Thursday, October 7, 2010



The man has a job.

As you know the guys are working a three large cabinets for a fancy
walk in closet. Two are the type that have shelves and drawers for everything from snuggy unders to jewelery. I can't imagine having enough jewelery to put in a big drawer, but hey... go for it lady. The other has a built in seat for sitting in when you put your shoes on. Me, I generally use the edge of the bed.
Guess that's why I don't need a fancy walk in closet.
Not that it wouldn't be nice. I'm happy with a normal closet.
In fact, I could not begin to fill the drawers in this thing.

But I've gotten off subject haven't I?
T showed up to work on the cabinets and told Randy that his boss could use him at the cabinet shop. Very cool beans. Its not full time at this point, but hopefully will work into it. But it is something and Randy happens to be very good at it.
In fact, Randy makes custom fine furniture on the side.
That's my happy news.

Somehow its made the sky brighter and the sun warmer.
I'm feeling pretty good about things today.
The only draw back that I can think of is that it's swing shift hours.
Hey... any work right now is good work.
But then there will be evenings when I am sitting here alone.
But when you get a gift, you have to be thankful and make the best of it right?

So... I decided that I will spend that time baking goodies for the man and getting a leg up on holiday baking. Normally I'd make something to give to my kids or buy something. Make something... quilts was what I had in mind, but its too spendy for us at this fork in the road.
So instead, just like Little Red Riding Hood, I'll be sending baskets of goodies.
And when Randy comes home, there will be wonderful smells in the house and something warm and sweet to greet him.

You can choose to view bumps in the road as nightmares, or you can write your own fairytale.
Given a choice, I'll pick the fairytale every time.


Have a great day everyone.
If you have any happy thoughts you want to share, please...
your comments are always appreciated here.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go find some little red socks.
(There's a joke in this... but its not something one puts on a blog.)
I figure if you know the joke, you'll laugh.


  1. Yay!!!! for Randy. And, by extension, for you! One down, one to go.

  2. secret agent woman-- Yep! I'll pass that on to him. :-)

  3. That is great news, Ananda! Maybe the hours aren't ideal, but you are so is a job and one he's very good at!

    Also, I think giving treats for Christmas is a wonderful idea. Yay!

  4. laura b.-- Thanks! Everyone enjoys treats at holiday time. I like getting them because I like laying out a nice nibble spread for my drop-by and invited guests, but there have been times when I did not have the time to make goodies so it was extra nice to get them.

    I'm glad the man has something to do.

  5. Awesome news about Randy. Very glad to hear it, and hopefully the phone will ring soon for you about a job. Take care Ananda girl. I gotta go look up a joke about little red socks. I need to know.

  6. I think you knew I would be lurking and see the joke behind little red riding hood and the socks. You funny old bat! Loves! Tell Randy I said congrats and Yay!

  7. Mr. Shife-- Well, I gotta tell you it's pretty much one you would appreciate. Big grins Shife. Thanks for the well wishes. Take care yourself.

  8. dabear-- Hahahahaha! I will tell Randy, my dear. To the moon, beyond and over the edge of the universe.

  9. Work is good. Yay!!!!

    Now, like Mr. Shife, I'm off to research little red socks ;-)

  10. Cube-- Work is great!

    Hahahaha... well, I hope you find it.

  11. Oh good. I'm glad one of you found a job. That has to be little bit of a stress reliever. To me, it's a testament to your relationship, that you guys have had to go through something so stressful, so early and you are still just as strong as ever.

  12. No luck on the red socks. Maybe you can email me...

  13. Cube-- I can do that! But where to?

  14. Cube-- My email is on my blog face. That way you can protect your personal info and I'll just email you back if you email me. How's that?

  15. I need to email too since I want to know the joke.
    Congrats on the job area...great!
    And you know what, people are always giving away extra fabric (not sure about up there though). Jeez, I'd send you some. I'm all about quilting. Of course, I have a backlog of 4...
    Oh, I'd send you some african fabric! I have way too much...

  16. NoRegrets-- I'll dig it out and FB it to you!

    My new mom is going to give me some fabric... I was so excited until Randy pointed out that I don't own a sewing machine anymore. I am so bummed! I'm going to have to hit the second hand or yard sales.

    African fabric sounds great. They have such unusual patterns and rich colors.

  17. I'll do it right now. Look for my email. I'm just dying to hear that darn joke.