Monday, January 10, 2011


There it is!

Thanks to those of you who have stuck with me during my silent time... and your well wishes for my Ducks!

As for my silence on Funch, well... this was a difficult holiday season for me.
The first time away from my kids at Christmas since they were born.
I had a yo-yo work schedule. I'd stay until close, then be back to open in the morning. Did not leave a lot of time for much of anything.

Shoot, I didn't even bake anything!
The Bear tells me... "Well, the toys arrived but the UPS guy ate my cookies!"

But the holidays are over... Hooray!
Now on to more important matters, like football.

Finally the day has come. What a long, long wait for a bowl game.

We are almost so revved up that we can't stand ourselves. Yesterday the entire day of television was Duck dedicated. We topped it off with a video of a Beaver VS Duck game from 2008. The cheering was my lullaby.
I woke up to Ducks on ESPN. Now all I have to do is wait for 7 hours, 53 minutes and if Mickey would only hold his hand still I'd tell you the seconds.

Commentators have said wonderful things about the Ducks and Auburn.
But I have noticed something. When they talk about Auburn, its as if no other valuable Auburn team member exists but Cam Newton. Hey... the guy is a freaking monster! He earned his Heisman. But he has to have a team to support him.
Not even a freaking monster alone can carry a game.
I feel a bit bad for those other good players who have been reduced to shadows by the super nova Newton.

I find that I feel that way about the way the ESPN media hype also began to present this as a "Cam Newton VS LeMichael James" game.

EXCUSE ME???????

They must have bumped their quacking heads!

How can you be a sportscaster and not notice the obvious about the Ducks?
Ok, maybe not obvious to anyone who does not pay attention to them or who is busy rooting for their team. So let me tell you what makes the Ducks someone to contend with now.

The Ducks play as a real team. There is not a super star mentality here.
There is a team mentality that works like a marvelous Rube Goldberg Machine.
The action is fast, you never know which way what is going to happen...
but the Ducks do. Each one is focused, knows his job and the jobs of those around them so that on a split second notice, they can make alterations with confidence.

While I am glad that we have LeMichael James, I am equally glad that we have so many others as well... all who make a huge difference in game play. You have heard some of those names... Darren Thomas, Jeff Maehl, Josh Huff, D.J. Davis,
Brandon Bair, Terrell Turner, Kenny Rowe, Spenser Paysinger, John Boyette, Cliff Harris and Casey Matthews... to mention more than a few! And so many other that I have not mentioned. But you hear those names up there, all of them, not just DT or LeMichael. Because they are a diverse team, who had deep reserves and a whole lot of talent.

That is the point. The Ducks have more than a few good players... and they all play as a team for the team.

Cam Newton may be a freaking monster... my Ducks will be David to Auburn's Goliath.


Now I'm off to don my Duck earrings, just purchased at the Duck Store at Autzen for this special occasion, my fighting Duck tye-dye tee and get ready for the Duck game party at T and K's house.
I have no doubt at all that it will be loud there today.
Very loud.

Let the battle begin!


  1. I watched BC play a snoozer last night versus Nevada. If you watched that game, ANYTHING tonight would look like a classic, believe me.

  2. haha! All Ducks, all the time over there in the Land of Ananda Girl! Nice to see you again, especially all revved up :-D

  3. Welcome back and enjoy the game party.

  4. Glad to hear from you again. I will be rooting for your Ducks.

  5. When I hear of Ducks, I keep thinking of Mighty. I'll have to try to think of something else now.

  6. go ducks go!

    celebrate in style after the win!

  7. Suldog-- I did indeed watch BC last night. I thought there was a point in the third quarter where they might pull it off and rooted all through the 4th.

  8. laura b.-- Ha, ha! Yep but that's about over for the year. After tonight, you won't hear much about it until next year. Unless we win and then, when the Coaches Trophy comes to live at Autzen, I will go take a photo of it to share. :-)

  9. secret agent woman-- Thanks! I am sure that I will. Its going to be an exciting night.

  10. dmarks-- Ha! I do too. Someone called them the "wild" ducks last night.

  11. billy pilgrim-- Go Ducks! Woot! If we win it will be a heck of a night and I certainly will celebrate in style. I'll lift a brew to you too.

  12. Cube-- How did I miss you up there? Well, I guess I was so excited about the game that my head was not totally on right.
    Thanks for the support!

  13. Sorry your Christmas wasn't what you wanted. I bet you just make up for it next year.