your auto gets sanctuary :-)

    Yay for the positive attitude. It really helps, doesn't it!

  17. I hate car troubles and I am not looking forward to having any. I hope your car gets straightened out or something happens that you can buy a new one. It sounds like you had a good weekend, though.

  18. I didn't think it was wise to get that car but no one ever listens to me so to heck with it. Not that it won't cost plenty to get the Aspire back in good shape being as the clutch is only one of its problems.

    I buy cheap rigs and drive them for ages but I guess I'm just gifted that way, go figure. I figure that my truck will last me the rest of my driving days.

    Anyway, gotta poem for ya that I spotted on another mans post.

    "Little Flo, I love you so
    especially in your nightie.
    When the moonlight flits
    across your tits,
    Jesus Christ Almighty!"

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  19. billy pilgrim-- Ha! I had to go and check it out. If only I'd had a tree to thrash my car with at the time, I might have done that myself!

    I used to drive and English Ford Cortina... a car very much like Basil's.

    Max and I have sat up tonight... until 1:40AM watching Fawlty Towers episodes. Thanks for reminding me. I needed the laughs.

  20. secret agent woman-- It was indeed.

    AlienCG-- I'd love to buy a better car. I hope something happens to make that wish come true.

    Billy B.-- You never even saw that car how could you know if it was a good choice or not? I did not buy it, my daughter's fella bought it for me. He was doing me a kindness and I appreciated his effort.

    And I did follow your advice and hired a qualified mechanic to work on it. Fat lot of good that did!

  21. You go girl!!!
    Now I'm hooked. Gonna' find that Fawlty Towers thing. Another thing to get addicted to :)

  22. Peggy-- You will love it. We howl at them. Hey... sneak up on Mr. Cool and give him a good wack on the ass for me.