Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Not the best shot, but here is Pecker Rock.
(Oh... and you know you can make it bigger right?)

Well, I am  home now.  Monday was a grinder of a day.  I got up when DH got up for work, made myself a pot of coffee and waited to be able to call the mechanic that fixed my car.  I began chatting with his mother on line and explained why I was still there.
She called me in a bit and I told her what the mechanic said... that he would not come that far to tow my car back.  But he would look at it... for a price... if I managed to get it to Dumb Potter's Hell.  She decided that they would come and tow my car back to DH's and she would get a mechanic she knew to give an opinion.

They did that.  Try to picture two people in their 70s and batty me out on the freeway in rain and spray from the cars and trucks trying to figure out how to use the tow straps and use a come-a-long to pull it onto the tow dolly.  Oi!  We were soaked and frazzled but we got it back to DH's.

Unfortunately, her mechanic said that he did not think the car was worth what I would have to put in it to repair it properly.  I pretty much expected this news.  DH had said as much too.  I can't afford to throw more money away on it.  Sigh.  So DH and I will find out how much I can get for it from a scrap yard... and get it out of his driveway.  (Though he is being very nice about it.)

We visited for a bit with the surprised DH, who did not expect to see me or my car there today when he got home.  Then they left and I sat around with DH until Bear and Cousin J came to rescue me.  They had the little angels with them.  But Bear finally got to meet DH and visa versa.  That was nice.

We said good-bye again, then off the five of us went... the two angels bickering almost all the way home.

As we neared the exit, I was filled with gloom.  Crap.  Back here again.  No car until the Aspire is finished.

I'm thinking now is the time to get that bike and turn this coal into a diamond.  I think most of the bad weather is gone now.  Sure, we have rain, but I am used to getting drenched.  That is part of life here.
Besides, I can use the exercise and it will be a nice change.  

Thanks to billy pilgrim's comment on yesterday's post, I found the cure for my blue mood.  Max and I have sat up way too late laughing ourselves silly over episodes of "Fawlty Towers".   If you have never seen it, check it out.  If you have and like me, have forgotten much of what happened... check it out too.
Very cool beans!


  1. Old cars, ugh. Well, if it's any consolation, I figured it out for myself and my own somewhat more reliable but still pretty old car. Since the car is paid for and the insurance is compulsory-only, I could spend almost $3600/yr. on it before I started to lose money (factoring in a car payment and the increase in ins. on a $10,000 car). Also, 10k doesn't exactly buy you anything special, mind. There is the p.i.t.a. factor but for now, I'll take it.

    Fawlty Towers is one of my favorite shows ever. I have no idea how many times I've seen them. I owned them on VHS, DVD... I even have a book of the scripts. I'd bet my immediate family could spontaneously stage most scenes without difficulty.

    I told my wife she'd need to get up to speed on it when we got married. She doesn't appreciate it as much, though. That's why she doesn't get it if I call her "my little piranha-fish." :-)

  2. Bicycles are very good things. I have a purple thingy that I ride all the time. Mr. Cool is like the main Bike Freak here in the Hole. As long as you have a way to do your shopping, a bike is simply the best choice. No gas, no insurance, you can repair it yourself...and you can take the bus to see DH, right? Here in the Hole, we've all learned to utilize any means necessary to get where we need to go because here in the Hole the gas prices are higher than in most places, the insurance is higher than in most places and the drivers are higher than in most places.
    Thanks for the pic of my husband's head.

  3. Okay, I just reread the part about riding the purple thingy and I DID mean my bicycle. Sorry.

  4. Freeway driving is rather optional for me. I think it's been months now since I have been on one.

  5. such a drag about your car. I hope you find a solution. It's no fun being dependent on people for transport.

  6. I must be missing something, but did something else go wrong with the car or did the problem the mechanic "fixed" reoccur?

  7. Cricket-- hahaha... piranha-fish! I love that. I am a huge fan of anything like this comedy... Firesign Theater, Python...

    We do the same thing at our house. Every now and then I look at someone and say "Don't crush that dwarf... hand me the pliers" and if they laugh because they know it, I know they have been where I have been.

  8. Peggy-- Hahaha... purple thingy! I can see Mr. Cool in my head pedaling away. I like that picture.

    Hey... you're welcome. Glad I could spotlight the Mr.

  9. dmarks-- It is required here. I can't get anywhere without one.

  10. Churlita-- Thanks. I know you understand the car issue. yeah, it sucks.

  11. Cube-- I had a radiator hose replaced at great cost. The mechanic assured me that he had pressure tested and heat tested the system and I was safe to go there and back... no problem!

    Less than 20 minutes from DH, and the car did not just overheat... it went from normal to overheated in a heartbeat. So much for "no problem".

  12. I'm sorry about your car, Ananda. If my old dear ever completely gives up the ghost I am not sure what I'd do.
    Hope you can get your second stringer up and running. Loving your cycling enthusiasm too :-)

  13. laura b.-- Thanks. Hey, you can whine or you can find a solution... right? Okay, I do both. Ha!

  14. John Cleese can't help but lift your spirits. I was just talking with a friend yesterday about Basil Fawlty shaking his fist at the heavens in impotent rage. Funny, funny guy.

    Nice to see you getting feisty last post. :)

  15. secret agent woman-- Ha. John Cleese is the best.

    Thank you. I can get fiesty.

  16. "... here is Pecker Rock.
    (Oh... and you know you can make it bigger right?)"

    Arrrggghhh! Straight line! Must... resist... temptation...

    [*keels over from strain*]

  17. Suldog-- Hahaha... I knew that would catch your eye!