Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I bet this guy knows where the best bird feeders are located.

Okay.  Short post... hurried post.  Yesterday was fun.  M got into town about half an hour before I got off work.  I gave him the twenty minute tour.  We had a beer and sat around his room talking.  Then we had a nice diner at a little place across the river.  I went home for the night.  This morning we had breakfast together, then said good bye.  He's off for Nevada by now.  I had a great time. 

When I got home, my oldest son was missing.  The saga began while I was on my date.  Bear called to ask if I had heard from Boo.  He'd had a flat and no one knew where he was.  They could find the car... but no son.  So when I got home from my date, there was a son to be found and much excitement.  So while our keystone kop bunch ran around with their coats flapping in the wind, Boo walked all the way home.
Oh well, at least he found himself.

I think DH's computer has gone insane.  Last night he was sending emails around 10:00 PM that did not arrive until 5:38AM.  You could see the time stamp from when they were sent.  It was like they were suspended somewhere.  Very odd.  

Well there you have it.  My odd mutterings for the day.  I am tuckered out... and I still have to go teach children and pretend to know what I am doing.
Have a great day everybody.

The first thing I am doing when I get off is take a nice long nap.  Do you have any special plans ?


  1. I plan on taking the camper out and spending the day on the beach tomorrow.

    This morning I posted a video of me using, and tipping over my new wood splitter, ha ha ha ha

  2. I reckon that squirrel might actually wait in hiding before pouncing, crushing and eating the birds themselves.

  3. Billy B.-- I'll have to watch that one. Have fun at the beach! I love it there.

  4. Yeah... what Mo said. That is one monster squirrel.

    Funny, my computer's been wiggy with emails lately too, getting hung up, sending multiples, or not at all. Weird.

    If I'm fortunate, I plan to cobble together a post and make some chile verde, we'll see how that goes.

    Glad to hear you had a great time, though the other kind makes for funnier posts.

  5. Cricket-- He's chockfull of nuts!

    I love chile verde. I'd make a pot but have a date tonight with the last part of my math problem.

    Not that I am complaining. I have waited a long time to meet this one.

    I guess my email was the problem. I thought it was DH until I got 4 copies of the same delightful email this morning. Ha.

    As for the date last night... we'll see how that one turned out down the line. It may yet have a funny ending.

  6. Sorry. I'm having a hard time keeping the frogs straight. Is the guy you said was your favorite? If so, did he meet your expectations?

  7. That squirel needs Jenny Craig!

  8. Churlita-- Its been a hectic four days. No, not the one I call my favorite. But a great guy. Fun.

    Favorite frog is coming up today.

  9. I bet that squirrel is on his way to my house. I'm sure the word has gotten out.

    Glad your son made his way home - that's the kid of thing that worries me to death. And what is it with your guys all being early (I'm restraining myself from making any obvious jokes about that)?

  10. secret agent woman-- AHAHAHAHA... I simply do not get the early thing either. DH said they are just anxious to meet me and don't want anything to go wrong.

    He was early the first time I met him too. So he calls me up and says there is huge wreck and he's been delayed about 3 hours... waits for me to bite that bait, then laughs at me and tells me he's actually early, but I can take my time. I think it took me 5 whole minutes to get there. A good sense of humor is a wonderful thing. I love being teased as long as its kind... and whoever better be able to take shit from me back. :-)

    Thank you about my son. Yes, I was ready to search as long as it took. I am glad that he made it home safe, though sorry he walked in the rain six miles. As it turns out the siblings were all confused about who was out searching for him. Kudos to Max for taking it up, though not successfully as far as a ride goes.

    Boo and sweet cousin J are the ones who got off of overtime plus shifts to come and rescue me when I needed them.

  11. croly hap that's one big ass squirrel! glad boo was ok in the end.

  12. Lime-- Indeed he is! I love that photo.

    Thanks. Being the mom you are, you know how I feel.

  13. I bet that squirrel weighs more than my head.

  14. It is nice to hear you had fun with Frog M. He doesn't live anywhere near, right? But otherwise, he's good?

    I'm glad to hear about Boo making it home okay. Us'ns and our cars, dang!

    Hope DH's computer shapes up and hope you got some rest.