Saturday, January 16, 2010


Tax-mas arrived with a bang!
The Bear picked me up as promised and we went to the town on the left, where I did my taxes and did my other little errand... ick.


Turkey was in good spirits.  Squeaky accompanied us as well.  We had to celebrate right?

We love Mexican food.  That California thing that infects our lives.  I grew up with it... Bear is married to it via the original "green bean" in our lives.  My grandson the newest "green bean" dips his straw into the hot sauce to drink it.  

I tried like the dickens to show you how large my margarita was!  This is "Raptor Jesus" according to Squeaky, who...  after I took this photo to prove how huge this monster drink was... commented that dinosaurs come in varying sizes.  Okay, so that did not work. 

This is my last effort to prove its size.  That is a normal table knife and glass of water.  30 oz. of margarita!  Need I say more?  If so, I'm out of ideas.  But it was a big fecking drink and I felt pretty darned good by the time I left.  It was a day worth celebrating.  I can think of no better way... okay I might be lying about that... than to be with family I love and have a good time.

I made great strides in my sorry little life today.  I arranged immediately for my car to be fixed by a real mechanic on Monday.  Yay!
I got a new phone that works, a land line with unlimited minutes, better internet, paid some bills that were in need to be paid,added to my savings, got my own battery charger... that told me that my battery was dead as a doornail...and spent time with people that I enjoy and love. Progress is a good thing.  Fun is also a great thing.  That I had.

Spent some time with DH on line.  Talked to my favorite frog twice.  Batted back some emails from other frogs.  All my boy-os showed up to visit tonight as well.

Now I am on the edge of a 3 day weekend... with Monday paid.  I have some plans that are not exactly interesting, but should prove to give me some satisfaction... housework, laundry, and cleaning up the newest mess that the smelly dog made on the porch.  May as well get those things done while I have time and no transportation.

Inspired by Churlita, I think I will get some paint for my room and maybe hit that too.  I like positive change.  I like being busy.

On Monday I have promised to join two lunitics from my work in their maddness to exercise.  They have joined some "Biggest Loser" deal in the area.  I am not joining, but I will exercise with them and we will be each other's trainers.
Ought to prove interesting if nothing else.  Ha.  Tomorrow I get back to walking again.  Yay!  I have missed that so much.

Then I will sit down and write a bit of more serious stuff.  I have not done that in some time now, as you may have noticed.  Time to get back to that.  So look for much more entertaining stuff tomorrow.

Now I will hit the hay... early but after my day, I am beat.  Maybe a bit liquid if the truth be told.  But happy.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Do you have 3 days off?  What will you do with your weekend?

Here is a nice photo of my gorge.  Enjoy!

Gosh what a beautiful day it was!


  1. Well then, here's wishing you a very Merry Taxmas. They say you shouldn't do it (they... feh!), but we await our refund with visions of sugar-plums as well.

    "Raptor Jesus" ?!? I like that. Maybe someday I'll do a post on the crazy-ass things my kids come up with.

  2. Progress and fun - sounds like a well-balanced day. I hope the exercise with your lunatic friends proves to be at least enjoyable.

    I don't get paid holidays since I'm self-employed. :) But I am taking Monday off to go watch my son play in the MLK parade.

  3. Cricket-- I love the things that kids say! We have so many ridiculous family jokes that came from the wisdom of small children. No one else gets them, but we do. My children have entertained me beyond measure. In college I was never going to have kids... boy am I glad that I did.

    Thank you sir... and merry, merry Tax-mas to you and yours!

    “There is no delight in owning anything unshared.” ~ Seneca

  4. Secret agent woman-- It was a wonderful day.

    I wish I could watch your son march and play and hope that you will post some of your wonderful photos on the parade. I can't think of a better way to spend some of your holiday!

    These two lunatics ought to prove to be very entertaining. Ha. I'm sure that I will be too. I'm the grand dame, there is one 7 years younger than me and the baby is a 30-something rugby player. I suspect we will all over-do, become wiser but very sore and then make some better choices that will give us success.

  5. The tamest drunken post ever... just kidding!


    Awesome pics of your chilluns and gorge! Wish my gorge was that gorgeous. Looks more like a ditch. Cause it is...a ditch.

  6. KenV-- That gave me a good laugh. Yes, I was a bit tipsy. But Bear was driving. I never drink enough to get a hangover. So I am in a pretty good mood today. Big grins.

  7. KenV-- When I lived in Fresno I had several ditches! But you know about those probably. Yes, it is stunning here.

  8. Ah, the glorious Margarita. I settle for smoothies nowadays.
    On a happier note, I just love camping this time of year!

  9. Peggy-- Camping this time of year up here requires a camper! ha. But i do like camping.

  10. I like the idea that others are camping :)

  11. Peggy-- I hope that fun is being had by all.

  12. That gargantuan margarita looks divine. I enjoyed seeing your different scaling methods :-)

    It is cool to see you feeling all happy and on top of stuff. I am pretty happy, but could definitely stand to be more on top of stuff.

    Sadly, this is not a three day weekend for me. Enjoy yours and a very Merry Tax-mas to you!!!

  13. laura b.-- Being on top of stuff doesn't happen that often for me. I think Tax-mas is about the only time it happens. Ha.

    I was having fun with my camera and margarita... toss in a dinosaur and I'm happy as can be. Ha.

    Oh no, I am sorry you have to work. That surprises me. I thought all public places would close. All next week I'll be reading to the kiddos about Martin.

    Yikes... I am the only one I know so far who has it off. Might be a lonely day!

  14. 30 oz margaritas!

    i guess all the frogs look prettier at closing time.

  15. billy pilgrim-- Hahahahaha... hey, everyone looked prettier alright.
    There were also lots of ice cubes in that glass.

  16. That margarita looks wonderful. I want to see before and after shots of your room. It's amazing how much a little paint can change the personality of room.

  17. Churlita-- You got it! I did not buy the paint yet. But look for it.

  18. Happy Tax-mas to you. We're self-employed so any big refund from the IRS means that I paid too much throughout the year. Tax time is not good for me. It makes me want one of those amazing colossal margaritas... or three ;-)

    Also, we don't get paid holidays either. We ended up doing chores around the house on Monday and ordering pizza for dinner. Not as good as your day.

  19. Cube-- My parents stressed horribly over their business taxes. It was always a time we kids walked on tip toe.

    Well, you are one of the first people I thought of... you and laura b. when that monster margarita came to the table. So those photos were for you two in particular. Good luck with your taxes this year, Cube.

    I get a lot of holidays paid that no one else seems to get. And I accidently got this job. But I feel for those people who don't have those options.

    I like pizza!