Sunday, February 21, 2010


At the request of dabear... well demand acutally.  Ha.  I don't blame her.  I post a lot of music and I have varied tastes that are not everyone's cup of tea.  Billy B. you will not like this much.  But I love it.  Love it.

I have wanted to post some Losing Balance for a long time to share with you.  Because they are good... very good... and because of my love, appreciation and pride in Mikey P.  He is dabear's fellow.  A more wonderful son I could not hope for... or better fella for dabear and father of my grandson, Turkey.  
I was not able to find a youtube of Losing Balance to put up there.  But you see their logo.  They have been billed as San Diego's most popular bar band.  But you will see for yourself that they are beyond a simple bar band for a fun Saturday night.  They are very talented and professional.  Well worth going to this site and checking them out.

Collection Plate is my favorite here.

Please do!

A quiet day and evening.  I am waiting for the guys to pick up my car.  DH is going to give it a compression check when I get it back on the road. Yay!  One of the frogs that I thought I was done with showed back up.  Interesting.  I am cautious about this one.  The old favorite frog did too recently.  Though I must say, he is not my favorite frog anymore.  One of them, but not THE  favorite.  Things change.  They wander in and out.  I am cautious but constant.  Its all good fun and nothing more.

How did your weekend go?  What music do you like best?  Want to share?


  1. I like it. Of course, it's the sort of music I like to listen to while I'm driving.

  2. secret agent woman-- Me too! But I have to be careful not to speed up. Ha. I will pass that on.

  3. Losing Balance, you are always posting about shit I've never even heard of before. Maybe if you spent less time in music you could pay attention and make your own life work better?

    Just a thought.

  4. Biily B.-- Nope. Music makes my life better. Besides, I am happy right now. My life is fine.

  5. Agreed!! You seem very happy.
    Music. I seem to lean on old familiar ways. But I'm trying. Really. Learning a lot from your blog, too.
    I'm sort of old so I've lost track of who your fav frog is/was. Glad you have DH as a keeper.
    Best wishes for continued happiness.
    Dang. Nothing clever to say. I'll leave you with the name Joe Buck. That name just makes me laugh.

  6. Peggy-- Hahaha... Joe Buck... me too.

    Hey, it does not matter which is which. DH is not a frog. Its complex. Anchor, friend, good listener, sanctuary, support, adviser, comfort. More. We will not ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. But I can certainly see us old in rocking chairs enjoying the sunset and having a good laugh. I am content. There is a great deal of peace there.

  7. Nice stuff, but I wouldn't listen to it while driving, music plus driving doesn't work so well for me.

  8. I don't know why, but every time I try to listen to music on myspace, my computer freaks out and kicks me off. Grrrr. :-(

    There is no music I like best. I'm a moody person and like to have something for all my moods. In fact, I have so much I don't always remember what I own unless I have something particular in mind or someone asks. I can always go root around and surprise myself: oh yeah... I remember this one!

    My tastes vary from pretty normal rock and roll to "oh God, how can you stand that?!?" A funny tale: my long suffering Mum got used to some pretty strange noises over the years. She recently bought a used CD for my son. I got a call:

    Can I ask you a question?
    Sure Mum, what do you need?
    Is Jimi Hendrix supposed to sound like this?

    (I hear in the background the ningningningningning of a skipping CD)

    Um... no, Mum. The CD is either dirty or scratched.
    Oh. Well, thanks.

    I have no idea how long the poor woman listened to that before she decided something might be wrong. Gives you an idea of some of the things she endured, with patience if not always good cheer.

  9. Cricket-- I love that your mom was willing to believe it might be music! But then thinking back on Yoko Ono's song that sounded like someone grinding a cat up alive was actual music.

  10. Mo-- Thanks. I'll pass it on. I love driving music. I can totally entertain myself with it. But cruise control is good to have to keep my led foot from flooring it on a good fast paced song. Ha.

  11. I might need a chart or graph to keep track of the frogs. You could star them or something to rank them from first to last and rerank them as you see fit from one day to the next. So interesting to someone like me who is frogless.

  12. I am such a music fan and I love hearing new stuff. My tastes vary a bit, as you can see by my Sunday Musical Messages :-)

    I also continue to be fascinated by the frog pond. I'm happy to have my prince, but there is a certain fun in the hunt!

  13. Churlita-- I don't actually "have" any of them. They just show up and yak for the most part with a few dates. But I should come up with a ranking system... maybe use warts?

  14. laura b.-- Gald you enjoyed losing balance.

    I am having fun. I find the more I do this, the less inclined I feel toward atcually catching one.

  15. Do you know that Yoko Ono is still grinding those poor live cats and calling it music? She even got Clapton and Paul Simon to participate. The horror.
    Enjoyed Losing Balance. Thanks for the post.
    P.S.--Caprica. A newbie to it but really getting into it!

  16. Just re-read the post quickly. The engine does need to be fixed asap before it gives up. As for music tastes mine vary some but mostly it's country western and oldies. And there's a hell of a lot of music and bands I've never heard of. When I met her my wife had a radio going 24 hours a day and I put a stop to that.

    Based on my experiences my best guess is that you will still be messing with revolving frogs five years from now and by then be pretty frustrated with the whole thing.

    I don't think that you are that happy, I know that women lie to themselves.

  17. Billy B.-- Actually, right now I am happy. Maybe not in five years... who knows? But I tell you, I am in no hurry to re-marry at this point. I have a good plan on where I want to go and what I want to do. I do not have to have a live-in man or re-marry to be happy. I value my independence at this point. Very much.

  18. I didn't say anything about being re-married. Or having a mate. But I for one do not like kicking around with a lot of different women just to get some sex and prefer someone that I know is going to stick around. And if we are not going to be a couple and live together there is no point in getting involved with each other anyway if we are not going to be sleeping in the same bed each night.

    But that's just me.

  19. Just call me an old fashioned fuck.

  20. Billy B-- Well you may be old fashioned and that is fine. But I have little faith in fairy tales. One trip was enough for me. I like what I have. I don't know where tomorrow leads, but I am content today. That should be enough for anyone.

  21. I love this one:

  22. I just dropped in to see what is going on.

  23. Hey there Ananda girl. Thank you for the band suggestion. I always like to hear something new to me. Our weekend was low key and just involved giving the baby lots of love. And my musical tastes vary but some of my favorites are Cross Canadian Ragweed, The Randy Rogers Band, and Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. Hope all is swell. Take care.

  24. Hi Shife! I don't know those folk... but I'll be looking into them now. Thanks.

    All was swell until i woke up this fine Wednesday morning... with a sinus infection and hives.

    But hey... my car has a clutch now. Yay!