Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Up until the last 2 teeny tiny seconds, the Ducks were ahead.
We lost by one kick.

However, they played a hell of a game!
Closely matched and could easily have gone either way.
I have never seen Cam Newton look so tired or concerned.
The Ducks made them work hard to get that crystal football.

Oh well, rumor has it that Cam Newton is going to bail on Auburn and try for a spot in the NFL draft.

Last night was some of our beloved Duck's last college game. I'm not sure who all were seniors, but I know that both Casey Matthews and Brandon Bair are. Best of luck to them and to the others. I don't see Casey having any troubles with his NFL connections via his dad, Clay and his brother also named Clay (Plays for Green Bay).
I have a feeling that they will all do well where they fly next.

But next year, we know who will be back... and I am grinning!
Can't wait for it!

Well its off to see the new True Grit.
I am a fan of Jeff Bridges and I liked the original movie.
But I have to tell you,
the big lure for me at the movie
is the popcorn.

All that oowie, gooey, oily on your fingers and too salty to be good for anyone popcorn.

I told Randy I want a bucket.

He says "You want a bucket????"

Randy is not a big eater. I try not to be, but when it comes to theater popcorn... I'm a down right pig...
corn fed !

Whatever you do today, may you win.
If by chance you should lose...
may your loss be something you can walk away from with pride.


  1. I totally thought about you last night, while my Twitter feed was blowing up with stuff about the game :-) I do think you can be proud of your team.
    I have heard so many good things about True Grit. Enjoy the movie and especially your feed sack o' popcorn. hee hee!

  2. I thought of you when I heard they lost. Drown your sorrows in a bucket o' popcorn. Sounds like a good idea to me. Not that I eat it much, but I love to stick my face in and pick up popcorn with my tongue....

  3. Everyone I knew was rooting for Oregon.

    I still want to see True Grit. I've heard wonderful things about it...And of course, there's the popcorn.

  4. The only question I have is why in hell the Ducks didn't use their final timeout with a minute and change left on the clock? That would have left them with enough time to at least attempt one last drive. Otherwise, a good game to watch, for sure. I was rooting for them.

  5. It was a good game up until the end. I felt the same when my Bucs played well but didn't manage to get into the playoffs.

    I get antsy around this time of year because the football games are almost over...

    Yeah, there are still playoff games and the Superbowl, but it's not the same as facing the start of a brand new season.


    Enjoy your movie and your popcorn. Let me know how "True Grit" compares to the original.

  6. don't take a bag of stale ju jubes to the movies unless you have a good dental plan.

  7. How was True Grit? Heard it was pretty good. I just watched The Big Lebowski last night and about died laughing. Jeff Bridges is a good actor.

  8. laura b.-- It was a heck of a game! Very close. We just made one mistake too many.

  9. Pamela-- Ha! Isn't it funny how popcorn can stick to your tongue like you're a gecko eating a bug?

    I caught Randy doing that.

  10. Churlita-- Well it was a fun ride.

    True Grit was worth seeing. I'm a big fan of Jeff Bridges and his support cast was good. I didn't recognize Matt Damon at first, then DUH. We had a great time.

  11. Suldog-- Indeed! I asked the same question. But I had other questions too. Mistakes were made on both sides that I did not expect. How did your game you went to turn out? I forgot to look in the excitement of the evening.

  12. Cube-- Ha! Randy turns to me yesterday and says
    "What are we going to do when the bowl games end?"
    Beats the heck out of me. Somehow watching Wipe Out or Merlin, even though I enjoy those, doesn't come near the fun of football season. Heavy sigh.

  13. billy pilgrim-- I fear ju ju beads now. I learned that and many other things reading your blog. I almost put in a bid for Milk Duds but worried about the stale caramel trap that awaited.

  14. 3GirlKnight-- Ha! I do indeed love that movie!
    True Grit is a Cohen brother's movie and it has Speilberg's name on it too.

    I liked it a lot. There is a point where the girl is on the roof of a cabin where I jumped about a foot. Some good lines that I did not recall were there. But the best line in the script remained and still signaled the end of it for Ned.

    No one can truly replace John Wayne. But I think they did a good job of casting... better than the first cast (except for John) in my opinion. Jeff did a great crusty old man.

  15. So I was reading blogs and I got hungry, got up and made myself a bowl of popcorn - and this is the first blog post I read as I was eating it! But it's air-popped with salt and olive oil, my favorite, with a nice cold Sierra Nevada pale ale.

  16. Hi Ananda - Sorry I haven't been around much. Been trying to get back to normal after a Christmas that wouldn't quit and a "vacation" that seemed like it would never end. Might be a post in there somewhere...

    "Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again!" Well, Dad, anyway. Mom's a teacher. :-P

    We live for the popcorn around here. Still pop it in oil, in a kettle on the stove. None of that microwave stuff. My wife will eat an entire big bowl for dinner on occasion. Seriously. We mail order special black corn in 15 lb. tubs.

    Sorry for my lack of communication. I'm catching up, I promise.

  17. Oh, the Celtics lost, too. It was a bad night for Suldogs and Anandas.

  18. Definitely sucked that the Ducks lost. I was totally rooting for them. I think they are going to be even better next year. How did you like True Grit? I enjoyed it a lot.

  19. Cam is going pro... I'm sure you know. Not a surprise considering all the fanfare.

  20. Well, I am so sorry about the Ducks - a month later! And yay for True Grit. As always, your memory is waaaaay better than mine - I remember exactly zero lines from the first True Grit. Actually, I don't remember any from the new one, either!

    And 3Girl - hooray for The Big Lebowski. Now you see what I'm talking about - I am glad we share a sense of humor!

  21. I was pulling for Oregon as well. I'm more of a UCLA fan, but we gotta pull for our Pac 10 compatriots.

  22. Just checking in. Hope all is well with your human and dog tribe.