Sunday, November 6, 2011


Goodness I haven't been here in a long time!
Hopefully that will change now.

Friday morning is the man's Friday night.
It was the last day of buck hunting.
We weren't going to go out again,
but T was taking the day off to go.
We decided that once the man was home,
after a trip to the bank
and balancing the check book...
we'd meet up with T, B and K and try one last time.

It proved to be an interesting sort of hunt...
in that we spent most of our time hunting for the other hunters.
Never did find them.
But it made for a beautiful drive into some very lovely woods.
And it was just as well since the man was fading fast.

I had just enough time to make him a grilled cheese sandwich
before he was off to dream land
and I had my evening to myself to do as I pleased.
I did very little beyond the dishes,
other than watch the Criminal Minds marathon.
He doesn't understand why I like that show.
Worked out great!

Saturday we never got out of our jammies!
No cooking, shopping or errand running.
We watched college football all day long...
ending with our Duck game against U of Washington Huskies.
Ducks won.
We ordered in pizza.
Then had a bit of time for romance.
Ooh la la!

Today we did pretty much the same...
just lazed around and enjoyed each others company.
Watched a movie.
He's snoozing again, as he should be.
I'd call it a perfect weekend.

Roxy has been busy coming in and out of the house...
leaving muddy dog prints today...
in a path through the kitchen.
That's number one on my to do list tomorrow.
Erase the evidence of dog.

Meanwhile I am trying to plan Thanksgiving here this year.
I'm excited.
I hope everyone likes my mom's recipes.
Her gravy is a bit different...
but it's not Thanksgiving for me without it.
I've got my work lining up.
Guess I won't be bored.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too...
and that you got to do whatever it is that you enjoy.

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  1. Your weekend sounds absolutely perfect to me. Especially since I'm such a sucker for staying in...and romance :-)
    So you are hosting Thanksgiving! Fun! I'm sure it will be great.