Monday, January 31, 2011


It is my extreme pleasure to introduce you to our newest family member.

Last Friday we went to the store and bought a new bed for her and some toys. But we didn't actually meet her until the next afternoon when we had our appointment at

The kennels are up in a beautiful forest area.
There the dogs are divided according to their needs in clean enclosures of good size. They have a wonderful walk/running paths that wind through the woods around them for exercise needs. I was very impressed with how well the dogs were kept, and how dedicated the staff was to keeping their temporary homes happy. Though sadly enough, some of the dogs cannot be adopted out because of serious abuse issues that keep them from being able to blend back into normal life. There at least, they get affection, care and they live as happily as they can.

We did not know what to expect when we arrived. There were a lot of cars. People here and there. We were met by our contact, L, who led us to her office. Inside was Roxy who was so excited that she could not stop wiggling and sniffing us both. We went to her enclosure for a visit, then afterward we were allowed to take her for a walk on the forest trail.
This is one strong girl! I think if I was to strap on roller skates, that she could easily haul me behind at a good clip.

I first saw Roxy last summer when we began looking for a dog.
She had just been rescued with her puppies and there was a lot of excitement over watching the the puppies grow. At that time, Roxy had been living under an empty house in Los Angeles. Her owner had lost his home and could not find a place that would let him have a pregnant pit.
He left her behind with the intention of finding a place for her, but it did not work out that way. She went to the pound, then another shelter before being brought all the way up here to live!

That's when LuvaBull put her and the pups on their web page and I began to watch them. The tiny pups grew and one by one found nice homes. But Roxy was left behind.
I showed her to Randy a few weeks ago and told him her story.
We decided then to apply to adopt her.

We took our leash along on our visit just in case... not truly expecting to get to take her home yet. LuvaBull is very careful about who they allow to take a dog. You have to give references, vet records, etc.
So we were just being hopeful.

As it turned out, they were very happy with how well Roxy responded to us. They let us bring her home.
I felt very bad for L when she said good-bye to Roxy.
You could tell that it was hard to see her go.
But L is glad that they finally found a home for Roxy and she emails me daily to see how she is doing. We invited her to come and visit tomorrow.

As for Roxy...
She shivered on the ride to her new home. We have a truck with a king cab and she wormed her way up on top of the arm rest that divides our seats. The closer we got to home, the more of Roxy was in my lap.
First her nose, then her head, then a paw... until she was half in and half out of the back.

She did great that first day home. There was so much to sniff and things to explore. She darted back and forth between us.
She had some trouble with the dog doors. She must have been trained to sit at the door when she wanted out. So she would go to the dog doors and sit, but not try to go through them.
A nice BBQ rib bone eventually enticed her to try.
Now she is in and out like a pro.

When it was time for bed, she looked at the new bed and smelled it.
Naturally it smelled new, not like Roxy or anything familiar.
She did not want to sit in it let alone lay down. So we tossed in the tee shirt that Randy had been wearing and that did the trick.
Roxy circled it and lay down.

There were a couple of sad little whines from her area when we shut the door to our room. Roxy's bed is in the kitchen/dining room. A nice indoor, warm space with a night light. If needed, she could go out the dog door to the shop and from there to the yard. We have an automatic light out back that would come on for her if she did.
I did worry that she might have an accident being in a strange new place.

The next morning she greeted me with happy wuffs and wiggles.
No accidents. She visited with me while I had my morning coffee, then began to use her dog doors to run in, then out and back again.

She has been home 2 and a half days now and we have found our rhythm. I rise earliest, so she and I have our coffee time, walk and play.
When Randy comes out, the happy dance begins again and she follows him for awhile until he's as boring as I was and I become interesting again. That is how it goes.

Roxy was worth the wait.


  1. I'm so happy for you, Ananda. Seems like somehow the right people and other creatures find you. She's beautiful...very sweet face. May you have many happy years together :-)

  2. laura b.-- Thank you! I have been very lucky of late. We are thrilled to have her, though there is a "keep off the sofa" issue right now and she's in time out. But it won't last long. ;-)

  3. she's a feckin beauty! getting her is better than winning the lottery.

    we gave up keeping ruby off the sofa. we either stand the cushions up or cover it in blankets.

  4. Awwww. she is so cute! I'm glad you guys found your girl.

  5. I'm happy for you three. You sound like one happy little family.

    My dog niece is a pit and by dogsitting her we've come to know what sweet dogs they are. Roxy looks black whereas Pumpkin is brindle, but otherwise look very much alike.

    If you really want to keep her off the couch, be firm and stick to your guns. We don't allow dogs into the carpeted living room and, of course, the first time Pumpkin came to stay with us she didn't know the rule. By the second day, she had learned to stop at the hardwood floor. Pits are smart.

  6. billy-- Yes she is a beauty! I think we may be getting through to her. It makes me laugh... time out means that she is banished to the kitchen/dining room and can still go in and out to the back yard or into the shop. The only place she can't go is into the living room. A truly terrible punishment if you ask Roxy. :D

  7. Churlita-- Thanks! We are thrilled to have her. I used to wander around before Randy got up, talking to myself all morning. Now I talk to Roxy.

  8. Cube-- Ha! I love that your dog niece's name is Pumpkin. Randy's last "Roxie" (spelled differently than this Roxy) was a brindle pit.

    All morning I was laying on the sofa, not feeling too great and she quietly laid beside me. Not once did she try to climb up. Nor did she want to go out and play until Randy came out. She knew mom didn't feel well. She was watching over me.

  9. Wonderful! Enjoy! I was just starting at my cat today and thankful I had another living being with me.

  10. I am very happy for you - and Roxie!

    I also hope that you are feeling better.

  11. I think that it is better to get an adult dog anyway.

  12. Pamela-- Roxy has become my shadow. Today we spent the entire day in the yard. Me doing suduko puzzles and some writing and Roxy making the dog behind the fence crazy. :-)

  13. C4C-- You know me, I grumble. But I am good. The question is... how r u ?

  14. laughing-- I agree. She came trained and housebroken. No stinky puppy messes. Yay!

  15. What a truly magnificent face! Who wouldn't love that mug?