Friday, January 29, 2010

Woke Up This Morning - Alabama 3 - The Sopranos

Ha.  I woke up fairly early.  DH was already off doing his work day.  I took my time, made a pot of coffee, lazed around watching the Sopranos.  I miss that show.  I never did see the entire series.  We came into it two seasons from the end.  I think I may hulu it from the start and work my way to the end.

Yesterday was nuts.  My work day was fine.  But the mechanic had promised to have my car ready by 3:00... so I could make the drive in daylight.  It wasn't ready.  When I got there, he was just leaving to go get the four inches of replacement hose.  Sheesh.  I was not going to walk home.  I was not happy at the delay.

I am not a very patient person when I really want something.  So, in the interest of not allowing my car repair to continue into the following day, I sat myself on a bench across the street from the mechanic in full view.  Yesterday was windy.
I was dressed... according to Jeff Foxworthy in the garb of an Oregonian... meaning wearing shorts despite the weather... and my little light weight hoodie.  My bags were next to my feet.  A little guilt to motivate seemed required.  But then again, maybe its because I can be a real brat when I don't get my way.

He did not finish until 5:09 as it began to get dark.  In my head I am doing calculations on my arrival time.  DH was expecting me to leave around 3:00ish.  Max had shown up to sit with me and to get a ride home when the car was done.  As we were gassing up, X showed up and began asking questions about the car repair.  My brain is thinking that all I want to do is get on the road.

Finally I let Max out and started for the freeway.  Oregon recently passed a law that says you cannot use a cell phone while driving.  I should have thought to take the time to call DH and let him know that I would be two and a half hours late.  When I picked my cell phone out of my purse once I was on the freeway, I remembered the new law.  Crap!  Too late.  I was not pulling off the freeway and adding even more time on at that point.  Once you get to the metro area I have to pass through, traffic gets tight.

I am a person who believes in letting people know that you will be late.  X used to drive me nuts with not bothering.  Its rude.  People worry.  

Traffic was also crazy.  It was steady but not too bad if the nuts had stayed home.  You know the type of drivers I mean... the truck going 58 MPH passing the truck going 57 MPH that block both lanes forever.  The guy who gets into the passing lane and sits there going exactly the speed limit, backing up cars behind him like a mother duck with ducklings.  The guy who passes you, gets in front of you and then slows down to a speed below yours.

But I made it.  The car ran well.  DH was waiting and though getting concerned, was not angry.  He had not called me because of the no cell phone law too.  There was a nice drink and a bit later some soup.  All I had to do was walk in the door and the tension of my day melted away.  Good stuffs!

I won't be posting this weekend after this.  I'll be back on Monday morning... or maybe Sunday evening if the mood strikes me after my return drive home.  It depends.  Big grins!

So what are all of you plannning on doing with your weekend?  I hope whatever you do, you are doing it with someone you care about and enjoy every second.


  1. I'm glad you got there okay. I hope you have a great time.

    I'll be hanging out with my girls this weekend, and I care about them more than anything else. I will try very, very hard to enjoy myself...I have a lot of work to do.

  2. Churlita-- Wow! That is the fastest response to a post I have ever gotten. It was less than 2 minutes after I put the post up!

    I am sure you and the girls will have a great time. You've got great girls! I like doing work. I'm helping DH with some projects this weekend. Work can be very fun and satisfying. Its all in the attitude don't you think?

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  4. Enjoy your quiet time @ DH's sanctuary.

    I don't have big plans for the weekend. Just quiet family time, however, my youngest has an erging meet for her crew team and she's going on the bus. As a result, I will do a bit of worrying on Sunday until she makes it home safely.

    Letting go isn't easy is it?

  5. Cube-- No letting go is not easy. I would worry too.

    Quiet family time is great. I think the important thing is that you all have each other. Its a wonderful thing to have people care about you and you care about them. So many people have no one.

  6. I had a friend whose dad insisted on making him late for just about everything he went to.

    Kind of odd. Even more memorable was the party at his house, and his dad spent much of his time in front of a giant loudspeaker with his head in the cone.

  7. Ah I am going to P-land to do some shoping. And when I return I have to scrub off the art on the walls that the boys so talentedly created in Sharpie of course. Oh the joys of being a mother. At least now Turkeys art work is recognizable, his people look like people and his fish looks like a fish. If I could frame it I would.

  8. I met someone for sushi yesterday but today I've got a house full of teenage boys tonight and we're huddled in against all the cold.

  9. Billy B.-- Isn't that what you do when you go camping? You go to get away from the monkeys as you say. Call it camping... call it running it sanctuary. It is the same thing.

    No it isn't, you run to meet with and be with other monkeys. I go camping to be away from them.

    Of course when I do go meet someone I still do the camping thing, I love having my little home with me. Prefer it above staying with them.

  10. Take you time - I think time with people you love is a great gift and it restores you. I've got the three boys in the den with me now and I'm just enjoying listening to them laugh and talk.

  11. Hope your weekend was great...I'm sure it was.

    We can talk on the cell phone here, but only hands when I get in the car I pop in my annoying little bluetooth thingy. The car is the best place to make calls!