Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend bonus post

I got a wonderful email that made me laugh...
thought I would share it with you for a giggle.
Here is what the 5th grade class in Dumb Potter's Hell suggested that we do for wedding ideas.
Silly but wonderful.

Angie:  I think you should have a cake with three layers, chocolate with fudge in the middle. (Oooh.. I agree!)
Araya:  I think you should have a dance floor and a disco ball.  You should have music and a DJ.
(Ah... not so much. Disco is not my thing.)
Logan:  You should have it where you can have skateboarding in the background.
(Cool beans!  Do you think I could get Tony Hawk to come?)
Wes: On the cake there should be a man in a suit and a lady in a wedding dress on top of your cake.
(I'm still voting for duck feet and shorts.)
Damon:  You should have a chandelier and kiss under that.
(N0 argument there... but where do we hang it?)
Nick:  You need to have a live band that plays what ever kind of music you and Randy like.
( I like that idea.)
Hannah K.:  You should be in the middle with everyone around you.
( Maybe with shot guns?)
Grant:  I am new but I think you should have your wedding in a little small house.
(Oooh... did that last time... it ends badly.)
Angie, again:  You should let people design your dress and cake.
(At least its not dead people.)
Logan:  You need flowers and coloful animals on the flowers or balloons.
( I want coloful animals!)
Devin:  You should have a dog bring in the ring.
( Yay!)
Alexis: You need a wedding party.
Hannah C:  You need a reception.
( We need kegs.)
Nick: invite pro skaters
( I guess Tony Hawk isn't enough.)
Damon:  You should have games like card games and party games.
(No Old Maid.)
Peighton:  you should rent a ball pit and a hot tub.
( Ha... I love this child! But I got all excited at first when I thought she wanted us to rent a pit bull.)
Wes:  You should have people who coming should bring a platter of food.
(Amen!  No presents, pot-luck.)
Audrey:  YOu should have a giraffe that you both ride off on.
(Ha!  This has got to be my favorite.)
Hope you all had a good laugh and a great weekend.  See you on Monday.
Big grins! 


  1. I'm loving the cake idea. But the giraffe is pure genius.

  2. i think you should have "fairy tale of new york" for the first dance.

  3. secret agent woman-- It is but I wonder where I can get one.

  4. billy pilgrim-- Aw, billy, I do love that song, but so very sad. No doubt there will be some Pogues on the tunes.

  5. dmarks-- It is particularly funny that she went into the chocolate cake thing. I had a chocolate cake with mocha frosting covered in toadstools for my first wedding. My oldest sister was horrified. AND the only thing we had decided for certain was that we wanted a German chocolate "groom's" cake, which I will make from scratch. I want Bear to make her fabulous chocolate cake with cream cheese topped with fresh strawberries cake for the "bride's" cake.

    No white wedding cakes will be there.

  6. Put those kids in charge and your wedding is guaranteed to be off the chain! I think you've stumbled upon a den of natural born party planners.

  7. laura b-- I think you are right.

    One of my fun memories from the school was the first day I worked with kindergarteners. We went outside to play and from the top of the fort I hear. "Here's the party house!" I guess we know what mom and dad were into. ;-)

  8. Do you think that she meant camel? Cause you could have camel rides if you wanted to spend that much.

    I like lemon cake. After we discovered it, we kids always wanted one for our birthdays.

  9. if you got a giraffe make sure it is a trained one so it can hold the chandelier from its mouth.

  10. "Ball Pit" could take on a whole new meaning at a wedding.

  11. I think I like the giraffe idea the best and your keg idea sounds like a blast. It's been ages since I've been to a kegger.

  12. The dog and giraffe are great ideas! You might have to wear safari outfits to complete the theme.

    But then the honeymoon might consist of being eaten alive by ginormous bugs.

    Did someone say keg? My last kegger was a 5 year old's birthday party. 6 months ago. Ha!

  13. Wait, you're getting married? I thought you were just shacking up.

  14. I am cracking up at your commentary. the "with shotguns" was my favorite. If Tony Hawk came to my wedding, I'd try to run away with him.

  15. Cube-- Been years since I have been to one too.

  16. 3GirlKnight-- Ha! Why not safari outfits. I'd give it a go.

    Sometimes children's birthday parties should be keggers. ;-)

  17. NoRegrets-- Nope. Tying the knot is the plan now. Big grins.

  18. Churlita-- I really enjoy the stuff kids come up with. If I could do the things they want, it would be a heck of a wedding. Yeah... Tony would be worth running off with!