Thursday, December 2, 2010


Today is my "independence day"... my one year anniversary of my divorce. Wow, it sure went fast.

Back to Christmas... Santa has a list. Are you on the naughty or nice list?

"Dear Santa,

Here is my wish list:
1) A warm friendly puppy.
2- 20) See above.


What's on your Dear Santa list this year?

On the home front, gearing up for the civil war...Benny the Beaver hangs by the fireplace in his noose, tied with care. Duck Tracks ice cream (peanut butter, chocolate and caramel in vanilla) is vanishing from my freezer. MMMMmmmmm...

I am still coming home to be spoiled. Last night a BBQ burger, chips and dip followed later by the Duck Tracks.

My wipers went kaput. I drove home to the sound of screeching wiper blade on glass, very similar to finger nails on blackboard. Randy drove to the store and got replacements, stood out in the rain with a flashlight and replaced them for me,
then filled my washer fluid that had run dry. What an angel!

Get into the Christmas spirit... leave us a Dear Santa or tell us if you've been naughty or nice. (Sometimes I think naughty is nice. ;-) Hee hee.)

Big grins everyone!


  1. Don't forget the Rain-X next dry day. That stuff is amazing, though you probably know all about that out there. Whenever I have a fresh coat, I have to try not to watch the water beading up and focus on the road.

    All I want for Christmas is my two back teeth.

    Yeah, new molars would be nice.

  2. Mr. Cube has been trying to get the same answer out of me and I'll tell you what I told him... I have everything I need. Really. My wishlist includes continued good health, peace & quiet around the house, and for there to be plentiful work. I'm easy to please :-)

  3. You totally deserved to be spoiled. Glad you found the guy willing to do it...and I know you spoil him too :-)

    Dear Santa,
    I have been a good girl by default this year. Please bring me:
    1. A little clock for the desk in the livingroom.
    2. Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap.
    3. Socks
    4. A warm, cuddly robe.
    Thanks in advance,
    laura b.

  4. Happy Independence Day.

    I have no Christmas list- I wasn't good this year.

    This is now the 39th consecutive year I can make this claim.

  5. Mine is very simple this year - successful surgery and cancer disappearing forever.

  6. Fruitcake!

    (Not you. I want some for Christmas.)

    (Oh, and now I guess I'm rooting for Auburn to go down and have the Ducks play TCU. That would be fun.)

  7. i'd trade every other gift for my middle limelette to have her full health back.

    and in catching up on back posts, a very belated happy birthday to you. also love the backstory beteween the rings you and randy will share. how lovely is that.

  8. I'm naughty. Yea me! But I have almost everything I want right now...Okay. More money would be nice, but other than that, I'm good.

  9. I want peace on earth. If I can't get that, then a gift certificate to bath and body works, because I'm too cheap to spend my own money there but I like the stuff. I also need a hard styrofoam roller for my back. Again, too cheap to buy...

  10. Cricket-- You know, I've never thought of asking Santa for my back teeth! I could eat jaw breakers again without worry. ( I still love atomic fireballs and can't stop eating them... but I never chew them any more.)

    Does Oregon have dry days this time of year? :-)

  11. Cube-- Randy doesn't make requests either.

  12. laura b.-- Ha. I love getting socks for Christmas. Its sort of tradition (along with getting a pack of underwear) in my home. :-D

  13. Michael-- LOL! (And thanks for the congrats).

  14. Suldog-- Fruitcake! My grandmother's fruitcake was so awful that I can recall my dad referring to it as "the Christmas door stop".

    But I will tell you this, Harry and David's makes the best fruitcake ever... even people who refuse to eat fruitcake love it.

    I was rooting for Auburn to lose too. But it looks like my Ducks will have to put them down. Yay!

  15. secret agent woman-- That is a very serious list. I will keep it in my heart.

  16. lime-- Another very serious wish that I will keep in my heart.

  17. Churlita-- I agree...Yay for naughty you!

  18. NoRegrets-- That's what Randy tells his kids "peace on earth".

    I think gift cards are a great invention. Wonderfully guilt free!