Monday, January 24, 2011


The last couple of days we have had some clouds, but almost NO RAIN!
I like rain. It keeps us green up here.
But its been such cold rain that it is hard to enjoy.
The past two days we had sunshine and clouds.
Boy did that feel good.

Meanwhile, as I grumble about the cold rains, I see so many other people on the news in terrible weather situations.
Up in Dumb Potter's Hell, my family has had a lot of snow.
Here we rain mostly.

So what's up with all of you?
As for me... well, my holiday job ended and I am once more back to looking for longer lasting work. Sigh.
I was listening to the radio. Some employment guru was spouting advice...

He determined that 80% of on line applications were worth nothing in terms of actually getting a job.

I wonder how long it has been since he last looked for work.
The choice is not in the hands of the job seeker.
I have applied all over the place here, and will continue to do so.
But finding a potential employer who is willing to give you a paper application is like looking for money on the sidewalk.
Any well known business or even a large local business has an online application... or worse yet, one of those little application computers sitting out in front of everyone walking past, where you sit and type in all your personal info, etc.
No one wants to see your face until they have reviewed your information... and then only if they have an immediate opening.
So I am back to that exercise in frustration.

Else wise, we have been busy doing what I can't even recall. There are always errands to run or things to fix.
We did go to Randy's son's engagement party and that was fun.
They had pulled meat sandwiches... chicken, ham and beef... and the best cold slaw that I have ever eaten. The cold slaw was not all mixed together. You were supposed to put the cabbage on the pulled meat sandwich and then have slaw on the side.
I skipped it on my sandwich. The dressing for it was on the side so that I could control how much went on it. I want the recipe for it!
Anyway, it was fun.

I was a bit tired though when we went. We'd kept little N for the night and she wore me out. :-) She got a bit fussy at the party and over excited the next day. I'm sure the sugar in the cakes and all the goodies did not help. She is not a good eater but is always ready for sweets.
You know how little people are. And you know how older relatives are with giving goodies to little people on special occasions.
I sort of pitied her mom when they left.
That was one cranky little girl.

The weather is supposed to clear up this week which will give me a much needed opportunity to return to my war with the weeds.
They have gained a lot of ground of late.
It will be a good time for it too. All the trees and shrubs have died back to leafless winter. I can see where to attack the berries, etc.
I really need to mow our back yard too.
So much to do!

I hope wherever you live that the snow or cold taper back.
I can't tell you how happy it made me to see the sunshine.
Randy was glad... he said I was more like Eore than myself.
He is right. When it gets dreary, my mood goes quiet.
I curl up on the sofa and stay there.
Not good.

One good note... we have located a puppy we would like to adopt.
She's actually 3 years old, pre-trained, spayed, chipped and well behaved.
Her last owner abandoned her when he moved. The rescue folk found her under his house, near starved with a litter of pups.
Her pups have all been fattened up, weaned and placed in homes.
Since then, she has lived at the rescue offices waiting for someone who is not looking for a fat pup.
We hope that is us!
Here is the funny thing... her name is Roxy, which happens to be the name of Randy's dog that died 5 or 6 years ago.
That Roxy was a brindle, this Roxy is all black.
What I like is her sweet face.
I'm crossing my fingers.

Meanwhile, I'll be out in my yard at war with the weeds... and hoping to see signs of spring. Is it too much to ask for a crocus sprout?
The other day I say what I thought might be bulbs sprouting and got all excited. Well, yeah, bulbs of a sort. Its the garlic coming up.
Not exactly what I think of when I think of spring.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. black dogs rock!

    grab her quick!

    it can be easily done,
    head on out to highway 61.

  2. billy pilgrim-- I can't wait! She's a sweetie.

  3. We have had some beautiful weather here, although it looks like it is going to cloud over as the week goes on. Even here, I'm ready for spring.

    So glad to hear you found a dog you want! She sounds lovely and you have been very patient waiting for the right pup :-)

  4. laura b.-- I managed to get out and trim some dead wood and remove some plants that I don't want. But yikes! I'm not used to gardening yet.
    I did find a bunch of ladybugs. I hope they don't end up freezing.

    We are very hopeful about Roxy. They seem thrilled that she may have found a home at last.

  5. I'm sorry the job hunt continues to be sp frustrating. I feel especially sorry for people who are not computer savvy. We keep getting snow and cold - I'm really looking forward to warmer weather.

  6. secret agent woman-- You are one of the people that I think about a lot! All that snow and cold.

  7. You want a January spring? I'm trying to push it back here.
    I wish for you a dog. That dog.
    And, sorry about the job hunt. I fear I will start coming up against that too.

  8. Snow, snow, and more snow. It is ridiculous, and - for the first time in our lives - MY WIFE and I are seriously thinking of how to get the hell out of here and retire to a sunnier clime. Unfortunately, we have no resources upon which to draw for said retirement or move, so we're stuck.

    On another front, pulled meat has always been a favorite of mine. However, we may not be speaking of the same thing, so I'll drop it.

  9. NoRegrets-- After so many days of gloom and gray, I want sunshine. I know its a bit early to think of spring, but seeing the sun the past few days makes me hungry for more.

    Actually, one of my favorite months up here is March. Its still cold enough to ice the windows in the morning, but there is a lot of sun despite the cold. I really don't like the heat of summer. But I need that light.

    Thanks... we want that dog!

  10. Jim-- Well, if your thoughts are going the way that I know they do... I like pulled meat too. Ha!

    I have not missed the snow this year. We only had one short pile, but that was enough to remind me why I like to see it fall down but like to see it melt away too.

  11. I don't know how you northeners live without the sun. Of course, tonight we are expecting some big rain so it has been partly cloudy all day. At least it's warm for a change so I'm grateful for that.

    Wishing you the best with your job search and with Roxy. She sounds like a sweetie. Hope you guys can manage to scoop her up.

  12. Cube-- Being California born, where "white Christmas" meant fog, I admit I do have issues with the lack of sunshine here sometimes.

    Thanks for the good wishes!

  13. Good luck with the job hunt!

    We don't get Spring here until April. That's okay. I'm hoping for enough snow for the next month to X-country ski as much as possible.

  14. Good luck with the job search and the war on the weeds. Glad your weather is nice. We have had some great weather as well and I am just afraid we are going to get some rough stuff before winter is over since it has been so nice lately.

  15. Churlita-- Well, spring isn't really here yet. Even in Dumb Potter's Hell we have sort of a false spring every year. But it keeps us from going insane. I truly feel for the people under siege with weather right now. Birrrrr!

  16. Thanks Shife! Like you, I fear that our spring like weather is about to bite a big one! BTW, I loved the photo of Tank in the snow! My bassets lived too far from the snow to ever experience it and I wondered what one would do. He looks like he was having a blast. :-) Big grins!