Sunday, December 5, 2010


Yes... the Ducks are going to the national play off game! Yay! Yay! YaY!

Oh my, what a fun game to watch. By the time we finally got home after watching the game and later festivities... Randy was horse from cheering.

Yesterday was a gas. I got up, put on my "Duck" shirt with the fighting mad Donald Duck on it and off we trotted to T and K's for the game. Great fun... BBQ hot sausage, brats and burgers, dips, deviled eggs, and goodies galore!

If you follow college football, then you already know that we won our civil war and will go to the national play-off game. We hoped that Auburn would lose and we could play TCU but that did not happen. So Auburn will clash with the Ducks. Now all we have to do is wait for Jan. 10th to roll around.

Watching the game there is always fun. Interesting folk show up, everyone is happy and united on the same side. It was a rare beautiful day here without rain, so I spent much of my time on the patio. The living room gets crowded and loud.

You know at gatherings there is often someone who is a yakker... perhaps with a bit too much to drink... and past regrets to vent. That person found me. So much for the serenity of my beautiful day, watching the game in a quieter place. I could have gotten up and gone inside. I could have ignored her or been out right rude in response. I listened instead. I don't know why.

Once the game was over and all the joy began to settle back into normal, I thought I was going to escape and go home. Wrong. Somehow, someway, we got talked into going bowling... which is funny because C4C just went bowling with her kids.

I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE GONE BOWLING. Of course I sucked. Big time. I ended up with a 66... and a big portion of that was an accidental strike. But I did laugh a lot and had a great time throwing gutter balls. I tried looking for the Dude or Sam Elliot but neither of them showed up, not even Walter. And unbelievably, they did not serve white russians! But on the flip side, no "Chinaman" peed on any one's rug. You have to look for silver linings sometimes.

I expect today to be a nice quiet day. I have it off too. Randy is still snoozing. This is my quiet time. I'm hoping that he will take me to get a tree today. Which is where my Christmas head is right now. Buy a nice tree. Then make ornaments for it. Randy doesn't have anything at all... his ex got all the tree trimming stuff and I left mine for Max and Squeaky.

So here's the Christmas Count Down Question... What was your favorite tree trimming thing? Was it a big deal with hot cocoa and the family gathered together or what? I knew one family that threw tensile at the tree... I mean that literally. They stood back about 5 feet and threw hand fulls of it at the tree and it stayed where it landed. My favorite was stringing Trix cereal to hang on the tree like popcorn. Its much more colorful. And of course you have to cherish the things your kids make to hang on it. That is a given. So tell us... what is your favorite Christmas tree connection?

Big grins everybody!


  1. my favorite xmas tree memory is ruby destroying the tree when she was left alone. i was pissed at the time but now i smile when i think of it.

    go ducks go!

  2. billy pilgrim-- Ha! I like that story. We had a cat that decided to climb the tree one year and once she neared the top... the tree fell over and kitty tore out like she was on fire. Like you, it pissed me off, but thinking of the look on Alice's face when it fell down is a giggle I won't forget.

    Give Ruby a pat for me.

  3. Yay for your Ducks! I'm going to look up that game on 1/10/11. Gosh, can you believe how scary close 2011 is already? Yikes.

  4. Of course you were patient with the yakker :-) Congrats to your team...go Ducks!

    My favorite Xmas tree based memories are about the kids' preschool and elementary years. Each year they'd bring home a new little ornament they'd created. So sweet!

  5. First, congrats on the Ducks! I'm looking forward to them kicking Auburn's collective ass.

    I love just about anything to do with a Christmas tree. I suppose my favorite part - both in years past and now - is putting all of the older ornaments on it. Each one seems to have a specific good memory or two attached.

  6. Two things:
    - yes, throwing tinsel. That's what we did! With a little bit of fixing when too big a clump landed. it looks so much better that way...

    - we have these stars that have little fans in them. So, it was always a treat to get to place one of those (2 or 3 total for a family of six). Of course, that was with the old bulbs that gave off heat (you place the star over it).

  7. You listened because you are nice.

    My favorite tree-trimming things is putting on the ornaments. The ornaments I've had since I was born. I still have at least 2 that were given to me on my first Christmas.

    Second favorite is the de-trimming and subsequent burning of the tree (when possible.) If it's still a little green, you get an appreciation for how fast and hot forest fires can get. We burned a slightly green 8' foot tree one year and couldn't stand within 20' of it.

  8. Our tradition, now that the kids are old enough is after I've put on the lights, the kids do the decorating. We play Christmas music and drink egg nog or cider or hot chocolate.

  9. Congrats on your team's win. They were talking about the game at my boyfriend's work Christmas party and it made me think of you. Awwww.

  10. I am rooting for the Ducks to win it all. I hope they take care of Auburn. Should be a fun game to watch. My favorite Christmas tree story is when I got a basset hound puppy for Christmas when I was a teenager and the first thing he did was sniff that tree and take a nice little pee on it. The only time he ever went in the house and also hosed off my brother and sister's present and not mine.

  11. Well, I can't really think on any good tree trimming stories. I got really tired of it a few years ago. Bah humbug, I guess. A couple of years ago I got a white Christmas tree and I like it. I put candy canes and plastic red apples on it. P'Head likes to eat the red apples, so there aren't any on the lower branches.....

    merry Christmas!