Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ghost Rider - Ghost Riders In The Sky ( Spiderbait - Cage )

What a fun movie! One of the things I got to do this weekend was see Ghost Rider. I really like this song... interesting version don't  you think?

Well, I'm home again and back into my normal grind. 

The drive down was fast.  In fact, I could not believe how fast other cars were going and I thought I was pushing it! 

I had another great visit with DH.  I got there about 9:30 AM on Saturday. Felt sort of strange to drive in the daylight, but had no car troubles at all.  It did take me about an hour and a half to figure out the cruise control on the way.  People were zooming past me like there was no tomorrow.  I glad to get off the freeway and relax.

Saturday we did a bit of shopping but otherwise spent the time visiting.  His daughter and her kids dropped in.  The only other time I have met them was very briefly.  Her daughter was shy.  She's an adorable little thing.  This time she walked in the door, smiled at me and said "Hi grandma!"  Cracked us all up. Well, I am a grandma after all... just not her grandma.
But that's okay.  I'm glad she likes me.

DH got some comedy DVDs.  We watched Abbot and Costello.  I had no memory of them having a variety show, so I was a bit taken aback, expecting more of their stand-up routines. They had some acts that would have been very entertaining to someone in the 50s.  Acrobats and tap dancers.  Neither of us were terribly impressed by them. The skits were funny though.

Mostly we watched videos.  More of The Lost Room mini series that was on SciFi last summer.  I am not sure if we will ever get through all of it at this rate.  Its a great story, but both of us fall asleep.  Its one of those movies that is dark.  I mean the sets tend to be in the dark a lot.  I think that contributes.  Of course we also tend to watch it pretty late.

This morning we watched Ghost Rider. It was on FX. Did you know that his bike in it was based on Captain America's bike in Easy Rider? Cool how Peter Fonda was Mephistopheles in it and even commented on what a nice bike it was.  I liked the song, so it's up there.  Interesting version.  Another interesting thing was that Sam Elliot plays a similar character to the one he plays in The Big Lebowski.  I suppose I should mention that it starred Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze.  Fun movie.

The weekend ended with the Superbowl.  Congratulations to The Saints!  Both teams played well.  It was a good game that could have gone either way.  But it was the first time The Saints have made it to a Superbowl, so it was nice that they won.  DH was rooting for them.  Naturally, I was too.  Fun stuffs.  

Then I had a quick diner and hit the road home. Thankfully, there were no car problems at all this time.  DH is going to call around and see what kind of deal he can find selling my Prism.
Hopefully the Aspire will be done soon and I'll be back behind my own wheel again.  Cheaper on gas too.  I've missed my little clown car.  I miss my independence.

So it was a fun weekend.  Relaxed and low key.
I can't ask for anything better.  As always, DH was great company and sent me home smiling.  Now I'm ready to get back to the stuff of my everyday life.
Have a great Monday. 


  1. The grandma line cracked me up. Reminds me of the time I met a friend's kid for the first time. "Who's that?" my friend asked, pointing at me. "Mark," said the toddler with total confidence and without hesitation. Surprised all of us. I'm not called Mark and we'd never met, the kid must have mistook me (completely and utterly) for someone else!

  2. I'm so glad this trip was car-disaster free! Sounds very relaxing and fun.

  3. A relaxed, low-key week-end from which you return home smiling: what more can you ask for? The ordinary is really rather extraordinary when you think about it.

  4. Mo-- Me too. It was so casual and she seemed so completely accepting of the idea. The funny thing is that I was not even in the same room as grandpa, but in one next to it. So it's not like we were sitting together. She remembered me from before, though grandpa and I were not very physically close to each other then either. I guess if you are the female in grandpa's house, you must be the grandma.

  5. secret agent woman-- Yes! I am so glad that I made it there and back okay too. I love weekends like that... where you do relax.

  6. Cricket-- I cannot ask for anything more. I cannot be happier. I agree, nice, simple, normal. It felt very good.

  7. I very recently saw Abbott & Costello on DVD hosting the Colgate show in the 1950's. I've never been a huge fan of theirs - although I think Bud Abbott might be the best straight man in the history of show business - but the show I saw was tremendously funny and entertaining. It was the first time I had seen them performing for a olive audience, and it seemed to make a huge difference. Lou Costello ad-libbed and clowned and was ten times better than on film.

  8. Well, that would be a "live" audience, not a "olive" audience (although, who knows? Maybe they all had martinis before the show...)

  9. Suldog-- Well, I kind of like the notion of an "olive" audience. Ha. A martoonie certainly would have jazzed up my opinion of the variety show...or a nice big bloody mary with two olives on my sword! I do like their stand-up comedy best. So much of it is right off the cuff.

    Thanks for the giggle!

  10. Sounds wonderful. I'm so happy for you...And the Saints.

  11. Churlita-- It was. I needed the rest and peace.

    Whoo hoo for the Saints is right!

  12. Sounds like a wonderful time all around! Nice to hear that the drive was event-free and that you and DH were able to just hang out and enjoy each other's company.

  13. laura b.== Thanks. I had a lot of fun.

  14. i thoroughly enjoyed the lost room.

    the fisher boys have done well since leaving six feet under.

  15. billy pilgrim-- Yes they have! The Lost Room is mine. I bought it in a mark down pile for 5 bucks. I saw all but the last night on SciFi. So I had to buy it to see how it ended. DH had never seen it before.