Saturday, October 2, 2010


Since Blogger has some issue with uploading my photo... sorry, just words today,
and quick ones at that.
The biggest news here is that ESPN's 
Game Day
has come to broadcast from Autzen Stadium.
Fans were up way before dawn flooding Autzen's outer areas to show their passion.
And passion we have here!

Today's game... our Ducks vs Stanford
will be aired on ESPN.
Kick off here is at 5:00 and I've no idea how that translates for any of you, but if you can catch it
it should be a hell of a game.
Stanford is ranked 9th and the Ducks moved up one space to be ranked 4th.
Don't let that fool you, it could go either way.

On the opposite coast... best of luck to 
Boston College's Eagles today too!
If I can, I will try to catch that game on TV.

This morning Randy and T are working on some cabinets, until its time for T to go to Autzen.
We'll be staying at home for this one.
No worries... we will do it right.
On the menu: 
Cony dogs with lots of onions,
smoked steelhead with cream cheese on crackers with hot pepper jelly.
Adult beverages of course.

Today the side by side cities of Springfield and Eugene will be LOUD.
Tomorrow I expect near silence...
voices will be left behind in Autzen
and all that will be left will be the horse whispers of fans... and hopefully the legacy of another win, evidenced by the big grins on local faces.

Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy and stay safe.
If you have a game... good luck to your teams.
If you have someone you care about...
be sure to show it and be thankful.
Life is sweet!


  1. Blogger has a nice feature for creating posts from emails. At least it is described this way. I tried it and found out it has been broken for months and does not work.

  2. 1 week til hockey starts. i can picture e.b. farnum on skates. it's a sweet sight.

  3. dmarks-- Off and on Blogger screws up, then gets well again. I never know.

  4. billy pilgrim-- Hey, I'd travel to see that game! Drop the puck it's time to go...

  5. Oh, you're killing me here. The smoked steelhead horsey doovers sound fantastic. Ahhh! My stomach is growling. It's cool that you're whole community is into the Ducks. Makes for some great conversations around the water cooler.

  6. Ah 3GirlKnight... I wish you were here to share and enjoy!

    Yeah, we are into our boys!

  7. Sounds like a lot of excitement in the air around those parts! Hope all games went as they should, with your teams winning, of course :-)
    Glad to hear you sounding so up and happy, too.

  8. laura b.-- Yes I am happy! The game was a fun one and yes, my Ducks won.
    Unfortunately, Boston College's Eagles did not.

    I hope you are having a great weekend. Our weather has turned to fall, but I bet you still have some bits of summer like weather left.

  9. Yeah... I'm with 3Girl. Yum. Do you smoke your own fish? Haven't had hot pepper jelly in ages. I used to bake a wheel of Brie, then scoop out some of the middle and put a scoop of the jelly in there. Just add sesame crackers. Also tasty.

  10. Cricket-- "YUM!" back at cha. That sounds wonderful and so easy. I like wonderful and easy.

    No, I did not smoke the steelhead, but our friend, T did. I wish you could experience Randy and T at work making food. Both are very talented. I suspect that you, like these two are very creative and open to curiosity when it comes to spicy and ethnic dishes.

  11. My Bucs are on their by week this week. Of course, next weekend is when my in laws are coming to Florida. Their timing is ALWAYS the worst possible for me and my interests. It is one of the immutable laws of the universe... it never fails.

  12. Cube-- Oh no! You have my sympathy... my ex mother in law had that talent too. But you do what you have to do.