Friday, March 4, 2011

We went to the beach! Roxy was under impressed with the ocean, but she made some new friends within feet of the truck.
I don't know how they know, but dogs know who does or does not like dogs.

I had just enough juice in my camera to snap this one and three others.
I even charged it the night before.
No matter, we got a new camera battery and the problem is now solved.
Randy had an "accident" disposable camera in the glove box, so I still managed to get some great photos.
Now all I have to do is finish the pics left and get them printed.

We stopped here briefly to check out the dates, times, etc. that we could return to visit.

Sea Lion Caves - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We did not want to have to leave Roxy alone in the truck long enough to truly enjoy the experience. This was her first long distance car trip.
Sort of a trial run and fun day for her.

Our next stop was here...

Heceta Head Lighthouse

We weren't there at night, so I didn't really see this view of it.
However, we will when we return to visit the Sea Lion Caves later this spring.
We'll do an over night trip then.

This is all around a town called Florence, where we visited their "Old Town".
Typical coastal touristy stuff.
We got salt water taffy and looked through the shops for some little thing to take home.
I have a serious problem with gift shops... called exaggerated pricing.
I simply could not spend that kind of money.
So I bought an artist's print of the Heceta Light House on a card for seventy-five cents.
I did see one thing that I truly wanted.
Very cool!
Encased in glass, a jelly fish paper weight.
But not for $350!!!!
I'll visit the coast aquarium and sit and watch the living jellies for hours, pay for the motel, gas and diner for that.

I'm not a good tourist.

Other than that, we have been busy with life in general.
Nothing fancy or fascinating.

Tomorrow I will tell you about that.
But this is enough for today.


  1. why isn't roxy posing in front of those sea lions?

    somehow ruby ends up in every picture i take.

  2. Glad to hear you are alive and well!

  3. billy pilgrim-- She's in the truck. The statue is on a lower deck... you go down to sea level in an elevator and only service animals are allowed.

    Roxy is a photo hog too. Last night she got a new collar and I bet I took six photos of her showing it off. You would have thought it had diamonds instead of chain links.

  4. Hi secret agent woman! Yes, I am alive, but I was sick for a few weeks with some crud. Its great to feel good again. Good to see you too.

  5. Sounds like you had a great day trip, with a potential weekend trip in the works! Will you have to get a doggysitter for Roxy?

    I'm with you on the whold souvenier issue. I'm not going to pay an arm and a leg for a memory! Pictures work :-)

  6. laura b.- Probably. Our friend T loves Roxy and will gladly fill in and come to feed and play with her.
    You got that right on souveniers!

  7. Very cool. Glad you and Roxy enjoyed it. I miss the coast.

  8. I'm with you on the gift shops. I like to look at all the cool knick-knacks. like the smell of many of those places too - candles and incense and all that. Still, $350 for a paper weight? Perhaps one of the most useless of objects? What was it Seinfeld said about those?

    What? Are you doing paper work in a crow's nest or something?

    Glad to see you still around. Although, to be honest, I'm glad too you haven't posted too much... makes me feel better about my own lack of posting/visiting.

    Contentment is good.

  9. Glad to get an update! I didn't know your dog had little bits of white paws. How cute. Dogs are different than cats - they seek out people who like them as opposed to cats who seek out those who don't like them. Cats want to change the world!

  10. Great pics. I'm glad you guys are so happy and content. I can't wait to hear all about it.

  11. Any place that has salt water taffy is OK by me.

  12. Well I am glad to see a new post from you. I was getting a little worried. It looks like you and the family had a good trip. I look forward to making a drive over to the coast to see the aquarium when Kyle is older. Have a good weekend.