Sunday, January 3, 2010


I had to use this one! Gave me a great giggle under my particular circumstance with the frog pond and new divorce.


New Years Eve was fun. Mostly spent watching other football games and getting revved up for the Rose Bowl. Good company and happy spirits. I may have tipped my elbow a bit too much... but hey, it comes once a year. I was not alone and no one drove anywhere. It was a hoot.

Well... the Ducks lost to the Buckeyes... congratulations Buckeyes! It was a good game. The Ducks played well enough to have earned those Rose Bowl rings... and are still #1 in the Pack Ten. I'm proud of them. I had a lot of fun watching all the Duck fans who made the trek in the stands. Mosuli and others will be there next year... there is always next year.

Saturday was actually the best day on my visit to DH's. I'm going to tell you about that over the course of three posts. Yeah... 3 posts worth of information and photos. Imagine that! We managed to pack quite a bit into the waking hours of that day. Fun stuffs! DH has a wonderful Stevie Ray Vaughan collection. All the CDs and a bunch of DVD of performances. We spent a lot of time watching those. I've put another Stevie Ray Vaughan clip at the bottom for you. But that was our evening fun... I'll start telling you about our earlier in the day tomorrow.

For now, I am a bit exhausted. My car was not up to snuff... so I got a brain storm and took the bus. Cost about as much as gas one way for a car. Should have thought of that sooner! The trip down was a breeze! Less than two hours on the bus and only one stop inbetween. Zap... I was there!

Unfortunately the trip back was more of a fowl wind. Weird-os like me, as I have pointed out before... and sure enough, one found me. This old guy reeked like road kill. YIKES. And he spit when he talked... which was almost non-stop, though to be fair, he was just talking in general, not really to me. Babble babble. You can't have everything. Of course not stopping at every possible town between would have been nice. My return took over 4 hours.

I was never happier to see my oldest in my life. Save me! Take me home! He did. Tomorrow its back to the grind at work. But I return refreshed and happy. I had a lot of fun at the end of my vacation and thats the way it should be... weird-o aside.

How did your New Years go? Did you do anything special or fun?

Now for that other video I promised... Stevie Ray Vaughan and his big brother Jimmy Vaughan of the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Woot! Yes... they are both playing the same guitar at the same time. How fun is that? You might want to give it time to load first by pausing it until it finishes loading.


  1. Oh, I can't wait to hear and see all the details of your visit with DH! I'm glad to hear you had a great time, in spite of the less than perfect bus ride home. I do think taking the bus was a great idea though.

    I return to work tomorrow after 10 days off. Can't say I'm not well rested though! Happy New Year, Ananda!

  2. I'm glad your bus trip was "a breeze", mine never are!

  3. Knew you'd find a way! So glad you went though I wished your Ducks would have won.
    Welcome back, Ananda! It's a beautiful year.

  4. Hi - Well, I spent New Year's at a wedding (yes, another one) of two people so completely marginal to my life I wouldn't recognize them if I ran into them on the street. High school friend of my wife. Honestly, they're pretty marginal in her life, too. She's just better at pretending she's having more fun than she really is. It was elegant yet mind-bogglingly boring.

    My theory with weddings like that is "send regrets and a card", you'll never lose that way. That's just me though.

    Ironically, I was just down the road from Suldog. Kept wishing I could call him up, spend New Year's there, and meet my wife back at the hotel. Obviously, that couldn't happen, though.

    To answer a question you posed in an earlier post, I think I'll be happy just to put 2009 in the dumpster. Good riddance and higher hopes for 2010.

  5. I spent my New Year's Day watching the Winter Classic. Best hockey game in ages! Well, at least the ending was pretty sweet.

    Had Cricket actually come over, MY WIFE and I would have treated him to a hearty drink of some sort, as well as a good feed. But he would have had to have watched the hockey game. I don't know if he's a hockey fan, so it may not have been an improvement on the wedding.

  6. I was so ready to put 2009 behind me that I decided I'd rather just get some sleep and wake up to a new year.

  7. I heard that game was amazing.

    it sounds like you rang the new year in well.

    I'm a freak magnet too. when I used to ride the bus more, I'd always sit way up front and plug myself into my headphones to help discourage the freaks. It didn't always work, unfortunately.

  8. Hey... Happy New Year to all of you too! My schedule at work has changed and I did not have time to comment at work today, even on my break and lunch. It was a WEIRD day. Did not mean to ignore you all!

  9. laura b.-- Isn't it wonderful to see your library again after being gone? An old friend. :-)

    Happy New Years to you and your all too!

  10. Mo.-- I was stunned and could not believe my luck. But the return stunk. BTW... your last bus story about the glasses was wonderful!

  11. Peggy-- Yes, I hope its a beautiful new year. Scares me a little, actually. But then, I can deal with that. Hey... I missed you all!

  12. Cricket-- Weddings tend to numb my mind in general. You are a real trooper for your wife.

    Aren't dumpsters great?

  13. Suldog-- Is it true that they are going back to hockey without helmets? Interesting. Sounds like you had a wonderful time... food, drink and a game. My kind of day.

  14. secret agent woman-- That is what I've done for many years now. I see the beauty in it.

  15. Churlita-- I had a wonderful time with good people.

    The game was good... close. I like it when that happens.

    Weird-os I can deal with fine, even enjoy some of them as long as they don't smell and spit on me.

  16. hop on the bus gus.....

    i enjoy riding the bus most days. in fact i had a lovely ride today, lots of eye candy ;)

    happy feckin new year.

  17. billy pilgrim-- Ha... good ol P.S! Make a new plan stan... just get yourself free!

    The first ride was delightful. I got to see a lot of country side that I'd missed driving and I had on my music via ear buds... it was great.

    As for eye candy... not on my buses. A lot of elderly people. One lady made the bus stop because they were out of toilet paper... or so she thought... the driver had to go show her where it was. ha!

    Happy fecking New Year to you too... let this one shine through and be a good one for both of us eh? All of us.

  18. My New Years was great!! Spent it in a hotel all alone. No, that isn't sarcasm, it really was great and I got 12 hours of sleep.

    And then today I had lunch with a lady that I've exchanged emails for about a year and we had a most pleasant visit getting to know each other some.

    She says that she is weird but I didn't see it.

    You though, you weird, ha ha ha ha

    Sweet, but weird.

  19. Billy B.-- Hahaha... hey, Gonzo the Muppet says "Silly's bad, weird is good!" I love that Muppet.

    Glad you had a great sleep... that is worth a good deal.

    Glad too that you met a new friend.

    BTW... I loved the kitten photo. Cool beans.

    Yes, I have been told that I am sweet. Ha. But seriously, thank you Billy B.

  20. I once took a bus across the U.S. It was okay, but these days I prefer to go places dragging my little second home along behind me, no matter what the cost.

  21. Billy B.-- I have seen your little home and do not doubt that it is way more comfortable and happier for travel. :-)

  22. And I've redone the automatic air inlet system on the wood heater in it and test fired it for the first time this evening and it's working great!!

    I'm so pleased about my improvement that I could wet my pants, ha ha ha

  23. Billy B.-- Well I guess that's one way to celebrate! Hahaha... good for you. I know you were working on it.

  24. Ananda - Happy New Year! I feel asleep at 10:30 or 11 on the Eve - I was so tired from driving up the state, with a new puppy and stopping in to visit my hospitalized nephew in Freno.