Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Fall is here already.  Outside trees are turning colors and we still have 5 days of summer left.
I'll  put up some photos of the color changes, but not today.   Today we begin a week of rain.
Oh boy!

It is once  more hump day.
This is a tough one for me.
Three interviews this afternoon and I am still working on the supplemental questions that accompany two of them.
But at least they are letting me answer them in a format and time frame that allows me to think and revise before I make a bafoon out of myself.

Good news:  My Ducks won their second game last weekend.  Was there ever a doubt?
Last night I got to watch my Red Sox beat the Mariners.  Hee hee.

Watching baseball in bed always makes me laugh when I think about that Woody Allen line... his therapist told him to relax and think about baseball to keep from being anxious in sexual situations and he says...
"But all I could think of was SLIDE, SLIDE SLIDE!"

There's your silly humor for the day.
I gotta go and whip this question monster into shape and then I'll be off to mortify myself
This has got to end soon. 

Oh in the bad news catagory:
The state is unsure that I qualify for my employment benefits because I moved here to be with Randy.
I had a job 220 plus miles away that I could have kept.
Yep.  A nearly 3 hour commute should not have stopped me an iota.
If I can just get over this hump day,
I'll be grinning.
Hope you are all grinning.


  1. Hang in there. Maybe something good will come of all Those interviews and you won't need unemployment.

  2. I echo Churlita's sentiment. I will add that is typical of how frustrating it is when dealing with government agencies... just wait until they're in charge of our health care. Yikes.

    I'm finally caught up with your posts. I was sick this past weekend and it took me until Tuesday to catch up with the comments.

  3. Ugh, Unemployment. Yeah, hopefully you will end up not needing it. Good interview thoughts!!! Keep those spirits up, Ananda Girl

  4. Churlita-- That's what I am hoping for. Two were
    at the U of O in their library. I want that!

  5. Cube-- On the health care issue, I'm scared!

  6. laura b.-- I'm trying. Thanks for the good thoughts.

  7. That's ridiculous about the employment benefits. Tomorrow is Thursday, so a weekend is on the way!

  8. a three hour trip!

    be careful, i remember a guy named gilligan who started out on a 3 hour trip.

  9. Ouch. Trying to think of a legal way around that. Damn, that sucks.
    Red Sox?? Do we have something ELSE in common??
    Good luck wiht interviews. Or wait, they are already gone by?

  10. BTW Mr. Cube and his entire family are Red Sox fans... not me, but I've held my own as a Yankees fan and, after 30 years, they still love me :-)

  11. ah the joys of heartless bureaucracy. sorry to hear it.

  12. Yes. Allen was actually a stand-up comedian, and a pretty good one. I remember him when he was funny. Before he was creepy instead.

  13. Sucks about the unemployment, but it's great you're getting interviews. Good luck!

  14. Sorry to hear about the aggravation, and for my long absence from BlogLand. Hope things are going better. I'll catch up with you later ;-)

  15. You've got to be kidding me. They might deny you because of a job three hours away? If they do, I'd get a lawyer and fight it. I'm sure you'd win.

  16. Just checking in to see how you're doing.

  17. Well I hope everything went well or is going well or is going to be well. Keep your head up and good luck with everything. The Ducks are looking good so far.

  18. Checking in again... hope you're doing well.

  19. the rosewater foundation is always open. just don't call the goddamned red phone. fires take priority.

  20. Secret Agent Woman--I've gone missing for a bit. ;-)
    It helped.

  21. billy pilgrim-- I don't know...being a castaway sounds pretty good as long as the professor is there. Sun, ocean and maybe even turtles!

  22. NoRegrets-- "Don't blame us if we ever doubt know we can't live without you, Red Sox! You're the only, only oohh, oohh!"

    Hee hee.

    Yeah the interviews are over, but now I get to wait three weeks to hear if I get an interview to go with them. Hurry up and wait. Ugh!

  23. Cube-- I'm a bit football bats right now. I was watching Tampa Bay Rays battle the Yankees. You know as a Red Sox fan it's illegal for me to root for the Yankees... so I was rooting for the Rays, thinking that you are from that neck of the woods... then I thought, Ut-oh, if I want to support Cube, I've got to root for the Yankees. What a sticky wicket!

  24. lime-- Nothing makes me rail at the fates more than red tape.

  25. 3GirlKnight-- I still love your blog name. :-)
    Thanks. I just keep applying and some one is going to take me up on it. But I do wish they would hurry.

  26. Hi Cricket!!! Glad you are back. I've gone missing too.

  27. Suldog-- They did indeed. Their view is that I should have stayed in Dumb Potter's Hell and continued to commute to see Randy and not move or marry until I could find a job here first.

    I have appealed it and have to wait 60 days to hear their next bit of wisdom on the issue now. WTF?

  28. Mr. Shife-- Indeed the Ducks are ranked 5th in the country. They have slaughtered everyone they have played so far, BUT these are not ranked teams. The good games... Pack 10 games will tell the true story. The east coast seat of football wisdom does not like to recognize that the west coast teams have much going for them. It does not seem to matter much generally speaking what we do out here.
    BUT...even the fall newsies are now talking about our defense as something to reckon with... maybe it will get through to them soon.

    As for the rest... it's all a waiting game and strategy too. I'll just keep hitting it hard until I plow through. Thanks.

  29. Cube-- Thank you for checking in on me. :-)

  30. billy pilgrim-- Ha! But the red phone taunts me.