Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Day

Happy Birthday to me!
As it turns out, Dabear and daturkey could not make it down last weekend...
a car repair issue came up but they are going to try and make it this weekend.
So we went to T and K's house for the Duck game,
another giant sandwich and way too many goodies.
Hats off to the Cal Golden Bears defense...
they really made the Ducks work hard for their win.
Notably the lowest score the Ducks have had all year.
Little N called the Cal Bears "the Bees".
I had to ask why... she pointed at the fans in their stadium and yep, she was right...
there was a crowd of folk in black and yellow stripe polo shirts.
Looked like bees to me. Ha!
Sunday was quiet and lazy.
I love days like that.
Then yesterday, Monday, I got a call...
I got my second job. I'm glad that they are willing to let me do that.
So Mom and Ron came down to take us out for a celebration lunch.
Off we went to the Sizzler and Malibu Chicken.
Its what I always get. Last time I got it, I also got an endless salad.
It left me full and uncomfortable.
Of course I got the same thing this time!
But I did it smarter.
This time I filled my salad plate with everything I wanted and ate it all.
Then I asked for a to go box for the main meal... and that was diner.
Nice twice.
Today is my birthday. Yay!
I've no idea what we will do today.
I told Randy I want one of his schloppy burgers.
We don't buy eggs, Randy's cousin has chickens.
So we called T and asked him to bring some eggs so that I can bake myself a cake.
I got the feeling that Randy and T are cooking something up.
Wonder what it is?
I guess I'll find out soon enough.
Whatever you do today... be happy and celebrate.
Life is sweet.


  1. Happy Birthday!! And congrats on the second job. Your persistence won the day.

  2. Happy Birthday! Good news on the job. Congrats!

  3. Happy Birthday, Ananda! Sounds like things are falling into place...and you seem so happy. Makes me happy, too!

  4. happy feckin birthday!

    long may you run.

  5. Cube-- Thank you. Yes, it did. I am very happy today. :-)

  6. laura b.-- Things are and I am indeed very happy. I'm glad that it spreads to others. Big grins my friend.

  7. billy pilgrim-- Thank you sir and same to you!

  8. A very happy birthday to you and also congratulations on the job!

  9. Hey!!! I wrote today and it didn't show up. Or did you delete my comment you fickle birthday girl. And no, I didn't just write in FB. I know it was witty...darn it. Hope you enjoyed...

  10. Well, Happy Birthday (again). Any day we can say life is sweet is a good day, I suppose. Glad things are, if nothing else, sweet.

  11. Happy birthday and congrats! what a double bonus. It sounds like it was a great day. I can't wait to hear about the surprise.

  12. Sorry I missed your special day. Hope it was awesome. Happy belated Birthday anyway, and have yourself a wonderful weekend.

  13. happy b day! a week late and many dollars short!