Thursday, January 21, 2010


Two trains on the same track moving toward each other.  One travels from the east at a leisurely pace, the other will arrive from the west, only God know when.  Both are leaving the same area at the same time but taking different routes. It seems that I have a little math problem.  Arrival times for both are unknown as yet... but within days.  Yikes.  I know what happens when trains collide.

Someone crashes.  I'm hoping they are more like ships that pass in the night... and I don't end up smashed in the middle.  Life in the pond has suddenly become quite complex.  Well I wanted more excitement, but honestly, I thought it would be more spread out.  Both intend to call when they get in my area on the way to other places and obligations.  I am anxious to meet both.
The more the merry-o... providing its not the same day.  They are only dates... first dates at that... not life commitments.  This is calling it close.

What a freak of an evening!  After several calm and sedate days, things exploded.  I had no time.  My oldest son showed up for a visit.  I had two marathon phone calls (two different frogs), missed calls, voice mails, emails, texts and two invitations to travel south to meet frogs.  I made DH some macaroons... goodness only knows when I will have time to deliver them and get some peace.  (Good lord...  Avoid the obvious pun please!)

The whole day was a freak.  It began with no ride to work... my car was in the shop at long last.  Called a friend's son and woke him up, begged a ride.  The head librarian showed up to work with me for the day.  I made three children cry big wet tears.
Worked up library supply orders, book orders and filled out P.O.s.  The mechanic called to tell me that my car would not be ready until tomorrow afternoon instead.  Begged another ride to the store and then home from Rocket J. Squirrel... my friend's son who is a whole different trip himself.

I have been baking, yakking on the phone and even chatting on line for time with two.  I am exhausted.  

Nights like this in the pond are very rare.  Is there a full moon or something?

Now, there is a real frog outside my window croaking.

But the truly eerie part of my day arrived via an email at my work.  I have a secret admirer... yeah, right.  It's the same one.  More bizarre than any I can recall.  This is the one who likes to write my name on its parts... and email me photos.  I'm sure that I mentioned it before and really, I did laugh it off.  

But that was on my personal email.  Not my work email.  How did it get my work email?  It says it has seen me on my myspace.  Well all it can really see are my feet on that site.  That is the only photo of me there.  My feet!  How does it know my feet?  It says that it knows me, and misses me.  It says it wants me to look at the photos of its parts with my name on them and guess who it is, then I can approach it... because it is shy.  To get to my work email you must know my entire name... first and last.  

When this happened on my personal email I was a bit unnerved.  I did not look at the photos.  Yes, I have pin feathers and I cluck.  If it knows me and misses me, then it can't have seen me for a bit, right?  How long is a bit?  From where does it know me?  Worse yet... would I know the parts?  Is that how I am supposed to guess who?  I don't exactly know many parts... if you get my drift.  How do I deal with this one?  Any ideas?

Welcome to my weird world.

Sequence of Clash photos set to the song, Train in Vain (Stand by Me).

 This song is here because it has the word train... and well, because I like it.


  1. I am assuming the parts are not ones which would be seen in polite company? Then, ick! Why would he (he?) think that would be appealing to you? I'd be iclined to send an email advising him of my intent to turn the images over to the police should he contact you again. You just don't need anyone that creepy and unbalanced in your life.

    As for the frog trains - whoa! I know we'll all be waiting eagerly to hear about that!

  2. Current moon phase is waning crescent, 39% of full.

    Well, strange as it may sound, you might as well look at the photos and see if they give you a hint as to the identity of your e-stalker. Then maybe exchange some macaroons for "some piece"... like a .38. Better to have it and not need it...

    I couldn't resist the pun, but I'm at least half-serious. Normal folk don't send emails like that. I'm just sayin'.

  3. I think parts are ugly.

    If the parts work properly, and there is a relationship, there is a time and place for that, and I am happy to see the parts then. But why would I want to look at pictures of just parts, much less be happy someone was sending me pictures of just parts with my name on them?

    I think that I would be a bit worried about him getting your work email, if you didn't send anybody your work email, and I'm guessing that you didn't.

  4. secret agent woman-- Last time I simply ignored it and it went away. I didn't answer or comment back. Yes, I agree.ICK. And who knows if it is male or female?

  5. Cricket-- I'm half afraid that if I look at them that it gives whoever a toe in my door.

    Actually, that version of the pun is quite acceptable!

    You are right... that is not normal at all.

  6. laughing-- Yes, it getting my work email is very disturbing to me. The only people who have my work email are people I work with in some way.

    I am both horrified and curious. I have never seen anyone's parts that I work with and want to keep it that way.

    This sure isn't the time or the place.

  7. Could it be 40 years or so? Because I know that creepy feeling. Not to this extent meaning no photos of private parts but almost that unnerving in the form of very inappropriate words on creepy guy's part and emails that I've written mailed back to me. Kind of like a weak threat.

  8. I highly recommend that you have the 2 frog trains park at the same train yard at the same time. Then you can run back and forth while trying to hide them from each other and you won't use up too much of your precious time.

    Hey, it works in the movies!!

    As for the other one...I think a restraining order might be something to consider.

  9. Peggy-- Shudder. W might as a joke, but he'd draw his parts and make them talk! Are we both thinking of the same 40 years ago?
    K? Toss me a hint.

  10. KenV-- Ha. I'd be out of breath from all the running, get too full trying to eat what meal each purchased and fall asleep sitting at a diner table somewhere. It does sound like a train wreck.

    If I find out who it is, that is a thought already in my head.

  11. Present. Not the parts part but the emails that get stored and may reappear. Like a squirrel. Like a real squirrel.

  12. Funny that you mentioned W and K. W would have drawn great pics. K is far too dull nowadays.
    You must contact JP. AND E with 2 D's is on FB.
    Hey, I'm really giving the alphabet a workout today!

  13. Peggy-- Thanks. I will contact JP. E with 2D... fun! I have not seen him in ages. I did see Dopey Nose a decade or two ago.

    I have my days where I miss W's sense of humor, but K...

  14. Girl...slow down. haha! I am amazed by your frog juggling act. I'm sure everything will work out fine with the frogs passing through. Worst comes to worst, you can all have a nice dinner together like civilized folk :-)

    As for your uber creepy emailer, I would say it is very different getting something like that on personal email and getting something like that on work email. You might ask the network administrator if they can find out where this is coming from or if they can block it or something. That is just harrasment.

  15. laura b.-- Great advice on Mr. Pieces. I gave it to our school's computer goddess, who is wicked at tracking things down. She is also blocking him on my work and home computers. (She can do this stuff by remote control... how cool is that?)

    The other thing about this is, what if I had opened one of those photos at work? Viewing some of those parts run out of town on a pole.

    The level of activity is entirely not up to me. I can't afford to travel to meet people, at least not these distances. What are the odds that both would come up here from within about 20 miles of each other at the same time? It boggles my mind. Now watch... for the next three months... zip.

  16. laura b.-- Don't you love typos? That was supposed to read "viewing some of those parts could get me run out of town on a pole". Not to mention fired.

  17. It sure gets weird in here, ha ha ha

    who likes to write my name on its parts...

    Hum, it's someone that knows your name?

    Any ideas?

    Um, a bloody mary while hiding in a closet? Maybe you should just take a few days off from all that frog stuff.

  18. Billy B.-- Hey, it's been pretty sedate and quiet up until the last few days. This one is not frog of mine!

    I have an inkling of a few possibilities, but no, I do not know for sure.

    I do not like mind-fuck games.

    Today it sent a video. I'm not looking at that either. If worse comes to worse, I'll head south to sanctuary where I am safe.

    Today it said it thought it saw me at taco bell. Well there are a bazillion taco bells, and I have not been near one in a long time. It could be anywhere. Hopefully it will be successfully blocked from all my sites this time tomorrow.

  19. Oh god. That's horrible. Please take care. It could very well be a former frog...or not...... Just please be careful!

  20. Randi-- Thank you. I will. I have at least two nice large young men here at all times. I'm not even walking at the school alone in the morning right now. Sons are a wonderful thing. And if I need it, I have a safe place to hang for as long as I want it. No worries.

  21. Today it sent a video. I'm not looking at that either.

    You have something against interesting porn? Ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Maybe it's just someone doing mind fucks with you, there's a lot of them on this rock, I've had to deal with some of them myself.

  22. Billy B.-- I am sure you are right. Some people are just not right. It will blow over.

  23. I find it interesting that you could get fired for posting things on the internut just because of your job position.

    I find that interesting cuz the others that you work with and are over you and can fire you have pretty much the same thoughts as you do.

    Only they don't make them public, wanting to look like saints, don't you know. But the best way to get on the principles side is to fondle his pecker while you talk to him, ha ha ha

    A man can't hear you unless you are holding the 'microphone', ha ha ha ha

    What an amusing world.....

  24. I'm a little worried for you about the creepy stalker guy. Make sure other people know about his existence, just in case anything horrible were to happen.

    On a more positive note. I can't wait to hear more about your frog meetings.

  25. Billy B.-- In my world, you can get fired for sexual harassment if you dare to touch your boss or even make an off color joke. Anything a child could walk up behind you of a sexual nature and see is grounds for firing.

    We have no sense of humor in education.

  26. Yeah, weird, that, some are okay with it all and others are not. But I do agree that no one should be messing with kids, I was talking about adults above.


  27. Churlita-- I have notified my employer, our computer administrator and the custodial staff...and I am very cautious, but thank you for your concern.

    As for frogs... the two trains are still headed this way. I have a date on Saturday with one fairly local frog that I have dated before and a new fairly local one on Sunday.

    My favorite frog is still in touch. I am living in a salad bar.
    I always have DH and sanctuary if I need that.

    I'd rather have fun that worry. My boys are extremely protective and in a pinch, X would be here in a heartbeat. I am never alone when it comes to people who watch over me.

  28. Billy B.-- Oh, okay. Well as far as porn goes... I have limited experience with that myself. As for others, I do not care what they do with consenting adults. Make yourself happy I say. I am not judgmental about it either. We are born to sexual activity in the plan.
    Be responsible, be safe and be smart.

  29. Hey, if you are living in a salad bar don't complain about the frogs in it, just pick one you like and go with that.

    As for porn, don't watch much myself, almost never in fact, with my mind why would I need to?

  30. I'm glad you reported the creepy stalker. It's a good idea to document all the instances in case it has to be reported to the police.