Friday, September 24, 2010


Blogger is being a testy old lady today... and wants to take an eternity to upload a simple photo.
Sorry, I got tired of waiting.  Its a sky photo, which can come in handy any day.  So another day then.
Yay!  The weekend is finally here.
Not that we have anything special planned.
Tomorrow will be the next Duck game.
We play Arizona there... in the heat, which our boys are not very used to, so it should add an interesting element to the game.
I don't know how Arizona is ranked, but they should prove to be a better test of our ability.

Today it is beautiful here.  The rainy days are gone for a few days and I plan to get out in the yard to continue my endless battle with the weeds.
We slept in.  Mostly because of a wicked chocolate jones last night around midnight...
that sent us off on a run to 7-Eleven.
Not the cheapest way to shop for chocolate...
we left with twelve dollars worth.
Okay... I would like your opinion on an idea that popped into my head.
As you know, I'd like to be bringing some money into the house and my unemployment is still up in  the air.
So, I thought about contracting myself out as 
a "story lady".

That was part of my job the past 15 years and I truly enjoy reading out loud to children.
I don't have many books, but I've read soooo many and there is a nice library here that can fill my needs.
It was not unusual for a teacher to call and ask me if I had time to read a story or two to the class so that she could get copies run off, attend a meeting, etc.

So my brilliant idea is to make up fliers selling my services for teachers.
I have no clue if it would fly or fall flat.
I do know that every class has a budget for such things.
What do you think?  Would it be a waste of time or might it pull in a bit of pocket money?
That's really all I am looking for...
I doubt seriously that it could work into anything more than "extra money".
However, it could open up a door as well as keep me in good practice.

I honestly am interested in your opinion.

On another note... the rains have brought the snails and slugs out.
Walking last night, we smashed 3 snails in the short walk to the truck.
Beware of tiny crunchy terrors
and have a great weekend.


  1. I like the idea, although I can't speak to whether teachers would be willing to spend their classroom money on it. It would be a fun job, if you can get it worked out. I have always loved reading to children.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. One of the best part of the jobs, isn't it? Another thought occurs to me. If you are serious about doing something like that, why not do a little advertising and see if you can get hired for programs at libraries and schools? You'd have to put together an eye catching persona and learn some tales by know what I mean, right? Anyway, something to think about. Have a great weekend!!!

  3. "we smashed 3 snails in the short walk to the truck."

    So that is what people do for light recreation in Oregon!

  4. You'd have to be fingerprinted in the district to be alone with the kids.

    Most teachers I know don't have any classroom money.

    I think you'd better get fingerprinted and adopt a great persona and it would take right off, maybe. I never really know what people want until they want it, get it, and then don't want it anymore.

  5. do teacher's have discretionary spending power?

  6. secret agent woman-- I love reading out loud. What could be more fun than sharing a good story with a happy audience?

  7. laura b.-- We used to hire people like that from time to time. I don't know what sort of persona I could adopt though. I'll have to think on that one. Good idea, thanks.

  8. dmarks-- I assure you it was unintentional. ICK. I forgot that once the rains come here, the snails and slugs come out. But I knew a kid who enjoyed salting them for fun. He was kind of creepy.

  9. C4C-- Yeah... I've been fingerprinted before, and I'd do it again. Though to tell you the truth, I'd rather the teacher stayed in the room too.

    The lack of money might be an issue here too. Up there, they had a budget for field trips, speakers, the anti drug bozo, etc.

    And why is it that the guy they get to do the anti drug thing is always such a bozo? You could see the kids eyes film over and their brains drift off.

  10. billy pilgrim-- It depends. I am sure that they have to run that sort of thing by their principal first.

    However, many of the teachers I knew up there used their own money for some things.

  11.'s hard to say but if it works i'd love to know. i could read stories to kids all day.

  12. Look online and see what other storytellers do. Did you know there's a national storytelling festival? I know what you are talking about is different. I say why not?? When I was unemployed (or rather overemployed in small little jobs) I put flyers up in universities advertising transcription. I had no fancy machine but I could type fast. I just used a cassette player. It brought in a little money. Be creative! Why the hell not try?

  13. Ducks look really good! Wish I could say the same for my BC Eagles...

  14. SNAIL MURDERER!!! No, really, are they the edible type? I hear the Romans used to raise snails in gardens of basil, oregano, &c. Sort of pre-seasoning, y'know? I salt snails for fun, too... and butter, and garlic...

    As far as your idea goes, why not? Anything is worth a try. I like the library idea too. I've also heard that you can get a job putting books on tape for the blind, though I know nothing more about that. Not so much books-on-tape that people buy to listen to, but things like textbooks.

    I'm almost positive I'm not making that up.

  15. lime-- Well, I think I am going to give it a go. I will certainly let you know.

  16. NoRegrets-- I did not know about that! Sounds like a great time to me. I got to listen to a Lakota chief tell stories using the night sky at OMSI's planetarium. A very cool show.

    I will do that...check it out. Thanks!

  17. Cricket-- I love escargot! I used to assume that they were some form of water snail. Why would anyone cook up a garden snail? But alas... they are just regular old snails after all. I like the idea of pre-seasoning them. :-)

    Ooohhh... I like the idea of putting text books on tape for the blind. I will have to search around for that as well. You know, I live close to several colleges here now... perhaps I can contact their special needs coordinator and see if I can drum up some business that way. I might even be able to hire myself out to take notes for deaf folk too, or transpose the recorded lectures for them. Interesting thoughts!

    Mmmmmmmmm butter and garlic. YUM.

  18. That sounds like it would be a fun job. I hope it works out. I'm interested to hear how it goes.

  19. The job market is slower than I've seen it since the malaise of the '70s. Difference is that back then I didn't have 2 children and a mortgage and the bills that accrue as a result.

    I hate to sound down, but all the businesses around here are cutting back on personnel and other expenses.

    Still, if you don't try, you're surely not going to get anywhere. I think it's worth a try.

  20. Well I hope things are working out for you. It has been a week so I don't know what the latest is but I hope it is good. The Ducks are looking good. Big game this weekend against Stanford. Good luck.