Saturday, January 23, 2010

One Way Out-The Allman Bros. Band

Here's to angels of all sorts.

What a great day.  I got my car back at long, long last. I cannot tell you how great it feels to drive after dark and be able to use my headlights, wipers and the defroster all at the same time without worry that I will not make it home before the battery gives out.  As far as I am concerned, the mechanic who fixed it is an angel for certain... so thanks Mark.

It was even a good day at work today.  But then, everyone is generally in high spirits on Fridays.  I am writing this on Friday night... late.  The kids were good.  Our special ed teacher was gone for the day and a fun sub was there to take her place.  A few minor confusions, but nothing that anyone needed to get upset about happened.  That is a good day in my opinion.  I didn't make any children cry today.  Instead, they were all angels.

With my own car back, I did not have to play Bullwinkle to Rocket J. Squirrel, who has been very nice to me.  You know there is nothing like independence.  Still... here's to Rocket J. Squirrel, yet another angel of sorts.  My gratitude is in the right place.  Thank you sir! 

Train A has left the depot.  Had a good chat with him before departure.  Train B has yet to depart.  Granted they are going via different routes and each has others to see on their journeys.  I am a stop on the way up or the way down.  Oddly enough both are headed for the same point north as well as departing from the same southern location.  What are the odds of that?  Still with different departures, it's my hope that the time lines will not meet here. What a pickle that would be!  I do not know if they are angels or not.  Right now they are only frogs.
Guess time will tell eh?

So who do you think will end up at the Superbowl?
I don't know much, but would be happy with any combination of The Vikings, The Jets or New Orleans. 
Fun stuffs to look forward to anyway.

Meanwhile, DH abides.  I'll be going there next weekend... and Superbowl weekend for certain. I'm thinking I'd like to make boudin (pronounced boo dan) and dirty rice for the occation.  Ever had either?  I bet at least Cube knows what I am talking about... maybe secret agent woman too.  Good stuffs!

Well you all know what I am up to this weekend and there is no use talking more about it until after the fact.
What are all of you doing to fill your time? 
Happy weekend everybody!  Enjoy! 


  1. Are you going to stuff it yourself or just buy it? I've never made sausage from scratch. Sounds yummy either way.

    I only care about the Vikings going to the Super Bowl.

    Glad you had an angelic day. I had a pretty good week myself thanks to some angels in Massachusetts :-)

  2. Cube-- I am making it myself. I decided not to stuff them. (Hahaha... when i began to read your comment, I was not sure what you were talking about. Morning brain!)
    I have a recipe where you make them into balls like meatballs and fry them. I've never done it before, so we thought we'd give it a whirl.

    DH has two of Farve's rookie cards. I would be happy with a Vikings bowl. Heck of a game last week.

    Bless those Massachusetts angels!

  3. i've had the nephilim watching my back for years.

    i used to be a big football fan.

    then i grew up.

  4. billy pilgrim-- That is a wonderful thing.

    I can't afford to totally grow up.

  5. Yay for your car!

    I want the Colts and Vikings in the Superbowl. Colts because I lived in Indy for a while when I was a wee lad. Vikings because although Favre really annoys me, he makes for a great story.

    I've been busy, just finished a tshirt design for this non profit Defenders of Children. Squirrels are using ropes and climbing and hanging off of a big bear who has kids in his mouth, the squirrels are grabbing the kids out of his mouth. It is called, "The Rescue," hehe... hope the shirts will turn out cool. Also, well I am working on getting my website off the ground, designing the pages for that. I am very excited to get it done!

  6. Sebastien-- That shirt sounds awesome! I love it.

    Yay for car!!!!

    As for Favre... I have a devil of a time trying to spell his name. I think the Colts have an ex-Duck! But I could be wrong. Favre annoys a lot of people... prima donna. But playing at his age is rare and that impresses me. He is good too.

    Good luck with the web page... that's exciting news. Can't wait to see it!

  7. ananda - i wanted the ravens - what a happy bouncy team and the cardinals cuz we are a kurt warner fan kind of family (and sadly i am not sure if it would even be possible for the 2 to play each other cuz even though i have been watching football for over 30 years, i don't get the league thing)

    food sounds good - you appear to be the best cook ever - even when we were wee teens you could cook up a storm!!!!

    great weekend to you!!!

  8. Good news about your car!

    I hope you have a great weekend...seems nearly guaranteed between your angels and your frogs! Can't wait to hear the details.

    I am working today (Saturday), but tomorrow is all for me and DR to enjoy.

  9. Is it still football season?

    I'm so glad you have your car back, and am very interested to watch the traveling frogs dilemma play out. I'm hoping both meetings go well.