Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Ugh. Black Friday.

I get up very early every day, so its not the getting up early thing that bugs me about Black Friday. Its the idea that stores are this greedy to get a leg up on each other. Its nuts to shop before your brain can wake up... but as the news on TV airs behind me... I can see them there, brain dead and shopping.

My Turkey Day was nice. We went to Randy's mom's. Not a large showing, just us and Ron's step-son and wife and an older neighbor of theirs who was alone.

The food of course was good. Typical fare... green beans, salad, yams, turkey, ham, gravy and mashed potatoes. Goody wise there were pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie and someone made a great blackberry cobbler that was all warm with a dollip of ice cream on top. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm. Randy ate enough of the cobbler to feed three of me and not much diner. He was saving space for the after Thanksgiving supper turkey sandwich. You know, the one that calls to you from the kitchen until you give in and eat it.

We left without my purse. OKAY... I left without my purse. Which was a problem because they live about an hour and a half away and I didn't figure it out until we were home again. Randy said he would go get it when he got up today. Unfortunately, it's Black Friday and like all retail workers, I have to work today. The card that I swipe to open my register is in my purse. Well, crap.

Randy is such a sweetie that he didn't get mad or rant about how could I do that?
Instead, he called his mom to confirm the purse was truly still sitting on their hall table... it was... and they agreed to bring it to me this morning before I leave for work. They have to have Randy help them install a stove in their rental here today anyway.

Other news:

On the birthday front, it was a nice one. Randy gave me my wedding ring set. His mom remarried a few years ago ( they met on eharmony too) and so she had the set that she used while married to Randy's dad, who passed away a couple of years before she met Ron. Randy is going to wear his dad's ring and I will wear his mom's. How cool is that? The rings get to stay together... you could make a cartoon movie about that couldn't you? You know, how the rings were separated and lonely, one in a jewelery box and the other locked up in a cold dark safe, missing each other desperately! Hee hee. I'm happy with it anyway. I think its very special.

His mom also gave me Randy's great grandmother's service for 12 china set, three casserole dishes and a George Forman Grill.

As for work, it goes well. I have been working a lot of hours and come home beat.
I am thankful for my job. But it does wear me out. All that bending and lifting , bagging and scanning while standing on your feet in one spot all day... ugh.

However, when I walk in my front door, there is a fire cracklng in the fireplace, a hot meal ready to be eaten, a frosty drink and a man who tells me how much he has missed me then gives me a welcome home kiss. Sigh... I love it.

So off I go to cater to the insane people who choose to shop on Black Friday (I would hide at home in bed if I could). I leave with a little black cloud over my head. Not because it will be crazy, though it will and not because I will miss Randy... because I won't get off until the Ducks are in the third quarter of their game with Arizona today. CRAP!

Randy will tape it for me. But you know that's not the same thing as watching it live. Oh well, things could always be worse. I will be thankful for the good life I have and grateful to be home when that time comes anyway. I hope you have a great day and my advice is... stay home and don't feed the greed!


  1. congratulations on all the cool stuff in going on in your life!

    how long has it been since you had a cigarette?

  2. I was one of those idiots who got up early to shop, though not that early. I don't buy the expensive stuff that other people fight over, so there's not much point in getting in line right away. And somehow I mainly end up buying mostly stuff for myself, that just happens to be the day that stuff is on sale. Either last year or the year before I bought the digital crockpot that automatically switches to warm after cooking, making things like yogurt so much easier. This year I went to three Walmarts, buying nothing but dvds, half of which I will keep for myself, and then I stopped at Lowe's and bought flower bulbs on clearance. In past years, this has been a day to buy jeans, socks, and underwear. The main actual gift buying on Black Friday was usually done at Bath and Body Works, which I decided to skip this year, as I did not draw anyone's name who particularly likes the stuff, and I don't need any for myself right now.

  3. Does it count if I went climbing? Not shopping?
    I'm very glad for you.

  4. I feed the greed! Worse yet... it was the Walmart greed and it was AWESOME!!!!! Started at 12 am and didnt get home until 3 am, but was worth it. So much cheap and super cool things for the kiddo. We bought him a Toy Story car (the kind he can sit in and drive!, a camera, and more plus we got everything for all the kiddos in the family. Only spent $300 too! Now Michael has no reason not to buy me present. Hahahaha! Loves

  5. The only think g I ever buy on Black Friday is movie tickets. I can't do the crowded shopping frenzy.

  6. billy pilgrim-- ah... about five minutes. (Hanging head in shame.)

  7. laughinng-- I love to shop if I have money or good company, but not so much if I don't have one or the other. Christmas shopping is different. I like matching people to gifts. I do like your flower bulb idea.

  8. NoRegrets-- Climbing counts! I could not do that myself.

  9. daBear-- That is one lucky turkey!
    I will miss seeing his face when he opens presents this year. Randy has made trucks for Gabe and Turkey. Sukey gets a treasure box and Robert gets an easle. We will either send them with whoever comes down or Ups them to your house for passing out.
    Hey, I am missing the shopping after Aztecca lunch!

  10. secret agent woman-- Its funny, I worked in retail so many holiday seasons that I got to where I did not want to be near a store on Black Friday for that exact reason.

  11. I babysat the grands on Black Friday, because I had a long weekend and their mama is in retail :-) I wouldn't have been shopping anyway...yuck and boo to shopping.

    Glad you got your purse back! I sympathize with that sort of thing.

    I love the wedding ring story. It does sound like a sweet little picture book story :-D

  12. It's funny. I've dated enough jerks, that I get overly apologetic for doing those kinds of things and my guy keeps wondering why. He's never even fazed by it.

  13. Me too! Sadly however, Azteca no longer exists! Can you believe it? Turd bird will be very excited for Christmas. We will miss you too, you suck by the way... "WHY YOU HAVE TO LEAVE ME." Know what that is from? Quick tip : "It's a bunt." "A buuuntt?" Ha ha loves

  14. laura b.-- Ha! I knew you would like it. :-)

  15. Churlita-- I do too... apologize. Randy wonders why too.

  16. daBear-- Hahahaha... you can come to my big fat geek wedding. ;-D

  17. Sounds like your Thanksgiving was yummy. Working on Black Friday is marginally less bad that getting up at some ungodly hour to shop... at least you got paid!!!

    Mr. Cube's aunt had Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of his family on Wednesday so that we could still have Thanksgiving dinner with my family on Thursday. So we were doubly blessed this year. Yeah, I'm still full ;-)