Thursday, January 7, 2010

Madness - Our House

I had a different plan for today's post. It was intended to be about the house I grew up in.

Yikes. Things have gone amok. I've lost my voice, which is minor. It may even make some people happy. Ha. It has given me 2 days off of work. You cannot read to the kiddies if you can't say the words. Part of the problem with my voice is work. They've been laying new flooring and the glue really irritated my throat and lungs... kicking off my asthma... which rarely happens and before I knew it, my voice was no longer available. Now I'm doing the old hot salt water gargle bit. Gee didn't you want to know that? And I spit too!

Yesterday Max went to the store around 4:30PM and never came back. He was last seen in the company of his notorious drinking buddy.... so my assumption is that he's passed out there.

I would have liked to have eaten the soup he was bringing me for diner. Eventually Lorn and I had polish dogs and chili... not near as soothing to my voiceless throat, but we were not starving.

Then they began to talk about freezing rain in the gorge. Mind you... at this time it was already freaky cold out there and the wind was vicious. I had worried about Max in the cold walking around before I considered he might be doing it crocked. I could see Max deciding that he needed to sit down and have a itty bitty rest... then freezing to death under a tree.

My imagination is so vivid on issues like this that I can tell you what the state cop would look like who shows up to tell me they've found my son frozen to death under a tree. Yet I can't tell you how many times I have done these scenarios with my kids over the years. Under trees... drown in the river where they were never allowed to go alone... and of course being kids did exactly what they were not supposed to do. Bear used to be frozen while making a snow angel and passing out. Totally absurd. My sister Cinderella does the same thing.

Part of me was angry of course. I want my soup! Why didn't he call me? He was with A who has a phone. Oh yeah... I'd thrown a hissy fit about phone minutes. Wow... bad call on that one.

I wasted several minutes trying to find him. Once I learned he was with A, I gave up on it. He has probably had a very good time. But his dad did not give up on it. I kept getting worried calls... is he there yet? Each had its own little tirade about inconsideration. The more I tried to forget it and enjoy what evening I had, the more his dad called.

Well its 10:00AM and still no Max. Not so unusual. He can sleep until 4:00PM if he partied hard enough. I take it as a good sign... no state troopers. My ex-bus driver is going to come get me to take me to get my soup. I will live. So will Max.... though I may kill him once he gets here.

The whole night was not a loss. I had a nice long communication with a new frog who is very interesting and funny. He's not from here originally, so has an accent. Yeah... I wasted a few minutes there and squeaked in my almost missing voice. We are going out on Saturday. Cool beans.

I felt bad though, because I had let other people know that I was not going to be open to phone conversation without my voice. But, I was not expecting that one.

I did email DH back and forth all evening, but that is just the norm. When I go down there, we work on his shop... he's been getting new tools and trying to create space for them. A big deal is this new router that he's been working on making a cabinet for... he got it done last night. I said to take a photo of it and send it to me. He said no... come here and see it in person. I would really like that very much but will have to find a way to work that in... and not this weekend.

About that time his evening began to go haywire and he started having issues to deal with on his end like my Max problem. Time to call it a night there too. We wished each other luck.

So went my yesterday. Some nice ups and some stress I did not need... which led to this post.

My ride will be here in a few and I have not begun to think about putting on clothes yet. Maybe I should do that huh? Ta!

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. That is stressful. I would freak if one of my girls did that. I hope at this point, they know better than to leave me room to create bizarre scenarios in my head. It will only make things bad for them.

    Good luck on the new frog. DH seems pretty relaxed about the other frogs. Is he just not a commitment guy?

  2. Churlita-- Max is home. That's a whole other post. My kids give me the hell that I gave my parents. Payback is you know what.

    Yes, that is a good way to put it. DH is not ready to settle immediately back down after his divorce. He's almost as new as I am. I'm not either. It's got to be really something to get me to risk a new misery. I am not even remotely upset by this. Its the most honest relationship I think I have ever had and it works really well.

  3. Oh my goodness...the things our 'grown-up' kids will put us through. I know the scenario creation loop well :-)

    I'm sorry to hear about your voice. I can't remember the last time I actually couldn't talk...more's the pity, I'm sure. But get well soon and keep on enjoying the frog pond and its citizens.

  4. laura b.-- Yes. I am glad that he is safe... but I'll give him hell for it later.

    I am not in any pain at all. Just silent. It ought to make for an interesting date. This one sent me a photo of a wombat crossing! Oddly enough, we call Max a wombat all the time... and he certainly crossed me. hahaha

    I am having a great time. So much so that my Friday Fables have been put away. Life in here and now is sweet. I like being here.

  5. Sorry about your voice. I hope you have a white board to bring on your date ;-)

    Like most parents, we have communication problems with our kids too. We pay a lot of money for unlimited cell phone service and, yet, we still have trouble reaching them when they are out. The cell phone that is NEVER off at home for their friends is often magically off when we are trying to find out if they are still alive. It's a maddening situation to say the least.

    BTW I make a Kale soup that is out of this world. Too bad I'm on the other side of the continent or I would've dropped off a quart or two. Hope you heal soon.

  6. Cube-- Isn't that the truth about phones off!

    I like your whiteboard idea... may actually do that for a giggle.

    Oh... I'd love to have that recipe! Thank you for your kindness!

  7. Max is a young adult, if he is stupid enough to get drunk and die in a freezing rain maybe he deserves to?

    It was intended to be about the house I grew up in.

    Hum, I grew up in many.

    I don't have any great plans for the weekend, working on improvements in the camper I guess, the wood heater is now working better than ever so I'll make a duct system to move heat to the floor.

    I suppose by next weekend I'll be on a camping trip. Not that it has to be on a weekend, being as I'm retired, and loving it.

  8. No one deserves to die in a freezing rain.
    Stop it.

  9. Billy B.-- I know you are joking about Max, but Peggy is right. No one deserves to die for a foolish mistake. The hangover he ended up with was punishment enough.

    I am glad that you have things to keep you busy. I hope you enjoy your camping trip.