Friday, January 15, 2010


I woke up running, halfway down the hall , reaching for a phone that has not even been there in five years.
Squeaky looks at me from his computer and says
I made a pretty good recovery.  I shambled past to the kitchen and the dryer, grabbed my clothes for the day and continued on back down the hall.

I have no memory of what woke me that way, or why I was reaching for the phone.
The rest of the morning has been off kelter.  I couldn't find my coffee cup.  I need that particular cup as much as I require the coffee I pour into it.  Its part of my morning ritual.  Then somehow misplaced time to get things done.  I made cuts and settled... not something I like to do.  Mornings should be carefully completed at a steady and calm pace.

I managed to toss an egg in a pan, cook it and then shove it into a couple of pieces of bread... which were shoved into a walmart bag for lack of a baggie and then shoved one last time into my purse.
When I arrived at school, breakfast pizza was waiting for me.  I'll eat the sad egg sandwich for lunch.

One thing about waking up running down the hall... I am wide awake today, even if I've no idea why.
Well its time to go listen to children read, exercise with Kindergarteners and beyond into the day.  The Bear is picking me up at eleven... cool beans.
Short day for me... off to the town to the left.

What wakes you that way?


  1. What usually wakes me is my children. Nose bleeds, coughs, bad dreams. &c. Or this one from yesterday, about 4 am:

    Dada, can I get in with you?

    Hmm? Yeah, ok buddy. (zzzzz) 3 year-old snuggles in


    Hmm? (zzzzz)

    I'm wet.


  2. I've never found myself actually out of bed in an upright position before realizing I'm awake. I've fallen out of bed a few times, if that helps. Very disconcerting, that. I hadn't done it in years - since late childhood, really - but did so about three months ago. Just rolled over and - THUD - there I was on the floor wondering if I was 12 again. Sadly, I wasn't.

  3. Suldog, I feel for you.

    My husband pushes me off the bed. Not on purpose. At least that's his story. There I am, face down on the floor again. Mumbling. A person can get used to anything, I suppose, because I hadn't consciously thought of it until I read your post. This bodes ill.

    Typically, though, it's my pack of dogs that wake me up. One bark. One very loud bark and I hit the ground running. Then it's the obligatory jumping up and down all over the hallway. The dogs do it, too though it's more fun when it's just me doing the jumping. Wigs them out and always produces the tilted dog head look from all four of them.

    Here's to being wide awake. Here's to finding that coffee cup. Here's to the most important thing: THE COFFEE!

  4. Cricket~ Yikes! What a way to wake up. Hahahaha

    When Max was little, he got up, went down the hall and turned right... the way to the bathroom. Unfortunately he took the second right, not the first and his horrified sister found him peeing in the fridge!

    After that Bear would pop out of bed anytime she heard her brother up at night. I was lucky to have a second momma in the house.

  5. I rarely wake up that way. I'm not so good at waking up...I'm also not very good at falling asleep. Apparently I have problems with transitions.

  6. Suldog~ What a let down to find yourself thudded to the floor and not twelve! Ha. I have not fallen out of bed in a very long time. I did lose a toe that way when I was 5... but you've heard that story.

  7. Peggy~ OMG I needed my coffee cup so much this morning... and I found it! Its a huge starbucks mug. Its white outside so that I tell at a glance if it needs to be cleaned... red inside. I love red.
    It is a grounding device.

    I bet your dogs love you to pieces. I can picture you in your hall leaping about! Hahahahaha...

  8. Churlita-- That sounds funny, but I know what you mean. I am the exact opposite. I close my eyes with the intent to sleep and the next time I open them, it is morning and I am awake. MOST of the time. Twice a month I cannot fall alseep to save my soul.

  9. Falling in a dream always wakes me suddenly. Fortunately, I don't lurch enough to fall out of bed.

    I also have a favorite mug. Currently it is the the one I bought atop Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. Drinking out of it reminds me of having survived the sheer terror of the drive up the 6,288 foot mountain.

    It is the first one I look for in the morning, but if it's not clean, whatever is in the dishwasher will do. The main thing is the

  10. i sprint out of bed and head straight to the computer to see what words of wisdom bbc is dispensing.

  11. Occasionally a dream wakes me that way and I bolt out of bed. In my kids' younger days, a yell from one of them would do it.

  12. When my kids were small, I felt like I was always half awake. As they've grown up, I've easily relearned the luxury of a deep sleep.

    I am, fortunately, a good sleeper. I get tired, I go to sleep, I stay asleep until it is time to get up. Almost always :-)

  13. Cube-- I have always hit the ground running for reasons that escape me. But not very often. It is a creepy feeling.

    My mug is my security blanket I think. Ha. Its mine... no one else should use it or touch it.

    But you are correct my kitty-corner twin... coffee is the main thing!

  14. billy pilgrim-- okay... i nearly busted a gut on that one. fortunately my mouth was not full of coffee this time. ha! i'm so glad you stopped in.

  15. secret agent woman-- I think being a mother gave me mother radar. I can't tell you how many times I knew to wake up and check on my escaping Bear or other kids in the nick of time. Big grins.

  16. laura b.-- Being a mom really changes us doesn't it?