Friday, October 29, 2010


Goodness, what a busy week! A weird one too. Nothing serious, just unexpected stuff. Randy's old computer was giving him fits and our service kept going in and out. I'd be in the middle of trying to post and it would go down... I'd lose everything and got so frustrated that I took some days off.

Then Randy got a new computer and I loaned him Hal's (my computer) monitor, mouse and key board so that he could transfer stuff from his old one to his new one. So Hal is currently down until that is completed. Meanwhile, Hal is off at the computer spa getting the works. :-)

Our service is still going in and out. They are coming to fix that and hook up more cable for us in our family room that we are trying to get moved into for winter. So I've no idea when things will be normal. I will continue to work on Randy's new one until Hal is re-set up inside the house. The time for patio computing is over for the year.

I had two interviews this week. One was yesterday and I think it went very well. Ironically, I didn't want the job that I thought I was applying for... only 10 hours a week, but the Emp. Div. says I have to apply. When I got there, very relaxed because I didn't care if I made a good impression or not, she told me that the short job was filled but would I consider more hours. Suddenly I was very interested in making a good impression. Ha. For once I think I did very well in the interview process. I'll keep you posted.

This weekend... off to T and K's for pulled pork BBQ and watching the Ducks Vs The Trojans at the Coliseum. There has been a lot of flack aimed at the Ducks from USC, but we retain the higher ground on mannors. The game should be a good one with high emotions adding fuel to the fire. The point has been made that since USC can't do a bowl game, this is their big fight for the year in the Pack 10.
Yikes! But I believe in my Ducks and hope for the best. Good luck to both teams.

Meanwhile, I'm keeping a close eye on BSU... scoping out a possible match if we go that far into nationals. All that blue turf! Ha... they call it "Smurf Turf". It seems to me it might give them an advantage, as it matches their uniforms and they sort of blend in... but I think that's an illusion because games are filmed from above and it's not 3-D. Anyway, they are looking good.

I hope you all have a great weekend. Sorry I've been off so much. No worries... its all great here. Big grins everyone!


  1. Glad to hear that you and Randy are well. Hope your computers are better soon!
    Isn't there something so freeing about not caring about the outcome of something? That may be a good trick to learn in life...very zen.

  2. As above. Glad everything is going ok-ish. One small bonus of the blogosphere: if I were to drop off the face of the earth, in a couple of weeks or so, maybe someone would notice :-P

    Sounds like you have the internet service from hell. I've obnly lost mine a couple of times for a couple of hours, tops. Of course, the stupid little indicator light stayed green both times, so I wasted a lot of time fiddling with my computer before I called and found out there was no service at the moment. "We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve blahblahblah..."

    Well, what the hell is the light for then?!? If there's no internet, why does the system say there is?

    Ah, forget it.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. ah, the internet.

    can't live it, can't live without it.

  4. laura b.-- I think you may be right about there being a zen thing to not caring about getting the job.

  5. Cricket-- I would notice you missing... providing that my service is working. Sheesh.

    I know exactly what you mean... we replaced a computer, the router and was about to replace the service box with all the little lights on before we figured out that it was them and not us.

  6. billy pilgrim-- I thought it was "live it or liiivvve with it!"

  7. Best wishes to your computers, the Ducks. And I hope you get the job! How is Randy's working out?

  8. There is no game in all of sports I would like to see more than Oregon vs. Boise State. The score would be something 76 - 63.

  9. NoRegrets-- Thanks. Randy is doing great. :-)

  10. Suldog-- Ha! I do believe that you are right about how close it would be... and that's Ducks to win, in my totally biased opinion.
    Big grins!

  11. Dang, that is a busy week. Good luck on the job hunt and save me some pulled pork!

  12. Good luck on that job. I hope you get it and all the hours you want.

  13. That interview does sound promising. Still crossing my fingers for you!

  14. Glad all is well... OK, except for the computer woes, but as in life, this too shall pass. You'll be up and running before you know it.

    The job interview sounds promising too. It's always good when they ask you about extra hours and you answer affirmatively.

  15. Good luck with the jobs, and glad your Ducks pounded the Trojans. I definitely am pulling for them because I dislike BSU a lot. And I totally agree with you about their smurf turf giving them an unfair advantage. I just don't see how it is fair. Coaches have actually said it is hard watching film of them because they blend in with the turf so much. Have a good weekend.