Monday, January 11, 2010


Wow what a day.  I got to work and settled back into a new work week.  I was walking around and my shins kept hurting.  I thought... what the heck is this about?  Duh...
walking up steep waterfall climbs.  Oh yeah.  I'm not sure if it was the grade up or down... or maybe both.  I guess it was more of a work out than I thought.  

Not much happened at work besides work.  I did have a funny little customer.  She's about as big as the second hand on a watch face.  Twice she cracked me up.  The  first time we were going through letters.  They say things like A, apple, aah.  She looks at me with a twinkle and says "B, bear balls" then giggled.  A bit later we were writing sentences and she came up with "Len Hen can get some."  This cracked her up.  Me too, but for different reasons... I hope.  That's life in tiny toon land.

I was glad to be home when my day ended.  I had decided to walk, then changed my mind.  A friend gave me a ride to pick up some money from X and then on to the market.  Unremarkable, except for my brief visit with X.  He has developed a blind spot in one eye.  This is a man who once fought myself and two friends as we forced him to get him into the car and to a doctor.  Kind of like trying to give a cat a bath. Talk about wrestling!  He has no health insurance, naturally.  So I spent some time looking for funding.  He will get his eye checked out.  It will be paid for.  Good.

Home at last, one fire put out, time for a calm evening.
Then I go on FaceBook and find that Mikey P. had a driving mishap.  He was going through the blue mountains and heading into terrible winds... the hood blew up, smashed the windshield and knocking off the rear view mirror, as he was passing a semi.  He got the car stopped safely, but the wind was so bad that he had to help his friend pull the door open and it took both of them to get the hood back down.  Yikes!  I am thankful that both of them are okay and the car can be driven home.

It was not but a bit over a year ago that Mikey P. nearly died from bacterial meningitis on a trip to Pullman.  He was working, like today.  He is self-employed and his job requires travel.  Bear tells me later, once she was over the initial shock of today's weirdness, that she feels it is time for him to look for different employment.  He has worked very hard to make his business go and he earns a good living for them.  But I can understand what she is saying too.  Its hard when someone you care about has troubles so far from home.

But really Bear... I had to find out on FB?  Sheesh!  And you say I'm bad about getting in touch.  Okay... I am terrible about it.  I guess I can't complain too much.

The rest of my evening passed uneventfully in my usual manor.  I did get a call from my favorite frog, but he was so tired sounding that  I was glad when he decided he needed to sleep.  He was plain rummy.

I suppose it was a Monday, as Mondays will be.  Weird with strange events.  But we made it through the other end.  That is the important thing.  I hope your Monday was not typical of the Monday syndrome.  Thank goodness tomorrow is another day.  Let's hope its a smooth one for us all.


  1. Yes, let's all hope for a smooth day. That would be nice. Glad your Mikey is ok. That is one of the strangest near-accident stories I've heard.

    Thursday, I managed to drive over some ugly, jagged metal. Needed to replace a tire. Then, over the week-end, my wife and I managed to get bothour cars into the shop. Boo, hiss. At least there were no accidents. Hers is back, mine hopefully today. Well, what can you do?

    I was listening to The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan and thought of you and some of your recent posts, probably because we appear to have very similar tastes in many things. Anyway, the lyric that caught my ear was:

    The Lone Ranger and Tonto were walking down the line
    Fixing everybody's troubles, everybody's but mine
    Someone must've told 'em I was doing fine.
    - Bob Dylan's Dream

    Now I think that line is hilarious. Always have. Best wishes for your Tuesday.

  2. i can't say much for my monday. it started with a broken carton of eggs on the floor before i had to go to work. there was a good conversation with one of the limelettes at the end of the day though so not a total loss.

  3. I'm glad Mickey is OK too. Cars can be fixed more easily than people.

    Our Monday was cold by our standards. The dew on my daughter's truck had frozen on the windshield and the hot water we poured on it later froze on the carport. That's unusual for Florida.

    The water in the pool's pump basket froze overnight and when the pump's timer kicked in, it was making a horrible racket. We shut down the pump and were crossing our fingers that we won't need a new one. That is also unusual for Florida.

    We are all wishing that this arctic blast beats feet out of here soon.

  4. Cube, just a tip from this Wyomingite, it's highly recommended that you don't put hot water on a frozen windshield. But I imagine ice scrapers are probably an endangered species down there...

    Love that picture Ananda! And glad no one got hurt.

  5. That is so scary. I'm glad he made it through it, but jeesh!

    I hope this week gets better and better...For all of us.

  6. Cricket-- Thanks for the lyric! It's perfect. Ha.

    Hey, I did the drive over jagged metal too (the night I saw The Pogues). Car problems. We do have much in common. Sheesh. I keep telling myself life is an adventure!

  7. Glad it ended well lime. Broken eggs are such a mess.

  8. Cube-- I know that sound... the filter is clogged or dry or... frozen? Yikes. I hope the pump didn't burn out. When I first moved up here from my hot zone, I was freezing for the first ten or so years. I hope you get warm soon.

  9. KenV-- Thanks. Took it fairly close to my home... a place I pass every single day. I try to stop and look at it, then turn and look at the cliffs that rise behind me. I remind myself to be thankful.

  10. Churlita-- Me too! I'm borrowing laura b.'s postitive attitude and looking on the bright side toady while thinking good thoughts for everyone else.

  11. Wow, so glad to hear Mikey is okay...that sounds scary! Isn't it amazing the things our grown kids choose to share or not share with us, though? I mean, really!
    And thanks for the little comment comment about my positive attitude. It helps.

  12. laura b.-- You are welcome. I often find that when I am feeling so-so, that I visit your blog and feel inspired to focus on the positive. My hat is tipped to you!

    Yes... it is a marvel.

  13. Glad to hear he's okay, too. Yikes.

    I so need to walk but the roads/paths are still covered in snow. Hopefully later in the week when we get the above-freezing temps they are forecasting.

  14. secret agent woman-- I have been missing my car terribly. Not because I need it to get around here. But because it makes walking indoors before work possible... with a return for a nice hot shower after before going back for my work day. The weather here refuses to cooperate. Its frustrating isn't it?

    I hope your snow days end soon.

  15. There wasn't anything weird about my day, I have pretty good control of my days anymore.

    I did buy a new 20 ton gas powered wood splitter, but nothing weird about that.

  16. Little kids are so easily amused. I think more adults need to take lessons from them. I think the world would so much nicer if that were the case.

    I do hope X gets his eyes straightened out. That's nothing to screw around with, and it could be a sign of other problems.

    I can't figure out if Mikey P. is lucky or unlucky. I'd prefer to think lucky since the way it sounds, the odds of things ending badly are a bit higher.

  17. Billy B. Glad you had a good day. That splitter sounds like a good one.

  18. AlienCG-- I think you are right about the nature of children. We can learn a great deal from them. I enjoy them anyway.

    I hope X does too. I worry about strokes. They run in his family. I wish that on no one. But so does diabetes and if you do not take care of it, then you have problems like blindness. So that could be another scary factor.

    Well Mikey P. is dear to my heart, so I am counting it as very lucky indeed. :-)

  19. Why so much concern about an X? If he is that special maybe you should have hung onto him?

  20. Billy B.-- Because he is a human being. Because he is the father of my children and they care about him... what hurts him, hurts them. And I wish him no harm.

  21. Whatever, I'm going to bed now. So are the thousands of women and children that die of starvation everyday while the X drinks beer human beings. But I've never noticed you fussing about them.

    I guess that he is only special to you.

    On the bright side, I'm going to bed so won't be messing with your thinker for the rest of the evening.

    But keep in mind that the rest of the world doesn't care about your X or your kids. Not even the readers of your blog that leave mushy stuff when you post about them.

    It's just all a bunch of bullshit, I mean monkey shit.

  22. Monkey shit aside, I care about Ananda, her family and her X and no one can speak for me except myself. Take issue with me and only me if you want to.
    Hope X gets that checked out soon, hope Mikey P. is safe, happy and healthy.

  23. Peggy-- Thank you. I find it hard to stop caring about people even after things become final like my relationship with X. I am what I am. And I know that some people do care. It is appreciated your comment very much.

  24. Billy B.-- You and I are not alike. You know that. Our minds run on different tracks. I hear what you say, but I do have my own mind about things. But I also appreciate your opinion, even when we disagree.

  25. KenV: Thanks for the tip about the hot water on the windshield. I didn't know that. We don't have ice scrapers around here but I could always order one online. Thankfully nothing happened this time.

  26. Mushy stuff. Mushy stuff. Mushy stuff. Mushy stuff. Mushy stuff.


  27. When of the biggest blessings of the blog world, I think, is that you do encounter people who genuinely come to care about you. And I completely get it about the ex - I don't want to be back married but I still want him to be happy and well.

  28. Thank god no one was hurt in the car. That freaks me out. Cars frighten me. They are beasts.