Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Cool beans.

What an interesting and somewhat exhausting week.  As it turned out I did not get to meet with my favorite frog.  He was three quarters of the way up and into my state, when he got called into work on a new job.  In construction, you have to work when there is work.  I understand that.  So he pulled into a motel to get some sleep before he had to turn around to get back in time for work.

My work week was pretty good. I didn't damage any children this week.  No one cried.  We had a sub one day in Special Ed... and that makes the kids go bonkers.  But the sub was happy to let them and even joined in a bit.

One of the coolest things about my job is when a student has an ah-ha moment.  Today one of the kids that I am helping to learn how to print clicked on how to write a "g".  He got so excited that he was jumping up and down saying "I did it!"  over and over.  We let him and everyone clapped.  Remember when drawing a "g" right could make your day?

I have been making plans with DH to go there for the weekend.  Last night he asked me when I'd come down.  I said Friday after school.  Then as a joke I said unless I have a day off... I did not think so, but I'd check.  It turned out that I don't work on Friday.  So I'm off tomorrow as soon as school gets out and heading south.  The weather is even cooperating this trip.  I haven't been there since New Years.  Almost a month.  Sanctuary is sounding great to me.

So tonight was a cookie baking marathon.  I find that I cannot bake DH cookies and not make some for the boy-os.  They protest loudly now that they know I can make cookies.  The last batch of macaroons is in the oven as I type. 

Squeaky is mad about the oatmeal cookies.  I simply did not have enough time to bake all six dozen.  Their half went into the fridge as dough.  They can bake them.  Besides, I made Squeaky's shish-ka-bobs and pilaf for diner. I shopped for all their favorite foods and snackers earlier.  They will not starve or want.

I have to wait for the dryer to finish before I can complete my packing.  I am always afraid that I will forget something... here and there.  I ususally take too much stuff too.

DH will work on Friday, so I'll have the run of his home to myself.  I enjoy that. I'll probably go out for a walk if it does not rain there.  I can get some writing done that I have not had time to do.  Maybe a long hot soak in the tub free from phones and kids.  We have the same taste in music, so I have tons of that there too and a great sound system.  It really is like a vacation for me when I go there.

I still have stuff to do yet.  I'd like to say that I am usually more organized than this... but I'm not.  My plans tend to be thwarted by my brood.  Squeaky's clothes were in the washer when I went to do mine.  Things like that happen.  But I am excited and won't sleep worth a darn anyway.

I will not post tomorrow.  I want to spend the evening with DH.  But look for one by about 10:00 AM on Friday.

Hey does anyone else have yahoo?  My mail has been freaking out.  I keep getting delayed emails.  I just got one that DH sent last Monday.  How weird is that?  Does anyone know how to fix it?  Is it my mail or is it his computer?  I don't know.



  1. Those ah ha moments are wonderful, but how especially great tat you had a hand in making it happen!

    Too bad about the frog, hope he plans another trip. No yahoo for me - I go with gmail.

  2. Sorry Mr. Froggie didn't go a-courtin'. Also sorry that I couldn't resist a dumb, obvious joke.

    Love macaroons, my Nana used to make them, plain coconut with a maraschino cherry pressed in and unbelievably dense. Each one seemed to weigh far more than it ought to, for its size.

    On packing, I follow this maxim: Take the advice of one who knows, bring twice the cash and half the clothes. Works for me, anyway. Have a great week-end. Sanctuary sounds wonderful.

    Sometimes I really think I should have been a monk.

  3. Was it a straight printing "g" or a Times New Roman style "g"? You know, that funny shaped one?

    Tell Squeaky to get over it and don't burn the house down trying to bake cookies. Kabob and pilaf sounds like a good dinner.

    Have a fun weekend and relax.

  4. i love oatmeal cookies, as a matter of fact i bought a box at the bakery a few days ago.

    do you put raisins in them?

  5. billy pilgrim-- No, not if I am going to eat them. Never! I put walnuts in them.

    I have a thing about raisins... ick. I remember farm workers peeing on the grapes where I grew up. I can't convince my brain that you can get that off. Worse, they leave them out in the sun to dry that way. Eeewwww.

    But if DH wanted raisins, I would.

    Would you like raisins in yours billy?

  6. Good thing you don't hurt children.
    I am tired of yahoo. You have to click like 5 times to get to your email.

  7. Pamela-- I have never had trouble with it before, and frankly laughed at my friends on comcast who constantly have trouble.

    Karma kick-back for me?

    Yes... too many cookies!

  8. secret agent woman-- He has to pass by here to get home. There will be other opportunities.

    I have six different email accounts. But only yahoo sits on my tool bar where I can work elsewhere and see at a glance that I have mail. Does gmail do that?

  9. Cricket-- If not you with the froggy joke, someone else would have stepped up to temptation. Ha!

    Ha. When I was little I wanted to be Bernadette or Joan of Arc. Now days, you're right... a monk might not have been a bad choice.

    You would not believe how much crap I managed to load into my car this morning! Thanks for the advice... next time.

  10. AlienCG-- I will tell Squeaky that!

    It was the type of g that you can see in billy pilgrim's name below your comment.

    Thank you ACG. I am going to relax and have fun. I was so excited last night that I flopped around most of it. Tonight I will crash and burn... then sleep in as long as I want and be completely renewed. Big grins.

  11. Um... I wish you hadn't shared that bit about the raisins. Ew.

  12. How fun. have a great weekend. And you better not blog tonight. Remember. I'm living vicariously through and I would soooo not be on the computer when I was visiting a fun guy.

  13. So, when I eat a bag of Raisinettes, I'm actually eating chocolate-covered migrant-worker pissballs? I think I'm going to switch to Goobers.

    Love the story about the kid getting all excited about making "G". I wish we could readily recapture such wonder and fun. Perhaps that's what it will be like in Heaven, awe concerning most everything. Nice thought to think, anyway.

  14. It is wonderful to see that "aha" moment in kids. I still remember when I tought my sister how to drink from a straw. Her face just lit up. Also, the days my daughter understood the fact that stars are just suns that are very far away. Her eyes grew wide and she broke out into a big smile. Cool beans! You are lucky to work with kids everyday.

    Sorry, but I can't help as far as the email thing goes.

    Have fun at the DH sanctuary. Enjoy the quiet.

  15. Um, that's taught... I really am a good speller, I just can't type worth a crap.

  16. Cricket-- Ooops. My apologies. I think most of the folk here have heard my raisin rant. Its my little phobia. I would not wish it on you!

  17. Churlita-- I promise, no blog tonight! I have a different agenda.

  18. Suldog-- Trust your gut here... Goobers are the way to go!

    That would be heaven. I can recall that feeling as a kid. Every now and then I still have it hit me when I least expect it.

  19. Cube-- Kids can be a pain, but I do love my job and I do love kids!

    This morning I asked a small reading group what another word for bug was. One doe-eyed little doll looked at me and said "Natzi!"

    Conan can't write humor like that. I laugh often.

    You have a marvelous weekend. I will, guaranteed. :-)


  21. Have a relaxing and replenishing long weekend in Sanctuary. All will be fine on the home front :-)

    I use gmail pretty exclusively now. You can get a toolbar for it too, so that you can see incoming email and chat, without your gmail open in a tab. I like it...I like it a lot. You can't tell, but I sounded just like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber when I said that.

  22. laura b.-- Thank you. That is good to know. Others have told me that they like gmail better.

    Those silly boys will be fine, I know. The oldest one will check on them and so will their dad. Last night Squeaky cleaned the house. Squeaky cleans, Max cooks and Lorn is a dish-doer. Works out well huh?

    I will have a terriffic weekend. I hope you do too.

    Yikes. The mechanic is still working on my car!!!! But it should not take too long. Phew! I have to hit the road or go insane at this point. My whole nervous system is whining that I promised it an escape.

  23. Well, I am again suspicious about the favorite frog. It just sounds too much like what happened to my other blog buddy.

    And while I did not work with little kids, I did once work at a school, but it was a school for adults. I miss the energy. I miss the jumping up and down and dancing when someone passed a difficult test.

  24. Have a great time on your hiatus! I'm very jealous!

  25. I had to test that out by sending myself an email from one account to the one I had up and running and yes, gmail sits on the toolbar in my browser (google chrome) and shows if there is a new email.

  26. Maybe a long hot soak in the tub free from phones and kids.

    When I was visiting you my cell phone was turned off, yours wasn't and it was always ringing and interrupting our conversations. That irritated the hell out of me.

    Your kids are adults now, tell them to stop being so dependent on you and how too take care of themselves and just turn your phone off when with others.

    I have three Yahoo mail accounts but my favorite mail program is Outlook Express cuz it's on my computer and not web based.

  27. Please don't stop eating raisins. Those poor old, wrinkly things are our bread and butter. My husband promises to stop peeing on them. The prunes, however...
    By now, you're already having a blast.

  28. It seems like you are always running away, that's interesting.

  29. laughing-- Thanks for your concern about the favorite frog. I'm a cautious person. And I am not committed to anything. Nor do I trust anyone easily. I will take your warning to heart.

    Teaching is very satisfying...but it can be stressful too. Most of the time I love it. The politics of work are what tend to bog me down from time to time.

  30. KenV-- Thanks! What I enjoy most here in my sanctuary is that nothing can touch me here... outside of this sphere anyway. It is very relaxing. The company is great. My only responsibility is to be a good friend and respectful guest.

  31. BBC-- My apologies that I had my cell going while you were here. I don't recall that, but I am sure you are right.

    I arrived here, let my family know that I made the drive safely, then the cell phone went in my purse. I do still check it now and then because my family always has the right to contact me. However, when I am here they rarely do.

  32. Billy B.-- Isn't that what you do when you go camping? You go to get away from the monkeys as you say. Call it camping... call it running it sanctuary. It is the same thing.